UN rescue team attacked in Homs, Syria

People’s Daily, February 9 According to Lianhe Zaobao, vehicles of United Nations officials and Red Cross staff were attacked by guns and mortars during humanitarian relief in Homs, Syria.

The BBC reported that Syrian Red Cross officials said that the agency’s seven staff members and about the same number of UN officials are currently trapped in the crossfire between the rebel-controlled areas, and their A driver was injured.

They discarded two vehicles that were damaged, but they were shot again when they were evacuated.

As part of the three-day ceasefire agreement that began last Friday, the team traveled to Homs Old Town to deliver humanitarian aid.

A BBC correspondent said that there were reports that the attack came from the direction of government forces, which threatened the ceasefire agreement.

The United Nations is implementing a humanitarian relief plan to coordinate the delivery of food, water and medicine to 3,000 civilians in the area occupied by the Holmes rebel army.

Earlier on Saturday (February 8), the United Nations rescue operation was postponed because of mortar attacks. The Syrian government and the opposition accused each other of disrupting the ceasefire.

On Friday, on the first day of the ceasefire, Holmes withdrew more than 80 children, women and the elderly.

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