There is huge room for development of fast-growing raw material wood flooring industry

Forestry is the only industry that combines ecological, economic and social functions. It has an important strategic position. With the energy crisis and climate warming, the basic role of forestry has been further strengthened. . Mitigating climate warming, developing biomass energy, promoting farmers’ employment and increasing income, and maintaining rural harmony and stability all require greater development of forestry, and the forestry industry needs to make greater contributions.

At this stage, China’s wood flooring industry as an important branch of the forestry industry, the wood flooring industry’s leading products solid wood flooring, solid wood composite floor surface layer are made of natural forest precious wood, is the consumption of natural precious wood One of the biggest industries. The reduction of virgin forest resources and rising prices have led to an increase in the operating costs of China’s wood product manufacturing enterprises, especially in China’s solid wood flooring production enterprises. In addition, China’s economy is currently facing the key to transformation and upgrading. Relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation to develop a low-carbon economy, achieving sustainable development has become the starting point and the foothold for accelerating the transformation of economic development. The fast-growing raw material has a fast production speed, a short material-forming period and a strong carbon-fixing capacity. It has become a tree species widely promoted by various countries and is a growth point of forest coverage.

However, the material of fast-growing material is soft, low-density, easy to deform, and low in strength, which makes it low in commercial value, giving little or no increase to forest farmers, and dampening the enthusiasm of forest farmers to plant trees, raise trees and protect trees. The quality of forest resources is low and the benefits are poor.

In the past few years, domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises have actively invested in the research and development of fast-growing materials instead of natural forests. At present, surface-densified solid wood flooring and chemically impregnated solidified solid wood flooring have been put on the market and exported to foreign countries. .

Among them, the surface layer solidified solid wood flooring production technology uses physical modification technology, the raw material required for this technology is fast-growing wood, especially the Chinese fast-growing forest poplar, fir, eucalyptus, also It can use all the fast-growing materials such as American Southern Pine, European Spruce, and Russian Pinus sylvestris, which can reduce the harvesting of precious hardwood and protect the original forest. The wood products produced are clear and natural in color and have broadleaf wood. The color texture; this technology is pure physical wood modification technology, safe and environmentally friendly; this technology overcomes the loose material of the fast-growing material, poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and at the same time makes the size of the produced wood products stable. Good physical properties, high surface hardness, excellent physical and mechanical properties such as static bending strength and elastic modulus, thus achieving the use of small materials and inferior materials. The wood obtained through this technology can be used for the production of furniture, flooring, wooden doors and stairs, etc., and can be used as an emerging industry such as structural beams and high-grade automobile floors. The implementation of this technology industrialization is in line with the spirit of the National Forestry Industry Revitalization Plan (2010~2012), which will promote the upgrading and development of the fast-growing forest economy.

Due to the huge demand for solid wood flooring in the market, and China has the world’s largest fast-growing forest planting area, the maturity and low cost of fast-growing solid wood flooring industrialization technology has caused strong concern and consumption in the industry. The positive affirmation of the ordinary family easily owns solid wood flooring, which will surely become a new growth point for the wood flooring industry. In 2009, the construction area of ​​real estate development enterprises nationwide was 3.196 billion square meters, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year. According to the ground decoration area accounting for 80%, the floor decoration area totaled about 2.557 billion square meters. In 2009, the total domestic wood floor output was 378 million. Square meters, accounting for only 16.34% of the floor decoration materials. Moreover, according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the total area of ​​urban housing in China in 2009 is 17.7 billion square meters. According to the decoration of the house every 10 years and the renovation of the non-residential house every 20 years, China needs at least 3.885 billion square meters per year. Floor decoration material. This provides a huge space for the development of the wood flooring industry with fast-growing materials as raw materials.

Release date: 2012/2/10 11:55:34

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