What are the benefits of bathroom door glass?

Do you need to install glass for the bathroom door? This answer is not necessarily true. The bathroom door materials and design are different depending on the place of use.
The bathroom door of an ordinary house mainly considers the lighting and ventilation performance. The bathroom door with glass is used to greatly improve the lighting and ventilation of the bathroom. Generally, the embossed or frosted glass is used.

The hotel bathroom door is mainly designed from the perspective of practicality and safety.

1. The glass wall makes the room look bigger.  

2. Glass doors can encourage guests to turn off lights and save energy.

3. With a transparent design, cleaning is more convenient.

4. Transparent design reduces the risk of property damage.

The hospital bathroom door is mainly designed from the perspective of practicality and ventilation. Due to the special nature of the hospital environment, the louver design is generally used below to increase the air circulation of the bathroom. Some rectangular glass windows can observe the patient’s condition in time and play a certain protective role.
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