SSC sharing life circle – blank market waiting for you to develop!

SSC Sharing Platform Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision:

Make life quality, healthier, socially harmonious, and human happier


Strive to reduce the incidence of major human diseases and share prices

Business purposes:

Caring for health, free entrepreneurship, dreaming of the future, Sharing and Win-win

Business Strategy:

Building and Creating, Sharing, Delivering, Delivering, and Managing Value

Corporate Guidelines:

Sincerity, optimism, solidarity, dedication, execution, innovation, dedication, progress, self-confidence, gratitude

Corporate belief:

Creating value through sharing, giving back to society /p>

Target Method:

Learning, Sharing, Action, Persistence, Decentralization


Take risks and create opportunities , look to the world, stick to the promise, dare to take responsibility

Corporate philosophy:

The way of thinking determines the way out, the model decides the outcome, the team decides the future

Are you looking for such an opportunity? Legal, no risk, fast earning, earning more, earning a long time, the most important thing is a certain trend. The market demand is very broad!

The project at hand is put first Let’s take a look at this project

“Just launch the entity landing”

“Share glasses sharing wealth”

I. Merchants share rewards:

Consumption of 990 yuan, become a member of the shared glasses platform

Directly push 1 member, 161 months per day 480,

Directly push 10 members, 4800 per day for 1601 months

Directly push 20 members, 3201 months per day, 3600

2nd generation, 2 yuan per day, increase by 2 yuan for each additional second generation

Cash withdrawal: 8 % handling fee, 92% to 100 yuan multiple withdrawals

If you feel that sharing is tired, you can invest more static

2. Investment static reward:

2 single 1980 static one year earnings 5840

3 single 2970 static one year earnings 12410

4 single 3960 static one year earnings 18980

5 single 4950 static One year’s income 25550

The field is waiting for you to develop, officially opened on May 21

SSC shared life circle and blank market waiting for you to develop , officially opened on May 21

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