You can then use red acrylic paint to highlight

The artwork that you choose for your lighter is printed on the lighter with a special ink. This ink will not damage the lighter or its prints and it is water resistant. You can take it with you on the go and you will be sure to use it each time you use your lighter.

Your finished product will have a stain or lint free finish that will make it more durable. Your lighter will last for the life of the lighter.

The company has several kits that you can purchase and these will have several pictures for you to choose from. Most of the kits also include instructions on how to make the lighter and how to decorate it with the colors that you want.

Your personal photo lighter is the centerpiece for the room where you want it to be placed. This will not only give your lighter a distinctive presence but it will make it the perfect gift for people that you know and for those that you do not know. You will be able to make the highlight of any special event you have.

Finding a way to customize your lighter is a sure way to bring some unique and attractive effects. With this simple idea you can add a personal touch to your lighter or even provide a unique message that will create a lasting impression. To get started with customizing your lighter, take a picture of the colors you like the most.

You can then take a picture of your favorite flint and create the right flames for your lighter. Your Personalized photo lighter should have great detail and you may also want to use a small block of granite. Then you will need to find a message or logo that best reflects the image that you want to be your customizing lighter.

Blue | Custom Engraved Photo Lighter | Electronic Cigarette Lighter

You can then use red acrylic paint to highlight the photo and then use white paint to complete the design. Using a logo or message is a great way to remind others of your special event. You can even use digital photo software to transfer the image and create a customizing flint lighter for the big occasion.

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