Putin: I hope that Egypt will start all cooperation mechanisms with Russia after the election.

Putin: I hope that after the election in Egypt, we can start all cooperation mechanisms with Russia

Data Sheet: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Data map: Egyptian military leader Sethi.

China News Service February 14th According to Russian media reports on the 13th, Russian President Vladimir · Putin said that he hopes that Egypt will start with Russia after the election is over and the new government is formed. All bilateral cooperation mechanisms.

Putin met with Egyptian military leaders, Abdul &middot, Fatah & Middot, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Military Industry; Sethi and Foreign Minister Abdul · Fatah pointed out that Russia and Egypt have many promising large-scale projects in the economic field.

Putin said that he very much hopes that Russia and Egypt will be able to initiate all cooperation mechanisms after the completion of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Egypt and the formation of the government.

Putin said that during the Egyptian government’s visit to Russia and his working contacts with Russian counterparts, he was pleased to have the opportunity to hold talks with them personally to discuss the development of Russia-Egypt relations. Putin pointed out that Russia and Egypt are long-term, traditional and historical partners, and the unconditional goodwill of the two peoples to each other is the basis of such cooperation.

Putin said that Russia is very concerned about the development of the domestic political situation in your country and wishes the Egyptian leaders success on the road to peace and harmony throughout the country.

According to previous reports, after meeting with Sethi, Putin also expressed his support for his presidential election and wished him good luck.

In July last year, Sethi launched a coup, overthrowing the government led by Mursi, and then Sethi announced the suspension of the constitution and announced the organization of the transitional government.

The Kuwaiti Political News reported on February 5 that General Sethi had indicated that he would run for the Egyptian president. However, the report was denied by the Egyptian military spokesman.

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