The magic of Yanni comes alive at Segerstrom Center

Just listening to the artistically beautiful sounds of the phenomenal musician/composer simply known as Yanni doesn't do the man justice. It is an absolute must to see Yanni perform live if you are a fan of the calm and soothing music genre. Yes, we get the 25 million or more albums that Yanni has sold worldwide.We get the 40 platinum and gold albums he has put out over the years. We understand all of the accolades Yanni has achieved and have garnered over the years with his mesmerizing sounds. But none of that compares to seeing the man live and in person. It is just another type of experience altogether.The once-in-a-lifetime Greek musician made a recent appearance at the Orange County-based Segerstrom Center for the Arts and wowed the audience with a plethora of charm, graciousness and with his magic bag of solitary and reflective brand of music.How do you describe music played by a musician that has captured the hearts of millions? You don't. Yanni is an artist that you cannot simply put in a box or make life easier for yourself by categorizing the sentimentality of his sound. On Sunday, Sept. 21, those attending Yanni's two and a half hour concert (with no intermission) at the Segerstom Center for the Arts, found out that boxing in this electric performer would be to deny themselves an opportunity of witnessing greatness in front of their own eyes.Hyperbole usually doesn't fly too well with this particular writer. But I must admit that Yanni is the real deal in person. He is as good as a showman as there is. His command of the stage and his show is much like the way a maestro takes charge of his orchestra. He is both master and servant to his intimate congregation, both captivating and desirous to please at the same time.The way Yanni mingles and interact with the audience with meaningful conversation, and not with idle gibberish, allows you to be part of his world, to understand the passion behind the music that he is able to extort from his spirituality, life experiences and his love to produce music that is in sync with one's inner soul.But by no means was this show a parade of elevator music subject to put you asleep. The beauty of Yanni's music is that it has a way of hitting the right notes at the right time, stimulating and uplifting. Whether it is a penned love acknowledgement to his mother which he plays with adoring stimulation or whether it is a fast-paced jaunt he seamlessly collaborates with his high-octane band of musicians, Yanni keeps his fans asking for more.

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