Use the floor-to-ceiling windows to light up the home space. You need to know these tips.

Now, many owners are in the renovation When you are in a house, you will usually choose a beautiful and practical floor-to-ceiling window to light up your home space. So what kind of decoration skills are there in this bay window, and what are the practical properties? Next, let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1, floor-to-ceiling window decoration Tips

a, The appropriate height

Everyone knows that different types of houses have different heights and widths, and the floor-to-ceiling windows usually need to extend 60 to 70 centimeters on the original wall of the room. The height of the bay window that is finally presented is generally divided into 70 to 80 cm, 40 to 50 cm, and three types of landing height, no matter which height, it is more suitable for later transformation.

b, clever wooden platform Layout

No matter what How to decorate the bay window, before the official installation, the most should be placed in the first place, is to do a wooden platform. Specifically, the height is controlled within 15-40 cm, so as to arrange a more comfortable rest space. For example, for a height of less than 15 cm, it is generally recommended to make a “well” shape by using a material with a keel size of 3*4, and then cover with a wooden board to create a tatami seating area.

c, according to different venue functions Create the corresponding floor-to-ceiling window

Many people think of the word Bay window is often the bedroom, but in fact, if you can arrange the corresponding window style for different areas of the characteristics, you can play a lot of unexpected effects. The installation of a floor-to-ceiling window in the living room not only adds a new place of relaxation to the house, but also presents a distinctive taste to the visiting guests.

2, what is the role of the floor-to-ceiling window

a, add lighting

I believe many owners will choose to decorate their homes When adding this device, a large part of the reason is to increase the lighting of the room. Indeed, since most of the bay window structure is mainly made of glass, plus the relatively low height of the window sill, the original dark house can be made. Becomes brighter and more spacious.

b. Excellent viewing platform

In addition to enhancing the light of the indoor environment, it is also a rare indoor viewing platform. Modern people who are pursuing a sense of life tend to put a layer of soft-touch mats on them, so that after a busy day’s work, leaning back here, you can see the beauty of the surrounding area.

Small editorial: The above is the general content of the decoration skills and related functions of the floor-to-ceiling window that Xiaobian compiled for everyone, due to the actual design. The layout involves more details, so I hope that in the specific installation process, you still need to listen more, see more, and learn more professional knowledge.

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