There is no miracle

On September 18, 2018, the 18th Anniversary Celebration of Tongyuan Photography Group opened in the cities of Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha and other brands. All stores closed for two days, and thousands of partners were loving, sincere and ingenious. , staged a fun science and technology Olympic event to infuse the heart.

18 years ago, Tongyuan Photography Group opened up dozens of square shops in Chongqing and Guangzhou. A thriving business and industry today;

In the past 18 years, we have used 500 million frames to infiltrate the photos of love, bringing over 5 million families to the memory of images that have been passed down from generation to generation;

In the past 18 years, Tongyuan photographers have won the industry awards and put them on the fashion cover of “Portrait Photography” magazine. They have won the trophy of one-third of the industry for several consecutive years, wearing WPPI. Many of the photographic industry’s top international portrait industry’s gold medal crown … …

It seems that the outside world is developing at the same time, but we should always embrace the heart of the ice and understand the underlying logic of this cause.

Praise life and change your heart. 160,000 hours of anti-dust and customs, there is always a kind of persistence that allows us to always praise life in a world of ambiguity. There is always a belief that we will persist in the same industry in the face of countless temptations. There is always a love. Let us smile every day to face every child, every tree and even every leaf —— We are feeling the wonderful course of life, igniting the family around us and ourselves.

What do we insist on?

Love, sincerity and ingenuity.

Looking at the companies that have truly left their value in history, in the end, they are ultimately the victory of human universal values. Joseph · Michelle believes in Starbucks Experience that Starbucks’ lead is to love your customers, products and employees. With the full of love and not the careful calculation, Tongyuan people inspire every partner and customer to pay attention to the details, complete the expression capture of the child every moment, and gain the trust that the customer has given us for 18 years. shape.

Injecting love, trust is flowing and —— sincerity is the most direct link between customers and their partners. Sincerity is the letter, sincerity and honesty are the way of the heavens. Sincerity is like a sieve, constantly filtering out companies and services that are not really dishonest. Those products and enterprises that are gradually drifting away are all abandoned by honesty and love.

With continuous love and sincerity, ingenuity is the natural result of corporate products and services. From the moment a child enters the store, every detail and intensive product and service will be loved and sincere. The perceptually agile rhythm, the grasp and pursuit of this life rhythm, makes Tongyuan a company that occupies more than 60% of all the top prizes in the international top-level portrait photography award—— this is the highest image of life.

There is no miracle in the same 18 years, only the transmission and continuation of love, sincerity and ingenuity. This is an ordinary blessing.

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