What is the role of aluminum alloy lifts?

When the aluminum alloy elevator is working, all the components are interacting with each other. Any one of the components is indispensable. In the case of an explosion-proof valve, this is a small component, but it is extremely important to improve the hydraulic pressure. Safety of elevator operation performance,
First, the console surface can be slowly lowered when an accident occurs

1The explosion-proof valve of the aluminum alloy elevator is equipped with a lifting valve in the lifting machine to prevent the elevator table from being lifted. There was a rapid drop out of control accident, and the console surface slowly declined. Especially on the hydraulic lift, if there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, the person working on it will be in great danger. The valve body, the compression spring, the slide valve and the retaining ring are formed. The cavity of the valve body is provided with a compression spring, and the compression spring can also be connected by a sliding valve sliding in the cavity, and the sliding valve is limited by the retaining ring embedded in the valve body. The top of the slide valve is provided with a through hole, and the bottom of the slide valve is a plug, and the cavity communicates with the inlet and the outlet of the valve body, thereby reducing the danger to the worker.
2 When the tubing ruptures, causing the hydraulic elevator to descend too fast, the explosion-proof valve is quickly closed, and the throttle state is made, so that the hydraulic lift table is slowly lowered to ensure the safety of the person and equipment, thereby playing a safety role. The application of this new technology has greatly improved the safety performance of aluminum alloy lifts.

Second, keep the load up or down, avoid frequent starting of the motor

Explosion-proof valve can adjust the time delay amount appropriately, avoid frequent click start and shorten the service life of hydraulic lift
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