The UK was severely flooded. Prince William Harry moved the sandbags to rescue (figure)

There was a severe flood in the UK. Prince William Harry moved the sandbag rescue (figure)

The United Kingdom suffered severe floods in the past few days. William and Prince Harry joined the rescue team to help soldiers move sandbags.

China News Service February 15th According to the “Central News Agency” reported on the 14th, the United Kingdom suffered severe floods in the past few days, William and Prince Harry joined the ranks of the rescue, went to the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II Near Windsor Castle, assist soldiers in moving sandbags.

Two people were photographed wearing waterproof clothing and accidentally appeared in the village of Dachet west of London to assist soldiers in disaster relief.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson told reporters: “William and Harry wish to show support for the victims of the floods, and believe that the most appropriate way is through participation in military rescue operations. ”

The village of Dachet is only about 1.5 km from Queenstown’s Windsor Residence and William and Harry’s alma mater, Eton College.

A few days ago, most parts of the UK were hit by strong storms. In some places, the wind speed reached 170 kilometers per hour. The British Meteorological Administration issued a red warning. At the same time, the floods that have continued for many days in the southern part of the UK have not diminished. To this end, British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to cancel the plan scheduled to visit the Middle East next week, staying in the country to deal with natural disasters caused by extreme weather.

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