Wu did not sign the agreement as originally planned. EU special envoy will represent the opposition.

The picture shows British Foreign Minister Haig and other foreign ministers at the meeting. China News Service issued the EU for the map

Video: Real shot Ukrainian parliament staged the fighting source: CCTV News

Chinanews.com February 21st, according to foreign reports, due to the Ukrainian government and The opposition has yet to reach an agreement. The German and Polish foreign ministers who are negotiating the two sides will hold talks with representatives of the opposition leaders and anti-government protesters on the 21st to make further efforts to reach an agreement.

Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski said on Twitter that he and German Foreign Minister Westerwelle will meet with demonstrators on the Independence Square to discuss the draft agreement.

Earlier on the 21st, the Ukrainian president’s website published a message saying that after overnight negotiations, the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders reached a preliminary agreement and planned to go to 12 noon on the 21st local time (Beijing time at 18:00) ) Sign the draft agreement.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych announced on the 21st that he will hold a presidential election in advance and return to the 2004 Constitution to limit presidential power. He promised to form a coalition government.

In a statement posted on the website, Yanukovych said that the general election will be held in advance, but he did not announce the specific date.

Yanukovych promised to amend the constitution and limit presidential power. This is the main requirement of anti-government protesters.

The opposition leaders are in a meeting and have not yet responded.

On November 21, 2013, after the Ukrainian government decided to suspend the signing of the country of association agreement with the European Union, a large number of supporters in Europe came to the streets to protest. Tensions in Ukraine have intensified.

On the 18th of this month, a large-scale riot broke out in the center of Kiev. The Ukrainian police launched a clearance operation on the Kiev Independence Square, which triggered a bloody conflict with the demonstrators. Only a few hours after the Ukrainian government reached a ceasefire agreement with the opposition at midnight on the 19th, in the early morning of the 20th, the Kiev Independence Square broke out again. Ukrainian Interior Minister Vitali · Zaharchenko issued a statement on the 21st that the death toll from the riots in Ukraine rose to 80.

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