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The future has only been unevenly distributed. The new concept leads the way, such as the shining comet across the sky, but the application of the real life is the Hui tail that people have real perception, and hope to achieve a beautiful life picture. In 2018, Rococo · Lok will once again lead the “New Species Design Exhibition” to the Beijing International Design Week Design Expo, with a new pioneering and imaginative link at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center from September 20th to 25th. Way, lead the audience to see the beautiful world in the name of design!

2018 New Species Design Exhibition is about to open


The 2018 New Species Design Exhibition, with the theme of “Designing a Beautiful World”. Space content is “clothing, food, housing, travel, play, and all sections are set up” “Future travel,” smart home, “unmanned retail,” “Chuangchuang interaction and “new consumption,” and “new” Wenchuang, etc., integrates innovative design works, intelligent technology products, immersive experience, game interaction, illusion space equals one, for the audience to create “design + technology perfect integration of the five sense experience.

Design and Technology in Clothing, Food, Housing, and Travel

“The smart wearable interface is always active in the concept innovation lab, or in the artist’s studio, The development of biosensing technology brings the imagination to convert biochemical languages, such as heart rate or secretion, into identifiable symbols such as expressions, colors, or vocabulary.

& ldquo;In the era when everything is fast and the kitchen function is out of the box, can the kitchen technology retain the temperature and intention of the hand-made work? It will also be a leisurely moment of life by fast and outsourced switch to private cooking. Food should not be slow, stomach can not live up to, family and self is the meaning of the workplace, the kitchen is simply the position of body values.

2017 Rococo · Loker New Species Design Exhibition

“ Live The rapid development of the Internet of Things technology has brought the smart home from concept to life again, seamlessly integrating multiple subsystems of the home, configuring the nerve center for the home through mobile terminal operation or voice command only; Baidu Duer OS Intelligent Voice The system as a smart home industry leader will participate in the new species of home space; health sleep industry expert Muse V6 will elaborate on his intelligent interaction concept for sleep management in a well-built bedroom.

& ldquo; OK, a smart pure electric vehicle research and development contains more than 800 new technologies, it is oriented to the new middle class avant-garde, born on the track, but can ride the streets, the new CFCF of the Arctic New Energy is pure Representative of the electric sports car. Mavericks is a freestyle for travel, but behind it is a powerful smart technology that will appear in the travel section of the new species show.

 The new species design exhibition curator Jia Wei uses the above concepts to illustrate the new species in the life scene. He is also the author of the word “imaginative economy”, Rococo · Founder.

2017 Rococo · Loker New Species Design Exhibition

The brand will also include a number of international design awards for the micro-single V1, Netease cloud music, Rokid space capsule, wheeled goods, Ali rookie robot G, Himalayan Xiaoya AI speaker, Mango TV milk box, Tencent listen,奇客巴士,Car radish, Elvis, Horizon, Jingdong Th, ThinkPad, Segway, Virtual World, Topstar, Ganlai, Jiye Disinfecting Robot, Zhiqi, ICE Machine, calming fire extinguisher, Higgs Power Wheels have products, motorcycles, worms, only Jii, Cultural Development Press, Tan Carpenter, Poor Travel Network, Qixiu Live, Happy Twist, Gong Runxiang, Oriental IC, and other useful cool play products and fun experience. interactive.

The strategic cooperation media of the new species design exhibition is “Sina Home”, supporting the media as Visual China and IN Beijing.

Interactions in a variety of ways

Jia Wei introduces the overall interactive form of the exhibition area to suit the fun of younger users. It’s not just the vision that the experiential show is mobilized, but the five senses that are immersed in it.

There will be a five-day theme release day during the exhibition. The site will invite industry executives to explore the connotation and extension of the new species concept, from the release of new species to the new IoT, new consumption scenarios, and even Ali. The Yuntianchi Platform Competition and numerous “new species products” were released. Let the audience witness the design of how to integrate new technology into the daily life and construct a new life picture.

The new species exhibition will also push the designer into the spotlight, setting up a designer IP exhibition to present the designer’s slash youth and multi-capacity.

There is a dedicated area in the space where the guest is in the space, and the creative language of the new language is carried out with text as the material on the brain hole market, with the style of “runaway style”. Instrumentalization, used for design creativity, to bring the distance between the public and art closer and break the frame of thinking. During the Design Week Expo, Lok Technology will also launch online “Beijing Network International Design Week” to synchronize reality with virtual.

2017 Lokers create space to stop the foot

“New species concept

“New species concept in 2017 In the year, the identification of new species includes five dimensions of physics, materials, products, imagination, and language. It is the same as the new species. The five dimensions are:

New Physics: New Organizational Structure or Linkage

New Materials: New Technologies and New Business Models

New Products: Unexpected Categories

New Imagination: New Derivatives

New Language: New Speech System and Narrative Method

The New Species Design Exhibition under the Rococo Innovation Design Group debuted in Beijing International Design Week in 2017, with &ldquo New species, “new imagination,” “new story,” “New Story,” “Four creations of the four major themes, completed the series tour of nine cities across the country in 145 days, and won wide recognition and praise from all walks of life. Wang Ning, deputy mayor of Beijing, Du Feijin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Xu Ke, Director of the Industrial Policy Department Have to & ldquo; new species design exhibition site tour guide.

Rococo · Loker [New Species Design Exhibition]

Time: September 20, 2018 & mdash; September 25, 2018

Location : Beijing · Agricultural Exhibition Hall No. 3 (No. 16 East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

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