The Nordic style home has a touch of fresh colors and feels more beautiful~

Nordic styleHome can be combined with other styles of home, it is also very collocation, the following will be the current Nordic style country style and industrial style Naturally blended together, the open living room, restaurant and kitchendesigned in pure white The background is extraordinarily bright and tidy, and each functional area has its own characteristics and charm.

Design highlights: chic field window + comfortable soft collapse

The balcony and the room are separated by a large window. The space is more transparent, and the appearance of the green-shaped window also gives the balcony a bit of literary texture.

If the space of the balcony is slightly larger, you can choose to set it as a rest area, the balcony is placed on a soft couch and the bench is used to create a leisure area, together with The plants are decorated with a natural and fresh environment and atmosphere, elegant and comfortable.

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