Product packaging reform: Xia Ke talks about the famous hot pot bottom material explosion

Recently, there is such a red cake in Sichuan. The shape of the hot pot bottom material, a few spices scattered around it, it is hard to imagine that this is a delicious cake, and the strong visual experience also makes many Consumers have a soft spot for this cake. For a time, the hot pot bottom cake has also become a net red blast in the young consumer group.

A closer look at this cake, in addition to giving it a unique shape packaging for the hot pot bottom, we can easily find In terms of styling, it is no longer based on the traditional base image, but the use of elements such as peppers on the shape of the product to attract consumers to promote purchase. This is exactly the same pattern that was used in the reform of the famous hot pot bottom product that was created by the founder of the owner of the master of the Gu Ge Dynasty.

Before 2015, the hot pot bottom material industry was mixed, and the extremely uniform opaque packaging on the market made it impossible for consumers. I feel the true flavor of the ingredients, and Yangming Food sees the chaos of the industry, does not have high quality, and naturally cannot meet the advent of a new era of consumption upgrading. Therefore, Yangming Food decided to make an iterative product that broke the label inherent in the hot pot bottom material on the market. Together with the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke, the real material used for the consumer appeal completely subverted the traditional hot pot bottom material market. .

Insight into consumer appeal, breaking the tradition & quot; the right medicine

Reviewing the famous hot pot bottom The reform process of materials, the two major problems to be solved at the time of famous foods are: “The functional problem of consumers eating hot pot, the habit of eating hot pot is about 1 hour, the past two hundred grams of material is difficult to meet Consumers dine in time, so they are often not popular in the family; the way of product presentation, the traditional bottom packaging, the outer packaging reflects the edible nature of the product by means of pictures, but it is not intuitive enough for consumers.

In order to solve these two core problems, Xia Ke led the team to investigate the consumer purchasing psychology and discover the public. It is more hopeful that the product can be obtained, which is more appetizing and more likely to trigger purchase.

“ Therefore, in the production process of the famous hot pot bottom material, we propose the first time on the pure butter block, through the process transformation plus the embellishment of pepper and pepper, so that consumers can see the product. In essence, the scene of the hot pot restaurant was restored, and the weight of the single product was increased, which made the taste more long-lasting. At the same time, the added pepper and pepper also played a certain auxiliary function to the weakened taste during the cooking process, keeping the fragrance of the primer lasting. .

The cultivation of consumption habits is the result of consumer resonance

After the transformation of process and user experience, the famous hot pot bottom material has become a brand new product, which has quickly opened up and traditional The difference in the bottom material, consumers more intuitively feel the changes in the product, the entire hot pot bottom material market has also undergone tremendous changes, have been transformed into the manual bottom material market.

& ldquo; After the market capacity is re-driven, with the convergence of the entire market opportunity, the user’s consumption inertia is formed. Through the mass communication, we must let consumers develop the consumption habits of the products. The reason why products like the famous hot pot bottom material can quickly become explosive is to find out the resonance of consumers, the resonance of product taste, the resonance of vision and the resonance of user experience.

The appearance of the famous hot pot bottom material makes the bottom material more enjoyable and connotative. More in line with people’s needs, the new packaging reform has enabled it to gain a strong market competitiveness, opening a new era of hot pot bottom material. The successful creation of the explosive products allowed Yangming Food to promote the hot pot culture, and also promoted the famous hot pot bottom material to the whole country, so that more people can eat the authentic Sichuan hot pot and understand the distinctive Sichuan culture. !

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