Pilot environmental protection “Made in China” goes abroad. Fenghua fog guns shine on the world stage

As more and more Chinese companies begin to move into the world market, the words “Made in China” have been given new meaning. As of this year, “Made in China has caused a lot of waves in the world market.” Made in China is no longer just a simple definition of origin, but also a manifestation of national capabilities.

China High Speed ​​Rail, China Mobile, China Auto, China UAV…numerous<; China’s manufacturing has been at the forefront of the world and has become a very voice in the world market. Today, China’s environmental protection equipment has also opened up a new journey. As a green environmental protection equipment, the Fenghua fog gun has begun to be on the world stage. Brilliant and brilliant, wrote a chapter about the new legend of China’s environmental spray industry.

As a main equipment for dust removal and dust reduction, fog guns can be said to have a wide range of applications, open pit mining, Material yards, steel mills, urban house demolition sites, port terminals and other places can be described as fog gun gathering places, the high rate of appearance, so that ordinary people can easily call out the name of this device.

Of course, all construction sites in China need such equipment, and various construction sites in other countries of the world are also So, a few years ago, none of the fog guns that could appear on the construction sites of other countries belonged to China, which is enough to show that the status of China’s environmental protection equipment in the world is very low.

In order to enable China’s environmental protection equipment to stop at home, Guangdong Fenghua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has turned its target position to the world. After comprehensive transformation and upgrading, it focuses on R&D and production of environmentally friendly spray dust and dust reduction equipment. It has become a domestic manufacturer of special equipment for environmental pollution prevention and control, and there are only a handful of environmentally-friendly companies that can achieve such recognition.

as the drafting unit of the national standard for spray dust reduction, and the first listed company in the environmental spray industry In 24 years, Fenghua Environmental Protection has owned 68 national patent products, and its environmentally-friendly spray dust removal and dust reduction equipment has become the first choice for national air pollution control projects. In particular, the new type of fog guns independently developed and manufactured by the company are stationed at construction sites all over the country, and such a good reputation is not confined to the domestic market, and soon spread to countries around the world.

Fenghua Fog Cannon has begun to serve 18 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates. Fenghua Environmental Protection will “small green whirlwind made in China scraped into construction sites around the world, and the people of the world have witnessed it. The legend of Fenghua Environmental Protection exists.

On the way forward, there is no smooth sailing. Even the leading companies in the environmental protection industry such as Fenghua Environmental Protection will encounter such problems in the process of development. However, this has not prevented Fenghua Environmental Protection from moving forward. In the footsteps, the innovation of environmentally friendly spray dust removal equipment has never stopped. When the intelligent and digital production process has gradually become the environmental protection spray dust removal and dust reduction equipment, Fenghua Environmental Protection has already been at the forefront of the market, and this is Fenghua Environmental Protection is the key to stepping into the world market.

“Made in China is printing high-quality, high-quality, innovative keywords on the nameplate, and companies like Fenghua Environmental are also showing their own better on the world stage through their own efforts, thus dancing themselves. Dance steps. Pilot environmental protection & ldquo; Made in China, Fenghua Environmental will never stop!

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