Pakistani military killed 38 armed terrorists

The Pakistani military said on the 23rd that the military launched an airstrike in the Khyber district of northern Brazil that day, killing 38 armed terrorists.

The military issued a statement saying that the military launched a number of air strikes in the Tyrach Valley in the Khyber district near the border with Pakistan, destroying the hiding places of six armed groups and killing 38. An armed terrorist.

According to local media reports, the air strikes also destroyed a bomb manufacturing plant, in which a large number of explosives were detonated and turned into ashes.

The Pakistani Taliban branch claimed on the 16th that it killed 23 Pakistani security personnel in the Mohmand district to retaliate against Bata members who were killed in prison. The Pakistani government cancelled the dialogue scheduled to be held in Bata on the same day. The Pakistani government negotiating committee said on the 18th that the killing of 23 security personnel by the Bata branch has completely changed the current situation. Unless Bata complies with the peace promise and stops the attack, the government negotiating committee will not be able to advance the peace talks process. (Reporter Wang Yu)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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