The former mayor of Santiago, the sexual harassment of the subordinate, the city of 250,000 US dollars settlement

China News Service, San Diego, February 10th, San Diego, California, USA, lawyers announced on the 10th, accusing the former mayor Bob? A female employee of Fernan’s sexual harassment has reached an out-of-court settlement with the city, and the city will pay her $250,000 in legal fees and compensation.

City lawyers Jane? Goldsmith’s announcement of the settlement, the leading actress of Fellner’s former public relations director, 57-year-old Irene? Mark Cormac? Jackson, who worked for many years before entering the Ferner team, worked at the San Diego Port Public Relations Office.

Fernan has been re-elected as a member of the 10th Congress since 1993 and was elected Mayor of the eighth largest city in the United States in November 2012. He is also the first Democratic Party mayor in the city in 20 years.

Jackson was hired by Ferner as the director of his public relations office, earning even lower than before.

In July 2013, Jackson filed a lawsuit against the court, accusing the 71-year-old Ferner and the San Diego city government, saying that Ferner asked her not to wear trousers or even go to work naked, forcibly kissed. Jackson was the first victim to sue Ferner for sexual harassment in public.

In addition, at least three women filed suit against Ferner in the absence of a court appearance. According to the complaint, from March to May 2012, Ferner harassed and insulted them on various occasions in the form of strong kisses, language teasing, and grabbing the buttocks.

In addition, about 20 other women have publicly stated that they are being kissed by Fernasso, swearing, and asking for a date. These women include a retired Rear Admiral, a California State University San Diego campus director, and a former grandmother-level city government volunteer.

The city and Ferner reached an agreement. Fernan, who had only served for 9 months, finally resigned on August 30 of that year. The city paid him the court fees and represented him in his lawsuit.

On December 9, Ferner was sentenced to three years’ probation by the court and three months of confinement at home. But the verdict does not include Jackson’s allegations.

The city of San Diego and Jackson finally reached an out-of-court settlement to compensate her $250,000, including attorney fees and compensation. The criminal charge in this case is scheduled to open in February next year.

Jackson and her attorneys plan to hold a press conference on the 11th. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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