The growth of the Russian cement market will be resilient

On September 30th, according to Amicron Consulting’s forecast, Russian cement production and consumption in 2018 will increase with the expected increase in housing construction. It is estimated that the growth rate in 2018 is about 5%. The growth of the Russian cement market will be revitalized. Since 2014, the Russian cement market has fallen by 20%, only a slowdown in 2017.

Cement consumption depends on economic conditions. In Russia, there has been a high dependence on the growth rate of cement consumption and GDP dynamics for a long time. Until 2015, this correlation exceeded 85%. In the case of economic growth, the cement market is growing at an excessive rate, but when the economy declines, cement The market will also fall sharply. Despite the gap in the index in recent years, once the economy actually grows, the cement market will also grow, and the growth momentum will be quite strong.

Construction industry, especially housing construction, remains the Russian economy One of the most promising industries. The reason is that in the context of low housing security rates (below the first world countries) and inadequate infrastructure construction, a large amount of demand has not been met. In addition, there is an increasing demand for replacement and replacement of residential and non-residential facilities built during the Soviet era.

In the medium to long term, the demand for infrastructure construction is expected Will grow. The demand for cement concrete road construction is promising. This road construction is common throughout the world, but in Russia, including the Soviet Union, the lack of cement was not implemented. In recent years, the cement deficit due to the construction of new cement plants has been eliminated. However, due to the high price of cement, unstable quality indicators, and unpredictable conditions for the delivery of cement, road construction technology for cement concrete has not been widely promoted in Russia.


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