The home industry captures these key points

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. In this year, the changes in the household consumption market continue to bring new challenges to home furnishing enterprises through their own industrial structure, product quality and service level. Constantly upgrading, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, and bring a lot of enlightenment to 2019. In 2018, it has entered the last month. What new trends will be in the home furnishing industry, how can we change from the contrarian trend? Let us look forward to the new year together.

Technology becomes the core competitiveness under the “new innovation”

With the changes in the consumer market, the “pseudo-innovation” style of “Shantou” is no longer the case, “just casually The era of compiling a concept to attract consumers is gone forever. Even children know that they can check the Internet. Mr. Yang, who has been in the home industry for many years, told the Beijing Morning Post that consumers will pay more attention to the internal products of home products. Experience.

In recent years, many home furnishing companies have gradually shifted their research and development focus to “inside”. They have made innovations in the design, workmanship quality, raw materials and comfort of their own products. Under the 2025” environment, “new innovation” products suitable for Chinese consumers are the magic weapon for the future home industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more Consumers are beginning to accept differentiated customized home experiences, and more and more families are beginning to try to meet different home needs through a “customized” approach, especially with the lag of the “two-child era”. Time will increase the household consumption of the two-child family as the main consumer group, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more visible.

Diversified channels for symbiosis and win-win

Before this year’s “Double Eleven”, many traditional home furnishing companies, such as large stores and home improvement companies, have chosen a variety of ways. The Internet e-commerce platform “marriage”, from the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, also achieved good results. Due to the special nature of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online and offline retail, home stores, etc., and the balance is difficult to be broken in a short period of time. In the new year, how The organic use of diversified channels is a key factor in achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental consumer demand continues to increase

In 2018, environmental issues in rental housing have caused concern about home environmental issues. Nowadays, many consumers have already chosen home products. The environmental protection attribute has been put in the first place, and since many consumers in the process of purchasing, they constantly learn about environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels, and the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability has made some pseudo environmentally friendly products nowhere to be seen, and some excellent environmentally friendly products have been favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word for the reshuffle of household products. In the new year, It is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner.

Service-oriented home business to fine transformation

In 2018, at major home exhibitions, some big home manufacturers can be seen to do some “small things” “A home improvement app, a data management software or even a smart light, as long as it is more about the comfort of the home experience, it can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how will Some high-tech technologies such as big data, VR, and AR have come to the service experience, which is a problem that every home enterprise must consider.
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