The number of new home renovations is stable. The renovation of old houses has increased.

In 2018, the overall decoration market was relatively stable. However, due to the unsatisfactory home improvement market in the first half of the year, it has a certain impact on consumers, so the overall “11” signing is relatively stable. Consumers’ consumption habits have also had a certain impact on the decoration industry. In this process, the market division will become more and more clear, and the industry reshuffle will be accelerated. The annual National Day Golden Week is a peak season for sales for the decoration company. The “Eleventh” is decorated with special offers. It can be renovated in the winter and will be able to stay in the spring of next year.
The reporter visited a number of decoration companies to understand that this year’s National Day Golden Week decoration market sales compared with last year, the old well-known decoration company new home decoration volume is relatively stable, the old house renovation volume continues to increase. Consumers are becoming more and more rational, no longer obsessed with “holiday rush”, and more and more attention to word of mouth and service.

The number of new home renovations is stable and the renovation of old houses has increased.

“The rain on the National Day holiday last year has a greater impact on sales. This year’s National Day holiday is good, and the traffic has increased. We The main material and engineering volume have also reached a new high.” Tang Fang, deputy general manager of the city, said, “This year is the 15th anniversary of urban people. We have designed many activities and great concessions, plus the reputation of the city’s people’s brands for many years. Consumers are still relatively recognized. According to the general manager of the current decoration, Lu Xuwei, compared with the same period last year, the number of decorative orders has increased by about 30%. Hu Xiaofeng, general manager of Metropolitan Time and Space, said that the sales volume of the “11” decoration this year has basically increased slightly compared with last year. The number of new home renovations this year has not changed much compared with last year. Instead, the old house renovation signing has been growing, and it has increased compared with last year. Nearly 1/3. Chairman Feng Feng also said that the decoration market is relatively stable this year. The home improvement market in the first half of the year is not stable and has a certain impact on consumers. Therefore, the overall “11” signing is relatively stable. “In fact, in the past two years, there has been less and less profit in the home improvement market in a short and fast way. The market is constantly shuffling and the industry is optimizing. This steady development is the normal performance of the market.” I understand that most of the old-fashioned decoration companies have developed steadily, and some have progressed steadily. The overall sales volume of small and micro decoration companies has declined, and the pressure is facing.

Consumers choose the quality and reputation of the decoration company as an important factor

The spring and autumn seasons are the most suitable season for decoration. The spring “May 1” is the decoration promotion season. Autumn is the National Day Golden Week. In the past few years, these two promotion nodes have always allowed the decoration company to usher in the commanding heights in sales, but since 2016, this situation has begun to change. “Affected by the economic environment, housing prices have risen, and consumers are becoming more cautious about renovation costs.” Mr. Zhang, who is engaged in the decoration industry, said. “Quality and word of mouth are important factors influencing the decoration company. Now mutual recommendation between friends and introduction of old customers has greatly helped our sales. In the past, the situation of attracting consumers at low prices has been improved, and consumers are becoming more and more rational. “This year’s National Day decoration company did not form a grand event for a centralized signing of a certain day. The phenomenon of impulsive consumption is obviously less, and consumers are more concerned about the quality and reputation of the decoration company. Many consumers have come here several times and have signed the order after many comparisons. This reminds the decoration practitioners to pay attention to quality and improve service, and to manage the enterprise well in order to develop for a long time.

Market division will become more and more clear, industry reshuffle accelerates in progress

From the performance of this year’s home improvement industry, the survival of the fittest and the reshuffle of the industry have accelerated. Home improvement building materials enterprises with good reputation, good service, good products and good cost performance can survive better. In the home improvement building materials market, it is not the size of the company that opens the gap, but the services and softness provided by each company. Strength, such as technology, service, brand, word of mouth, etc. The division of the home improvement market will become more and more clear in the future, and the service scope of high, medium and low-end will become more and more clear. From the “price war” to the “quality war”, the home improvement company starts from the simple focus on the use value to the pursuit of individualization, from the traditional home decoration to the present all-inclusive package, the transition of each stage is a big wash for the industry. Card, however, shuffling is not the end, shuffling is the beginning of industry norms, is the inevitable way for the home improvement industry to move toward standardization and scale development.
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