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The current traffic dividends of traditional e-commerce are gradually weakening, and user growth is stagnating. How to open new traffic portals and create new drainage methods has become a major problem that needs to be broken at this stage. In the era of Internet, where change is the norm, the retail model is changing. It is social retail that can make traditional e-commerce break free from bottlenecks. However, at this stage, the social e-commerce platform in the market is chaotic, such as the rapid rise but the negative business, but even more suspicion, ups and downs, development is quite rough. However, the essence of social retailing is “social”, and the core of socializing lies in people“. To develop a social platform, we must first solve the trust problem.

The emergence of blockchains solves this problem. 2016 is the first year of the blockchain, and by 2018, the blockchain is still the gulf. Like “big data,” “cloud computing,” the term “blockchain” frequently appears in national regulatory or commercial areas, and Internet technology marks the industry’s popularity of blockchain technology reaching a new level. The value of blockchain application services for social progress and business development is highlighted. The data indicates that the blockchain is the next major technology trend and the future of the industry.

On January 31, Xiaomi Tao (Hangzhou) Product Operation Center ushered in a big gathering:

Xiaomitao & Longliqi

This trip, Mr. Xu Xiaoping, CEO of Longliqi Group The personal visit attracted the attention of all parties. Mr. Xu Xiaoping’s trip was aimed at understanding the operation progress and development plan of Xiaotaotao.

Through a multi-angle introduction, Mr. Xu Xiaoping learned about the current work progress and development plan of the Xiaomi Tao project, and had an in-depth discussion with Mr. Fu Jianxin, the founder of Xiaomi Tao.

Mr. Xu Xiaoping said that through this trip, Longliqi and Xiaomi Tao will continue to deepen cooperation and provide more support for Xiaomi Tao in capital, product development, marketing promotion and talent transportation. The honey scouring project has developed faster.

As a billion-dollar company with a 32-year history of branding, Longliqi’s attention has also brought the attention of the social power business to Xiaomi Tao.

Xiaomi Tao & Scene Technology Valley

After the meeting, Mr. Xu Xiaoping went to visit China Scene Science and Technology Valley.

As a support project, China Scene Technology Valley covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, focusing on scene technology, focusing on integrating VR (virtual scene), AR (enhanced scene), 360 panorama (real scene) 3D scanning modeling, intelligent interactive terminal and other technologies.

In the future, Scene Technology Valley will insert scenes + wings for Xiaomi Tao to help Xiaomi Tao realize a virtual and integrated scene shopping system.

© China Scene Technology Valley

In the near future, Longliqi Group will be in China Scene Technology Valley and Pontiac Group jointly launched a new era of scene smart new retail (social + physical) consumption, dedicated to providing consumers with easy-to-use, high-quality, cost-effective products!

The senior leaders of the group gathered in the scene technology valley,

only to witness the dream of Xiaotaotao!

With Xiaomi Tao, you can finally buy and buy!

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