The arrival of the post-lighting era What are the prospects of the five major application markets?

The era of post-lighting is coming, traditional lighting and new markets are reversed. LED general lighting has long been in the “Red Sea”, the growth is weak, and the new application market is booming. The market for new display technologies, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting and plant lighting has been increasingly deployed by LED companies, and the market has never been more vibrant.

In 2018, the market seems to be dull, but in reality it is undercurrent. The company is struggling to capture the commanding heights in the new application market. So, what are the market prospects for new displays, smart lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting, and plant lighting? And see GGII decomposition!

Micro/Mini LED

Previously, Apple wanted to reduce Samsung Display panel reliance, through the acquisition of Luxvue, actively develops a new generation of display technology Micro LED, but considering that Micro LED still has more problems in technology and cost to overcome, TGII believes that Micro LED business It still takes about 3-5 years.

In view of this, the Mini has a lower technical threshold and is easier to commercialize. LEDs have been popular and researched by manufacturers such as Sanan, Huacan, Jingdian, Guoxing, Ruifeng, and Jingtai. Many companies claim to have mass production capabilities.

GGII believes that Mini LED backlight + LCD can be mature LED and LCD technology Combining and realizing the function of OLED panel at a lower cost is the future development direction of high-end LCD panel; at the same time, with the increase of domestic demand for large-screen display and the reduction of the price of Mini LED, the Mini LED display is expected to start gradually. GGII predicts that the application market size of Mini LED in 2018 is expected to reach 300 million yuan, of which backlight is its main application direction. The Mini LED is expected to maintain growth of around 175% from 2018 to 2020. The size of Mini LED market will reach 2.2 billion in 2020. .

Smart Lighting

With the official opening of the Internet era, the lighting industry has transitioned from the traditional lighting era to the intelligent lighting era, in the Internet Under the catalysis, technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent lighting, and Internet of Things have emerged. According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the scale of China’s smart lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017. GGII expects the smart lighting market to reach 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 46.6%.

Attracted by growing market demand, including 昕诺飞, OSRAM, Domestic and foreign lighting companies such as GE, Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, and Tuning Technology have been deployed. In addition, the involvement of technology giants such as Jingdong and Xiaomi has caused the intelligent lighting industry to heat up rapidly.

Automotive lighting & emsp; In recent years, LED car lighting has matured It has become a blue ocean market with a focus on layout. As we all know, LED automotive lighting has gradually become the mainstream of automotive lighting due to its long life, low energy consumption, small size of light source and beautiful appearance, and the market scale has also expanded.

According to GGII data, the overall market for LED automotive lighting in China reached 24.5 billion in 2017 Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%, along with LED car lighting began to gradually penetrate in the mid-end models, LED car lighting will maintain a rapid growth in the future, GGII expects China’s LED car lighting market is expected to exceed 42.5 billion yuan in 2020.

However, domestic companies are still in the initial stage of key technologies for automotive lighting, and the front-loading market is relatively difficult to cut into. Only a few companies (Hongli Zhihui, Jingke Electronics, etc.) are laying out the pre-installation market. Therefore, in the short term, the aftermarket is still the first choice for most domestic enterprises to enter the automotive lighting market.

Landscape Lighting    Since 2017, landscape lighting has welcomed the industry During the blowout period, local governments have accelerated the construction of urban landscape lighting. Urban outdoor night lighting has gradually expanded from the previous real estate building to urban landscape lighting, and the urban landscape lighting market has huge space. GGII said that thanks to the promotion of policy promotion in various countries and regions around the world, the scale of the landscape lighting market continues to increase. In 2017, the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market reached 67.8 billion yuan.

In the future, as the urbanization process continues, I believe that in the next few years, whether it is a line Cities, or second- and third-tier cities, demand for landscape lighting will continue to grow rapidly. In particular, the state’s policy on urban public lighting, urban landscape renovation and smart city construction in the PPP model is still increasing, the real estate landscape lighting market is developing rapidly, and cities along the high-speed rail and tourism culture cities are lighting the landscape. The emphasis will be strengthened, and multiple positive factors will jointly promote the continuous and rapid growth of the demand for landscape lighting.

In this context, GGII expects the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market in 2018 It can increase by 25% year-on-year and will reach 84.7 billion yuan.

plant lighting


In contrast to traditional agricultural practices, plants produced by plant lighting are not affected by the natural environment and are acceptable More suitable light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and nutrients can be continuously produced even in severe weather conditions or disaster weather conditions, and is suitable for promotion to dry and high latitudes.

GGII statistics show that the number of LED plant factories in the world is increasing in 2017 Due to the rapid growth of demand for small plant lighting systems after the legalization of cannabis cultivation in the United States, the output value of LED plant lighting systems in China reached 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62%. The output value of plant lighting lamps reached 1.235 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%.

Currently, China’s plant lighting is still in the early stages of industry development, plant lighting products Still relying on the export of low-end products, domestic plant factories have problems such as low input-output ratio, high product prices, and shortage of comprehensive talents, which restrict the development of China’s plant lighting industry, but plant lighting represents future agriculture. The development direction has been strongly supported by the agricultural departments of various countries. Domestic and foreign giants such as Sanan Optoelectronics, Mitsubishi Chemical, BOE, and Panasonic have also laid out on the mainland, which has brought new impetus to the development of Chinese plant lighting.

GGII expects that the output value of China’s LED plant lighting system will exceed 6.2 billion in 2018 Yuan, the output value of plant lighting fixtures will exceed 1.7 billion yuan.

In summary, the five emerging application markets are still at a high growth stage. In the era of post-lighting, when the traditional lighting growth is weak, how will domestic LED companies choose? How to make efforts and layout in emerging markets?    June 10, held by Gaogong LED “2018 (tenth The 6th) High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum will be held at the Westin Canton Fair. At that time, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Huacan Optoelectronics, Heidico, Liard, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Xinyichang, Bilda, Mingwei Electronics, Jiansen Technology, Hyun Shuozhi, Mulinsen, Sanxiong Aurora, Zhaochi Well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers such as OSRAM, Jingke Electronics, and BYD will share their post-lighting era strategy and new market development strategies.


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