The United States shows the thirteen rows of wine bowls, symbolizing the evolution of US-China relations (Figure)

People’s Network February 20th According to the United States Media reports, a precious antique that symbolizes the evolution of US-China relations for 230 years, were presented to Chinese media in the US State Department’s diplomatic reception room on February 19. The US State Department said that 42 diplomatic reception rooms have collected more than 5,000 artworks, including historically meaningful wine bowls depicting the life of the 13th line in Guangzhou in the 1780s. It shows the evolution and importance of US-China relations from ancient times to the present.

In 1784, the first US ship to China, the Empress of China, arrived in Guangzhou from New York. In the same year, the United States also established its first trade mission in China. A wine bowl depicting the exterior of Guangzhou’s thirteenth line was brought back by the then US special envoy.

This 13-line exterior map, the Hong Bowl, is currently in the State Department’s diplomatic reception room. The diplomatic reception room is the place where the US President, Vice President, Secretary of State and important cabinet members are used to receive important foreign guests, including former Chinese President Hu Jintao and current President Xi Jinping, who have been hosted here.

Marcy &middot, Head of the Diplomatic Reception Room of the US State Department; Craig Hill said: “I will explain this beautiful large porcelain bowl, which was made at the time and depicts the vicinity of the Pearl River.” The crowded traffic port view. Looking closely, you can see the trade activities of people at the port and the busy daily life. ”

In that year, the “Queen of China”, which contained gold coins, leather goods, and American ginseng, earned a good profit in China, and thus opened the door to US-China trade.

In 2008, the new US Embassy in Beijing officially opened during the Beijing Olympics. At that time, several porcelain bowls depicting the US Embassy were created, symbolizing the new face of US-China bilateral relations, one of which was The government donated it to China, and the other one was collected in the diplomatic reception room of the US State Department.

Susan · Holly is a senior historian at the State Department’s Historical Office. She said that the porcelain bowls made in 2008 depict the day and night scenes of the US Embassy and are decorated with 50 Americans. The state’s floral patterns showcase the modern American relationship with China compared to the thirteenth line of the year.

The pastel porcelain bowls made in 2008 and the thirteen-row exterior map of the 1780s show the evolution of US-China relations. They were held in the State Council’s “Diplomatic Action”. (Diplomacy in Action) is also specially presented for presentation and explanation.

US Secretary of State Kerry introduced the rich collection of the State Council’s diplomatic reception room through a video. He said: “With more than 5,000 precious collections, the State Department’s diplomatic reception room illustrates the rich history of American diplomacy…. These collections include George · the porcelain used in Washington, which is also used to celebrate the first American ships arriving in China. ”

In 2012, the US government assisted teachers, schoolchildren, and the general public through inter-departmental efforts, in conjunction with the State Department, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Park Service, and the American Library Association. Pictures, information, and history, learning the history of American foreign diplomacy. (老任)

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