Sri Lanka’s grand parade celebrates “Nawam Full Moon Festival”

Xinhuanet Colombo February 15 (Reporter Yang Meiju) Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo ushered in the annual traditional festival “Nawam Full Moon Festival”, a two-day grand parade performance Staged on the streets of Colombo.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda · Rajapaksa participated in the religious ceremony on the evening of the 14th, and together with the leader of the opposition party and the abbot of the Mount Karamo Temple, put on the garland of the Buddha’s tooth.

On the morning of the 14th, 60 elephants participating in the parade lined up for bathing, eating and dressing, and were fully prepared for the performance. In the performance of the evening, adult elephants and elephants were draped with delicate edging fabrics, dressed up from nose to toe, lined up with dance teams, monks and golden Buddha statues, and passed through the main roads of Colombo. Walk around the Bella Lake in the urban area and pay tribute to the bustling crowd on the street.

Tens of thousands of local residents and foreign tourists awaited the streets and enjoyed the performances of nearly 6,000 dancers, drummers and musicians.

Sri Lanka’s “Moon Festival” is also called “Buddha Festival”, according to the “Buddha calendar” custom has been passed down to the present, whenever the moon “reunion”, people will be Have a great holiday together. “Nawam Full Moon Festival” is one of the most significant Buddhist celebration days, and is the most famous Buddhist cultural activity in Sri Lanka, just like the famous Kandy Buddha Festival. During the festival, in addition to the grand parade in the evening, the Buddhists went to the temple to worship during the day, offering flowers, candles and burning incense to pray. “Nawam Full Moon Festival” was celebrated in 1979 and is the 35th this year.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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