Unique hand-painted murals at Tokyo Garden Hotel

Tokyo Garden Hotel accommodates guests in a completely unique suite, from standard rooms to hand-painted art. The hotel invites famous Japanese artists to paint the walls, the ceiling in the bed and bathroom, and decorate the space with their original pieces.
So far, 8 rooms have been completed in different styles and themes. The artist was recently energized by the artist Qihai Ishihara and borrowed a colorful cultural festival. The first room was undertaken by Kimura Hiroy in a more traditional shade and features a sumo wrestler pattern in an ancient pose and posture. Tokyo Garden Hotel plans to add 9 artists each year to create a complete art building (31 rooms in total) in the next three years as part of the artist’s hotel project.

The artist’s hand-painted room cites an eclectic culture that can be found on the streets of the city of Tokyo. The concept of the room: ordinary or ordinary, everyday or special. When I travel, I always feel that the destination is special. This is a special day that makes my heart beat faster. A very special day, a holiday. I feel that traveling to this place resonates with the excitement of the festival. I think this festival will never end. I thought I could draw this never ending festival. I hope that the joy of enjoying the holiday will be fleeting in this room.

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