Pudong furniture and home double exhibition, with the design of the explosion of the magic capital in September

There are less than two In the month, the most important exhibition of the home industry golden autumn will be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center and Expo Exhibition Hall. In September 2018, this 25-year-old China International Furniture Fair will continue to join hands with the young and energetic Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show, using furniture in series, furniture, materials, soft furnishings, art, color, and Shanghai Home Design Week. The ties link the city art and culture of the entire magic city to showcase the Chinese design charm to the world.

4 days, two pavilions, 350,000 square meters, 3,500 exhibitors, 220 international Brand, 129 design brands, more than 50 design big coffee… This string of numbers all indicates that this year’s Pudong furniture and home double exhibition, whether it is exhibition area, exhibitor quality or on-site activities, will once again surpass the former wonderful, let people Feel the majestic and refined posture of the sea.

Design Gallery re-expanding, China’s original exhibitions and kicks

The Shanghai Furniture Fair in Pudong has become the first choice for buyers at home and abroad every year, and has been well received every year. The party strictly controls the quality of exhibitors. This year, a total of 2,175 high-quality domestic and foreign furniture brands participated in the New International, of which 1,342 modern residential furniture brands and 129 light design brands are surprisingly anticipated.

The first thing to do is to re-expand the design museum! In 2018, Shanghai Furniture Fair will form a new pattern of three design galleries E5, E6 and E7, bringing more high-quality design brands to the audience. Focus on the E5 Pavilion: Eliminate unqualified brands and introduce a number of new original design brands.

As the E5 of the modern design museum, there are 46 brands in the whole building, 14 of which are the first debut brands, up to 30%. . As the brand design hall, E6 and E7 also improved the screening criteria for good products. There are 83 brands, 14 of which are new. Stellar Works, the first global design brand from Asia, will carry the Liang Jinghua DESIGN series products, Hoting and letter, mirror, Kaisal, etc., as well as the popular furniture brands such as Mumei and Lacasa. This is a sign that Shanghai Furniture Fair is in the hearts of many furniture brands.

last year’s highly acclaimed U+ furniture, Qumei home, Aibo furniture, DOMO Life, XUE, shell home, Dickson furniture, etc. will also come as scheduled, of course, there will be HC28, Ruichi, Yazhen, The strength of big brands such as model and TRECA is on the scene, bringing wonderful furniture to the audience.

International big-name moves, heavyweight brands come again

said that the Pudong Home Show in September is a feast of international furniture, which is high qualityThe amount of international furniture brands is undoubtedly a significant presence.

This year’s Shanghai Furniture Fair will feature 220 brands from 24 countries, including 6 national pavilions: Italy Veneto Region, France, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia. At the same time, there will be 14 new brands to join, including NORDIC from Norway, QUADRATO from Germany, DECOART Dubai from Dubai, Commune from Singapore, etc., as well as the return of the famous North American home brand Ashley, which extends to the Middle East and South America. It is a show that takes you through the world of furniture.

Shanghai Furniture Fair not only displays the world’s top luxury home luxury goods, but also makes the audience hit the latest fashion and trend lifestyle of the international home furnishing industry. It is also the platform of choice for overseas brands to seek cooperation and development in China.

Color·China Home, a 5D color tasting tour

September 13, 2017, “Color·China Home” project in the 23rd China International Furniture The official launch of the exhibition indicates that “color” will become a new driving force for the development of China’s home furnishing industry in the future, opening up a broader product market prospect. In 2018, “Color·China Home” will officially set sail, bringing a beautiful landscape to the future of Chinese home.

Shanghai Bohua Founder and Chairman Wang Mingliang

The organizer will introduce the concept of “color decoding” through three “one” (one exhibition, one Field forum, a report) to demonstrate the application of color in the home industry and the future direction.

Director, Color Institute, China Academy of Art Professor Song Jianming

In the exhibition, Mr. Lu Tao and Ms. Yin Yin will be invited as curators, and Professor Song Jianming, the director of the Color Institute of China Academy of Art, will be the chief planner. The entire exhibition takes place in the E8B-D60 exhibition area and will give the audience an immersive color experience.

This exhibition consists of 8 indoor color scenes and The composition of several color interactive experiences will show the fashion color of China’s home furnishing industry in the next 3 to 5 years. Through the matching and adjustment of furniture, home and color matching, the audience will feel the depth of these 8 color spaces. The two color combinations form a four-color theme – bloom, grow, return, mature, and indicate a cycle of life.

Ms. Zhong Xiaohong hosted

These color interactive experiences that string them together are definitely the icing on the cake! These 4 designs The devices are life and color, nature and color, materials and colors, and cities and colors. Through different forms of expression, let us multiply the color, or visual, intuition and even taste, truly make this exhibition a 5D color tasting tour! At the same time, as an embellishment of the exhibition, E1~E7 and E8B There will also be 8 color boxes in the gallery to let the audience visually feel the color charm.

Lu Tao speaks

an eye-catching color forum, invited Professor Song Jianming from the China Academy of Art and director of the American Color Marketing Group, Monika Haag, chief designer of the German Reynolds Group, Monica · Ms. Hag, two heavyweights in the color world.

Home Plus & COC is a two-pronged approach to creating a modern rookie field

This year will usher in the third modern Shanghai fashion home show, there will be further expansion in the area: the first opening of the Expo Exhibition Hall 4 whole halls, with an area of ​​70,000 square meters! At the same time, the overall brand level of the modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show is further enhanced.

It is expected that this year the organizers will spend a lot of time to enhance the overall image and atmosphere of the modern exhibition. Wu Bin was invited as the main curator of the exhibition. Chinese famous sculptor Yan Guangci and Taiwan’s leading florist Ling Zongyong brought art installations and flower corridors to the exhibition, as well as Chinese contemporary coffee photographer and visual artist Chen Manwei. The exhibition produced a group of promotional posters, and the great channel will produce a modern publicity blockbuster at the film quality level, which will be used for the whole network promotion before the show! This lifestyle-themed design event will change the low-key attitude and give high-profile feedback to exhibitors and visitors a year.

and the home show in the exclusive exhibition area of ​​the modern exhibition is also about to celebrate its fifth anniversary, this year’s The theme is “Non INFINITY”, which means “Nan Wanwu is invisible and immersed in the present”. Use the “tangible, bounded, mixed” scene to shape the world of “invisible, unbounded, and full of possibilities”! Curators Wu Bin, Zeng Jianlong, and Shen Lei, Yan Xi, Chen Lin, Meng Ye, Zhong Song, Zhu Zheqin, Zhao Qing, Ye Weiting, Chen Youjian, Liu Yuyang, 10 cross-border big coffee will bring you a set Music, photography, life, color and many other cross-border elements in one space show!

In addition to Home Plus, Modern will also launch a new special exhibition “COC”. After the 2008 world financial crisis, the furniture exhibition transformed from export-oriented, high-end domestic sales to original design, and successfully created the first Chinese original designer exhibition trade fair platform DOD. The design museum is also more popular year after year, from 2008. Up to now, 2018, 10 years later, China International Furniture Fair has reached a new point of time, and COC came into being. COC——Create of Creators, meaning “creator creation”, co-sponsored by Wang Mingliang, founder of China International Furniture Fair, and Zhou Wei, founder and creative director of Frank Chou Design Studio, invited Malaysian Chinese designer 腓力圃. Co-planning, a total of 25 creators from design-related fields are expected to participate. This exhibition platform with integrated creative people will be presented at the modern exhibition site this year, and we will sell it for the time being. Please look forward to our follow-up for everyone.

External exhibition kicks off, Design Week opens the city design tour

China’s creative industry, China’s designer community, never lacks creativity, no defects, no design What is missing is the master’s creativity and design. This year’s Pudong Home Solo Exhibition has attracted top creative coffee from home, design, color, life, art, music, photography and other fields from “cross-border” to “unbounded”.

is already the 7th year of Shanghai Home Design Week. After years of transformation, the external exhibition will be officially launched this year. The peripheral exhibition will be extended to the end of the 16th, making up for the lack of weekends in the main exhibition area. This year, I invited the famous sculptor Yu Hongquan to carry out the image design, and formed a multi-faceted linkage with Shanghai Furniture Fair and Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show, so that everyone can see the exhibition and enter the hinterland of the city. Understanding the design culture.

The main venue of the design week will be the modern Shanghai home furnishing exhibition. The joint fulcrum PIVOT ART will also launch the first “composite business exhibition” with the theme of water, nature and art, and introduce new business forms; Wending Life and FOR Heaven Space, held a series of activities such as “Wen Ding Lecture Hall” and “Illustration Festival”. Together, in September, the Magic Capital will design fission and convey the relationship between people and design. Not only that, but also the addition of 100+ design brands and lifestyle concept stores, making it truly a city-level design event. On September 13-14, there will be a number of design buses from the modern scene to all corners of the city to create a design tour of N-shows, shopping, and fun, making the whole city of Shanghai in September crazy!

New materials and new technologies, pioneering the industry to lead the new highlands

High-end exhibition showcases China Furniture High-end Manufacturing Exhibition ( FMC 2018) will continue to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in the same period as the 24th China International Furniture Fair. The high-end manufacturing exhibition is dedicated to creating a large-scale procurement platform for the whole industry, facing more than 3,500 furniture at China International Furniture Fair. Manufacturers, to achieve seamless connection between upstream and downstream industries, to create a professional trade platform in the industry upstream and downstream.

There will be four national pavilions in September this year: the French Wood and Wood Products Export Association, the American Hardwood Export Council, the US needle The Leafwood Association, the Korea Furniture Industry Association and the Swedish Wood Industry have joined hands to showcase FMC and FMP. There are also exhibitors from Canada and Malaysia to participate in the exhibition. It is an international lineup and is expected to have more than 60 International brand.

At the same time, there are many new faces Join: Weiyang Stone, which focuses on marble countertops, Korea’s famous color company FORESCO CO., LTD, etc., which has been exhibiting at INTERZUM in Germany, etc. This year, we also selected the quality of the lift table company and promoted electric power. Pusher industry standard progress.

In addition, this year, the organizers will focus on creating high-end furniture semi-finished products to further enrich the furniture industry chain map. Of course, furniture sheet, furniture and leather, soft furniture materials and components, Surface decoration, furniture coatings/adhesives and chemicals are designed to provide sophisticated equipment and materials for furniture production, decoration, and engineering applications.

Improve audience service, 360° to create a beautiful viewing experience

350,000 square meters of exhibition space, 4 days, is not an easy task for any audience .

The organizers provided various services for the audience: from the moment the audience decided to come to Shanghai Pudong to see the exhibition on September 11-14, in order to provide a better viewing experience for the audience: Shanghai Furniture Exhibition and The online pre-registration of the Modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show was opened as early as March, and services such as visa services, exhibition guides, and Spreadtrum EDM customization services came one after another. During the exhibition, all kinds of shuttle buses were covered, allowing the audience to enjoy the excellent service of Shanghai Furniture Fair since they set foot on the land of Shanghai. For the audience who watched the exhibition all the year round, we also launched overseas black card, domestic frequent flyer card, VIP and other services. We opened an exclusive channel, VIP lounge and even customized gifts. Of course, free charging, furniture online service desk, mobile translator, free internet area, exhibitor inquiry machine, WeChat ticket purchase and other routine services need not be mentioned.

In addition to the services provided in previous years, this year our new pre-registration system is upgraded, allowing viewers to quickly preview in the next few years. Registration has been optimized. Once registered, you can use this account permanently, and you can do a pre-registration once a year. In the audience’s progress visitor’s visit card, we also made a new upgrade: the introduction of new equipment, relying entirely on the machine for face recognition, let your face become your visitor’s card, and always enter and exit the exhibition hall! At the same time, Shanghai Furniture Fair also launched the home decoration life app, which brings the distance between the exhibitor and the audience. A text message can be reserved to meet the project leader of the favorite brand. The transaction volume is not a dream! Of course, the function of the APP is not only on the “dating”, but also communicates with exhibitors from time to time, and long-term trading and trading will become possible. Even big coffee designers can screen to screen!

Of course, Shanghai Furniture Fair will also interact closely with the modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show this year. The popular shuttle bus last year will also be upgraded this year. After 5 minutes, it will be ready to go, and it will be shuttled between the two exhibitions in minutes. If the exhibition is not enough, the “Design Journey” launched by Shanghai Home Design Week will solve the problem of the destination after the end of the exhibition and take you to experience the new landmark of Shanghai.

<span style="font-family: Microsoft Yahei, " microsoft="" yahei";"= "In short, these two exhibitions in Pudong this autumn will surely welcome the audience from all over the world with a newer and higher level of industry. Waiting for the industry to unveil this home feast on September 11-14. veil!


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