Top interior design: 2014 color trends

Interior design is often influenced by market and industry trends around the world. Consumer trends and business marketing trends have a tendency to break into fashion and interior design. Therefore, there are a large number of neutral colors and vivid colors used in interior design in 2014.
Going green
One of the contributing factors to the color trends of top interior design, 2014 is “going green” and continuing to guide consumption. The desire to use environmentally safe products to help the planet produce neutral colors such as brown and milky white, as well as green and yellow tones. Neutral other color accents for a great tray, while the greens calm, soothing the mind and yellow stimulating and stimulating.
Yellow is the best service in the kitchen, it can even help digestion. You will find the green best award bedroom setting. Use two color schemes to create an environment in one room, such as an office, both soothing and motivating, resulting in a better workflow. Just be careful, don’t overwhelm yellow, because no one likes to be over-stimulated.
Other colors are gray, white, maroon, brown and orange even in the trend of “green”. When you shop for colors in this program, think of forests, bark, leaves, and even moss on the rocks of the riverbed. Of course, all these colors are beautifully combined.
Global influence
Purple and bright purple tones of purple, such as the world representing a diverse world of culture and business, is a growing trend. In addition, purple has always been related to romance and the royal family. Say your request with a purple color scheme in the living room or in the master bedroom with purple to seduce your senses. When orange provides a great accent color, it is never a bad thing to match the purple and bring the vitality temptation.
Global market trends also highlight the power of a woman, and in recent years, now show the color in interior design. Special, pink. For dark pink and light pink tones in a room, white or gray neutral on the canvas, and you have created a powerful and feminine look that is also complex. The accent of metal and modern, straight plus the strength of this color scheme, makes it older and takes it from the appearance of a little girl’s space.
<;Global” The other colors in the color scheme include bright blue, gold, black, lavender and grey. You can easily add these colors to a rich, passionate, and a little romantic feeling.
Color combinations
The most popular interior design trends in color in 2014 are actually a good complement to each other. The earthy tones, “green” trends have made the trend of “global focus”, highlighting the vibrant shades of neutral canvas. Don’t be afraid of an exciting look with a vibrant purple color combined with a neutral green hue.

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