The bathroom area is small, giving you a perfect storage

-Cabinet storage-

The bathroom storage space is not enough, you can borrow from the bare wall behind the toilet.

▲After installing a wall cabinet in the back of the toilet for storage, the daily needs of the bathroom items are placed in the room, which improves the Space utilization.

-Baffle storage-

Maybe a large locker is not suitable for your home However, it is very convenient to place a small partition. It can withstand anything of any weight, such as large green plants, small bottles such as medicine bottles.

▲Solid wood partitions, practical and beautiful, Decorating the hanging paintings is more space-conscious. Don’t look at the small place, but the storage capacity is perfect! It is recommended that small-sized bathrooms be considered first.

-ladder storage-

If you think the above is cumbersome, then you can choose to put a small ladder Above the toilet, placed against the wall, does not take up too much space, it is very convenient to store towels.

-Mirror cabinet storage-

In addition to the daily use function, the mirror above the toilet has a function of expanding the capacity. The mirror can reflect, refract, and increase the brightness of the room, making the space double in visual effects.

Looking at the above cases, are you already excited and excited, want to go back and pick up your own bathroom, and quickly move to fill the 1m2 on the toilet Let’s have space.


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