What are the additional accessories for the whole cabinet? How to buy the whole cabinet?

To facilitate people’s daily cooking The kitchen space is saved and the kitchen is clean and tidy. Most people choose the whole cabinet. The whole cabinet also contains many accessories, such as baskets, seasoning racks, rice boxes, etc., you can choose accessories according to your own needs. Today’s Xiaobian explains for youwhole cabinet What additional accessories are there and how to buy the whole cabinet?

What add-ons are included in the overall cabinet

1, rice box

Most of the whole cabinets will come with their own rice box of. Generally, it is a rectangular drawer. When the drawer is pulled out, the rice can be poured in. The sealing property is good, it is not easy to get wet, mildew, and the rice can be taken according to the amount.

2, pull basket

Each cabinet is basically equipped with a pull basket, which can provide a large storage space, the basket can be divided into : Furnace basket, drawer basket, corner basket, ultra-narrow basket, high-draw basket. Pull baskets are often used by people and can be customized according to the whole cabinet, but once the basket is damaged, it can only be customized.

3, seasoning rack

To save space and ease of use, The whole cabinet will generally be designed with seasoning racks. The whole design is exquisite and beautiful. When the hostess is cooking in the kitchen, the seasoning frame designed by itself is very convenient to use. It is easy to put away when it is not needed, and the inlaid seasoning is not easy to get wet.

4, trash can

In order to make the entire space of the kitchen look more tidy, many cabinet manufacturers now make the trash can mosaic, Hidden inside the cabinet, you can use it when you open the door. It is necessary to pay attention to the hygienic cleaning. It is recommended that it can be pulled out for use in the summer, which is more sanitary and convenient.

How to choose the whole cabinet

1. When we are picking the whole cabinet, we will consider the material of the board to see if it is strong. Now, on the market, good brands basically use solid wood granules. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also moisture-proof. The styles are also diversified and very convenient to choose.

2, in addition to the board of the cabinet In addition, you need to know the hardware accessories of the cabinet. The quality of hardware accessories depends on the service life of the cabinet. Now there are imported hardware and domestic hardware on the market. The texture of imported hardware will be thicker and the service life will be longer, but the price will be higher.

3, choose the whole cabinet, the most important The choice is the substrate, the substrate is the key to the quality of the kitchen cabinet, but also determines the level of the cabinet. At present, most of the kitchen cabinet substrates in the market use particle board, solid wood board, MDF board and big core board. Due to the difference in quality and craftsmanship, prices are also very different.

Small ending: above, aboutWhole cabinetsWhat additional accessories are there? And how to purchase the relevant contents of the whole cabinet, Xiaobian introduced here. The above content, everyone will have a deeper understanding of the whole cabinet, I hope to help everyone!


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