The California forest fire has caused 42 people to die in the state’s worst record

[Global Reporter Wang Lilan] “French News Radio” reported on November 13 that as of November 12, local time in the United States, the forest fire in the northern part of California “Camp Fire” has been Resulting in 42 deaths, the fire caused the worst forest fire record in the state.

The number of deaths caused by the forest fires in the California city of Sacramento on the 8th has killed more than 29 people in Los Angeles in 1933. Griffith Park fires ”. Kerry Honea, Sheriff Sheriff, Calif., said the death toll from the forest fire has risen to 42.

According to reports, “Camp Fire” is the most common forest fire in the United States since the 1918 Minnesota “Cloquet Fire”. “Cloquet Fire” caused about a thousand lives.

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