What should the future home look like?

The housing market entered the era of stocks, and the downstream home industry changed accordingly. Looking back at the bleak performance of 2018, the adjustment of the big home industry is imperative. New technology empowerment, industrial production, and retail operation will be the main theme in the next five years. Specific to the decoration field, the assembly-style decoration of industrial production should be the mainstream.

  2018 is a very tough year for the industry, despite the constant emergence of new words such as retail, smart home, and self-contained From the perspective of overall growth rate, the whole industry is relatively bleak. The most tragic number of home improvement markets, Yiou had invented 113 closed Internet home improvement companies in April 2018. Today, this number is afraid of a large increase. Why is the sky in the home improvement industry changed? We believe that the changes in demand of the main consumer groups, the changes in the upstream real estate market, and the rapid development of residential industrialization are the three main reasons.

  Residential industrialization is the trend of the times, there will be unlimited increments in the stock room era assembly

   From the second half of 2017, the second-hand housing in the first-tier cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen has surpassed the new homes, and the real “stock house era” has arrived, which means second-hand future The demand for room decoration will increase.

  The difficulty of the second renovation is larger than that of the rough room decoration. It has to open a large area of ​​floor, wall, ceiling, clean the original decoration, and then redesign and construction, this process will consume huge time costs, and will also produce a considerable amount of construction waste, and even Serious damage was caused by the structural layer of the house. In addition, the main consumer groups in the current housing decoration market are more concerned about the decoration after the 80s and 90s, and are not willing to spend too much energy to participate in the process, which makes the existing decoration mode more and more questioned. In the current industrialization of all industries, the decoration industry, which can not meet the market demand, can be upgraded and upgraded in an industrialized way, which may be a more feasible way.

  Residential industrialization to the decoration is the assembly decoration, with the continuous improvement of the technological content and production capacity of China’s industrialization, the feasibility of internal industrialization The sex is getting higher and higher. It has changed the traditional inefficient decoration mode, and applied standardization, modularization and industrial production methods to the building decoration industry based on efficiency and easy renovation. The core of the assembly type is standardized design, modular production, and assembly-type construction (SI pipeline separation), which realizes the industrialization of all aspects of the residential sector; the current mainstream assembly-type main materials are mostly renewable resources, which are more in line with the requirements of ecological and environmental protection. This is also an important reason why China has vigorously promoted the assembly style from the policy level in recent years.

   In March 2017, the “13th Five-Year” Prefabricated Building Action Plan issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development required: “By 2020, The proportion of new-scale buildings in the country’s prefabricated buildings has reached more than 15%, and the key areas have been promoted to more than 20%. The proposed plan has upgraded the assembly to an unprecedentedly important position. The assembly plans of various provinces and cities have been introduced one after another. Many real estate and decoration companies attach great importance to it and have devoted themselves to promoting the development of “assembly”.

  In the “Science and Technology Innovation to Help Home Furnishing Industry Research Report” issued by Yiou Think Tank, the planning of the assembly policy of various provinces and cities across the country was carried out. inventory.

  At present, China’s assembly decoration is in its infancy, industry companies Less, and the lack of uniform industry production standards, there are problems in the production of products are not common, the product data is not uniform. This is largely a legacy of traditional decoration. For example, the decoration industry has no uniform design standards, technical specifications and acceptance criteria. In the interview process of the assembly-type decoration special report, Yiou also learned that the assembly enterprises such as Haishu Residence, Harmony Habitat, and Open Equipment are actively cooperating with relevant departments and research institutions to promote the introduction of assembly standards. At the same time, more than three years of market practice has also led to the formation of a different industry model than the traditional industry.

  If the prefabricated decoration can become the mainstream of the decoration industry, it will become a chain of various key sectors of the large residential industry, up to the real estate The business and design institutes jointly develop industry standards, and the downstream can share resources with decoration companies, material suppliers, parts suppliers and construction units to form a complete assembly-type decoration industry system, and promote the housing construction industry to a sustainable industrial development direction.

  Assembly+Intelligence will become mainstream

   If the assembly decoration can be as strong as the industry expects, then the future home industry pattern and people’s living conditions will be greatly changed. Now, the whole industry More and more emphasis on industrialization, intelligence and customization, which is actually the market demand is forced to transform the industry. In the post-80s and 90s, the main consumer groups in the big residential market today, the development of the whole industry must be such people Consumer preferences are strategically oriented.

   A new generation of consumers is more willing to work hard to improve their life experience, and home consumption is not only to satisfy the use of functions Instead, they turned to embodying the quality of life. They are more concerned about the added value of home life than low prices. A survey of consumers after 80s and 90s shows that they hope that home improvement can be high quality, low burden and high efficiency. Peace of mind, the main appeals are: high value, smart life, green health.

   enter the inventory room decoration era, the decoration process is pulled Got Longer, and the advantage of assembly is to improve efficiency, liberate people from the complicated renovation project, and easy to disassemble and renovate. This feature meets the needs of the younger generation of consumers for efficient and worry-free; The assembled main material calcium silicate board and bamboo fiber board are in line with the pursuit of health and quality.

  Talking about the new generation of consumers The family category that appeals to the competition has to mention smart home. Although the current smart home industry is not yet mature, the market expectation is very high. From the smart door locks and smart security of the home to the whole house appliances with smart speakers as the central control. Product intelligence, no matter how far away from the maturity of the product, the enthusiasm of consumers to pursue intelligent home life is growing.

   Different household products, the use habits of smart homes are irreversible. After experiencing their convenience, most users cannot return to the use of mechanical products. Therefore, smart homes can be said to have huge market prospects.

p st Yle=”text-align:justify;”>  When the home decoration, home smart assembly decoration and smart home are handed in, what kind of spark will be collided in the future? At the beginning of the combination of the two, the K18 and K30 prefabricated apartment series created by Space Yijia cooperated with Xiaomi and implanted a full set of smart home equipment. The assembly decoration of Haishu Residence also joined hands with the smart home enterprise ITOO. Create smart living products.

  What should the future home look like? The consumption preferences of the new middle-class have proved that they want to stay simpler and faster, the living experience is smarter and more quality, and the combination of the assembled decoration and the smart home makes the process related to the residence simple and convenient. A choice. Although the current assembly technology and smart home are still not mature, they are in line with the current market demand. The broad market space can force the industry to accelerate development and produce products that meet the demand. If the two can follow the market expectations. Development, home life will be more convenient and comfortable in the future.


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