Wolf architects blend the architecture of the South African mountains

In South Africa, Cape Town-based design, for Wolff Architects has built residential properties in the depths of the Sedberg Mountains. In consultation with botanists, information exchange is among the protected plants in the area, finding the boundaries of the previous structural orientation to the specific point of view, the natural division.

As the area is prone to periodic bushfires, the house is both flame retardant. However, because the architect Heinrich · Wolf explained that the biggest challenge for architects is to deal with the scale of the project: human life has no traces on the scene, it becomes very difficult to judge the landscape features. To make matters worse, the planning of traditional terrain, rocks and shrubs is difficult. To design, we must develop a construction that can see vegetation, rocks and terrain at the same time. The solution is to have an environment analyzed by a 3D scanner, which means that the elevation map is the exact location.
The building is located on a large rocky cliff with summer sun protection in the north of the home, and all rooms have shutters in the insulated openings in the windows. Electricity is generated by solar power and stored in batteries for use throughout the year, and water is extracted from the well.
To minimize the visual impact of the house, the house is divided into three separate modules containing the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The living room and dining room are conceived as a closed “four courtyard”, with architectural quality that mimics the natural landscape to further reduce the visual impact, which is made of the same color material as the surrounding rock.

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