Wyoming’s house between the stream and the mountains

This Wyoming house has a mountain on one side and a stream on the other. The house is largely shaped by the surrounding environment and is partly limited by local building regulations.

The landscape and environment define the direction, shape and design of the house. The architect gave the space two different ceiling heights. The public area of ​​the house is located in a higher structure, while the private room is located on the second floor of the second structure.

The positioning of the two types of structures is also strategic in terms of landscape. The higher structure faces the mountains and the lower level faces the garden and the stream. As a result, there is a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding environment.

The relationship between interior space and outdoor is also very strong. The L-shaped floor plan brings a beautiful courtyard. To avoid excessive exposure to sunlight in the interior and to ensure a smooth transition, the architects created a partition made of wood and glass.

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