Sochi 2014 Axi Khan’s Mount Rushmore Building

The Sochi Winter Olympics, which lasted for half a month, closed successfully yesterday, although the stadiums in the “Coastal Clusters” attracted a lot of attention, but the entrance to the Olympic Park in Sochi was Axi Khan. The Mount Rushmore building is also a stopover.
MegaFaces is essentially the world’s first large-size LED screen that is driven by 3D. & rdquo; Each 11,000 cubes have a translucent sphere at the top that contains an RGB-LED source. The actuators are connected in a two-way system that enables each to be individually controlled and also reports the exact position of the system at the same time. According to the designer, this feature of architecture has been compared to the construction of a huge pin screen and digitization of Mount Rushmore. & rdquo; The long-lasting highlight of digital communication is obvious, and it is also a very literal starting point. “By building a capacity that reflects the current world, anyone feels that this project feels very human.”

“Those people have used portraits to record their historical landscape for thousands of years. public art. And the Internet is where we now record our history, with prominent faces remaining at the center of this narrative. Whether we take a self-portrait and post it for our friends to watch, or text emoji to show our feelings, we have translated a basic means of self-expression into a new medium. This is why this pavilion acts as a synergy between architecture and digital platforms. At the same time it is a monument that commemorates the faces of all those who participated in the Olympics.
Asif · Khan’s architecture is a self-employed survey language that explores the beginning of a change structure. The studio’s first project was at the British seaside town of Little West Beach Cafe, which is also a cube that transforms completely from closed to open spaces.

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