Software customization is optimistic, is the future of the bag?

   Some forecasts show that by 2020, China’s software consumption will grow by about half to $6.5 trillion. The main drivers behind this growth trend include the increase in the number of middle class and wealthy families; the emergence of a new generation of consumer groups with more free and more experienced economies; the role of e-commerce is growing stronger. Today, China has become the world’s largest consumer of soft furniture. We are faced with an era of opportunities and challenges. The future software will belong to Yaros, a company that dares to innovate and dare to change!

  The rise of reverse mergers, China has become a melting pot of global home furnishing products
   The wave of “reverse takeovers” has arisen. After years of accumulation, some Chinese home furnishing brands have begun to introduce foreign mature home brands into China through acquisitions or mergers and acquisitions, making full use of the mature craftsmanship, history and cultural heritage of the original brands, and realizing the brand through mature channels and dealer teams. A new leap.
   For example, Gujia Group has successively acquired international brands such as NATUZZI, RolfBenz and Australia NickScali. Mousse and the famous Italian sofa brand Calia (CALIA) also reached a strategic cooperation not long ago. The Shanghai Furniture Exhibition Kalia debuted, and the import and domestic series debuted at the same time, which attracted much attention.
   Qumei Home and Norwegian high-end furniture manufacturer EkornesASA officially announced the successful acquisition on August 31, Qumei achieved full control of the latter, and will be four brands of Stress (Stressless) Svane, IMG and EkornesContract are included in the brand matrix, and Stres is called “the most comfortable chair in the world”, and Qumei has also completed the transformation of international home brand operators.
  At the Shanghai Home Expo, LEXINGTON homes were exhibited for the first time in China, and brought the ArtisticHome, CypressPoint and BarclayButera product lines to showcase the originality and exquisite American lifestyle. . Song Huang, general manager of China, said that in 2017, Luolai Life’s wholly-owned acquisition of Lexington was not only a strong alliance of brands, but also enabled the latter to open the pace of living in the Chinese market.
   In fact, about five or six years ago, the furniture exhibition will clearly divide the imported brands and domestic brands in the exhibition hall. In the past two years, this division is no longer so obvious. As more and more home furnishing companies become international brand operators, China will become the world’s most concentrated home furnishing brand. The Chinese market will also become a melting pot of the world’s outstanding home furnishing brands, providing Chinese consumers with a higher quality home life.
  The big pattern is brewing to predict the future is too early
   Furniture Fair is not only a place to showcase products, but also an opportunity for us to observe the industry at close range. From products to brands, from action to thinking, for Chinese home furnishing companies, product improvement is the first step, behind the evolution of brands and strategies.
   From the perspective of the whole industry, China’s home furnishing industry is in an internal accelerated adjustment period, and there is still much room for improvement. At the same time, capital boosting is accelerating the establishment of competition barriers. And to deprive other brands of the future living space, this imbalance will last for a long time. Perhaps in such a complex and dynamic environment, the changes in the future pattern of China’s home furnishing industry are gradually brewing. Now predict that the future is still too early, let us wait quietly.
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