Philips extended iOS control tone lighting

I stopped at my local Apple store this week and picked up the second hue starter pack. The retail staff told me that two new color products just came out, Bloom and LightStrips, part of the new friend color line. He likes me to see if they have any stock room? you bet.

Hue is an iOS-controlled LED bulb, which is amazing. The above starter pack (Suggested Retail Price $199) includes 3 LED bulbs and a wireless bridge that allows you to control the light bulb from your iPhone or iPad via the Hue Free app (App Store). The hue can be set to a rainbow of light bulbs (including all white tones) in any color, they pack 600 lumens of brightness and use 80% less power than conventional bulbs. Although the price is not cheap (well, this is expensive) no one said that the early adoption was cheap.

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