Targeting economic interests, the Japanese government plans to give priority to the two islands to start negotiations on Russia

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] The Japanese government will officially launch a discussion on the territory surrounding the Japanese-Russian South Kuril Islands (Japanese: Four Islands in the North) The return of the Tooth Dance Islands and Sedan Island also included options for negotiations with Russia. However, in the opinion of Japanese public opinion, this not only includes the risk of the issue of the island’s ownership and the island’s ownership, but the first two islands are expected to face difficult negotiations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to get the benefits from the priority islands. The Kyodo News Agency will discuss the return strategy of the two islands together on November 25th.

Silent Japanese Foreign Minister

& ldquo; Both sides confirmed their continued deepening discussion. Japanese Foreign Minister Yohei Kono, who was in talks with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the 23rd, did not disclose the contents of the talks on the Japanese-Russian negotiations to reporters.

At the summit meeting this month, Japan and Russia reached a consensus on accelerating negotiations based on the “Japan-Sudan Joint Declaration”, which was handed over to the Tooth Dance and Sedan. In the case that the negotiations seem to be making progress, Kono recently closed his mouth in the defense of the Congress, saying that “there is nothing to say about the government’s ideas”.

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