Various giants are entering the field of home improvement, and the new direction of Internet home improvement is opening.

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Various giants enter the home improvement field The news is frequent, how much cake can be divided in the market that is seen by the capital? The Internet home decoration has experienced a period of rapid development, and the way the giants marched is no longer limited to the simple combination of the Internet and home improvement. Instead, it introduces home improvement into a new era.

With the end of the Internet dividend, people’s attention to Internet home improvement began to decrease, and some people even began to completely identify with Internet home improvement. Perhaps because of this, we will judge the Internet home improvement as a marketing tool more correctly. Indeed, compared to the inherent pain points and problems in the transformation of the home improvement industry, Internet home improvement plays a greater role in obtaining user traffic.

When the Internet era ended, Internet home improvement was to stick to its original position, or to continue to change may be a problem that plagued the entire industry. We have seen many fans of Internet home furnishings begin a new path of exploring the re-development of home improvement. They are trying to solve the pain points and problems that Internet technology can’t solve by using new methods and means to realize the new development of the home improvement industry. Break the current development dilemma.

With the Internet era, it is just a simple addition of “Internet” and “home improvement”. After the Internet era, the home improvement industry is more concerned about how the combination of new technology and home improvement industry can change the pain and problems of home improvement. . From this logic, if the Internet technology is empowered from outside the home improvement industry, then the post-Internet era is more representative of the deep empowerment of the home improvement industry through internal integration.

The lack of external empowerment has determined that Internet home improvement is bound to be in trouble, and the deep diversity of internal empowerment determines the radical changes in the home improvement industry in the post-Internet era. Many people think that the evolution of the home improvement industry in the post-Internet era is only based on the thinking of the Internet. They think that the home decoration in the post-Internet era will be linked with more new technologies, thus changing the design, construction, supply chain, etc. of the home improvement industry. A lot of links.

However, this kind of simple and additive thinking about the evolution of the home improvement industry in the post-Internet era can only bring a lot of concepts to the development of the home improvement industry, but it cannot bring the home improvement industry. Any change. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the internal changes in the home improvement industry when we think about and treat the post-Internet era. We should not just focus on the concept of innovation.

The Internet dividend is coming, where is the future home improvement going?

More and more signs are beginning to show that the Internet era, represented by traffic and platforms, is on the decline. New business models and new technologies are on the horizon.

The Internet home improvement that emerged from the wave of the mobile Internet era has also begun to encounter difficulties. The so-called innovation of the concept cannot fundamentally solve the fundamental pain points and problems of the home improvement industry. Only the new technology will be The specific process and links of the home improvement industry will be deeply integrated, and the original skeleton of the home improvement industry will be changed to bring new changes to the home improvement industry.

When the Internet era ended, it is very timely to think about the future development of the home improvement industry. At this stage, the home improvement industry needs the blessing of new technologies, the innovation of new models, and the guidance of new concepts. Only in this way can the development of Internet home improvement find a new direction of development, not just the continuation of Internet thinking, but the essence has not changed any home decoration. The pain points and problems of the industry. Looking at the development of the current home improvement industry, it is mainly divided into the following aspects.

From the construction of the platform to the landing, the home improvement industry in the Internet era began to pay attention to construction. The Internet home improvement era has painted a beautiful blueprint for many home improvement industries, but it is rare to actually put these blueprints into the actual construction process. This is why Internet home improvement has been criticized for changing medicines.

The root cause of this phenomenon is that people in the Internet home improvement era only pay attention to the supply of traffic, and the control of the construction port is relatively weak. The direct result of the result is that many concepts appear when they land. The problem.

When the Internet dividend comes to a close, people can’t just pay for traffic, but pay more attention to landing. Therefore, in this era, who cares about the home improvement industry, who can capture the hearts of users, who can continue to use the user’s word of mouth, project models and other more practical things when the flow becomes scarce, continue to gain user attention. .

From this perspective, another major development direction of the home improvement industry in the post-Internet era is the specific construction of home improvement. Who can master the construction of the home improvement industry, who can be the king in this era, even when the user traffic seems to be exhausted, these incomers can continue to get traffic, and can continue to make profits, for most people The cold winter of the story is just a concept for them. Reality does not exist.

Online-based marketing is gradually being replaced by online and offline marketing. The advent of the Internet era has led to a drawback. The drawback is that almost all marketing methods and traffic in the home improvement industry are concentrated online. This is actually another extreme. Because in the traditional era, all of our marketing methods are concentrated in the offline, sweeping the floor, home improvement exhibitions, group purchases and many other offline channels are the only channels for the home improvement industry to obtain users. This is the extreme of getting users in the home improvement industry.

When the Internet era ended, the home improvement industry relied solely on online marketing to get the flow.The amount of way begins to lose function and function. For some marketing activities on the Internet, users began to generate “immunization.” One result is that many large Internet home improvement platforms have a lot of traffic, but these traffic is dead, with no vitality and vitality. This is actually explaining that the online-based marketing method is losing its original magical effect. The traditional Internet home improvement giants must find new ways to truly activate these users.

The advent of the new retail era has provided us with a direction to think about new ways of development. In particular, the concept of online and offline integration of new retails has found a way to break through the traditional era of offline-based, online-based marketing.

Circumventing the shortcomings between each other through the unique advantages of online and offline, so as to better stimulate the user’s upgrade and vitality, achieve better transformation, and finally break the current development dilemma and achieve The new development of the home improvement industry in the new retail era finally led the home improvement industry to enter the era of new home decoration from the era of Internet home improvement.

The elements, composition, processes, and links of traditional home improvement will undergo subversive changes. Although Internet home improvement has repeatedly emphasized that it is different from traditional home improvement, it still cannot be denied that it is simply a simple addition of the Internet and home decoration elements. For home improvement itself, Internet technology has not changed, just Changed the channel for users to connect with home improvement products.

This reality determines that after the user is accustomed to the online docking method, if we still deliver the product to the user in this way, the user will be immune, and it will be difficult to raise interest. Therefore, after the wave of the Internet retreated, especially when the business model of Internet+ gradually lost its effectiveness, the business model based on power transmission began to encounter difficulties, and the home improvement industry needed new and more powerful changes to truly solve users. Pain points, prompting users to pay.

From this logical point of view, more and more is being mentioned by changing the internal structure of traditional home improvement. From this, we can conclude that the internal elements, processes, links, and composition of the home improvement industry will undergo fundamental changes, so that home improvement is no longer just a change in words, but a real pain point. Completely solved with new products.

For example, in the future, the construction of the home improvement industry will no longer be just a part of the participation, but the emergence of intelligent robots; for example, the traditional home improvement industry’s one-on-one process and links, now in big data In the background, full integration will begin; for example, the process and links in the traditional home improvement industry can be further shortened, thereby further improving the efficiency of the home improvement industry.

The end of the Internet dividend, especially the gradual decline of the marketing role of the Internet as the main business model, the decline of Internet home improvement has become inevitable. As we have seen, the future of home decoration will no longer be the rigid, traditional and obsolete in our impressions, but more of a new change. Therefore, the re-evolution of home improvement, which is mainly represented by new technologies, new models and new concepts, will become the mainstream.

Using Ali, Tencent, and Jingdong as examples, several possibilities for future Internet home improvement

As a pioneer, we can always find new development possibilities from the Internet giants. This opens up a new development. This is the case in the traditional era, the Internet era, and the same in the upcoming new retail era. Through the development of Ali, Tencent, and Jingdong, we can find out the possibility of future Internet home improvement.

The first possibility: technology empowerment will be deeper, and first-line home improvement companies will be deeply changed. As mentioned above, the trend of the future development of the home improvement industry has begun to become obvious, and the grasp of the trend is only based on the concept can not be achieved, the future must be more in-depth empowerment, in order to make the first-line home improvement industry to undergo profound changes, thus Bringing a further increase in the efficiency of the home improvement industry.

At the moment, Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, and are beginning to make relevant arrangements for technology empowerment. It is certain that the next decade of development is the era of the industrial Internet, and we can conclude Yes, a development possibility of Internet home improvement is to use the means of technology empowerment to profoundly change the operational logic of the home improvement industry. By empowering the front-line home improvement industry, it will completely change their traditional and obsolete image and truly transform the home improvement industry. The development has brought it to a whole new stage.

With the gradual deepening of technology empowerment, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence that seem to have nothing to do with the home improvement industry will be linked to home improvement, transforming traditional home improvement models and delivering new ones. Home improvement energy, subverting the traditional home improvement process, thus achieving a more profound change in the home improvement industry. It is foreseeable that the future home decoration will bid farewell to the era of manual-oriented, and enter an era of AI, big data, and cloud computing.

The second possibility: the home improvement industry may no longer exist, but evolve into a part of people’s lifestyle. With the advent of the era of hardcover delivery, the home improvement industry has begun to be more closely linked to the real estate industry, and the possibility of home improvement as an independent industry is gradually weakening.

In the future, with the gradual disappearance of home improvement as an independent property of decoration, the future home decoration may become a major function to satisfy people’s new lifestyle, and no longer exist as an independent industry. Logically, the future home improvement industry will evolve into a part of people’s lifestyles.

In addition, through the development of Ali, Tencent and, we are also beginning to see that the future technology will no longer be an independent existence. It is more to meet people’s needs and become people’s daily life. Part of the lifestyle, not an independentExistence outside of people’s lives.

As the decoration function of the home improvement industry is gradually weakening, its main functions are beginning to be more reflected in the specific needs of people’s lifestyles, thus opening up a new era of industry function expansion, home improvement life. The transformation of home and home decoration will become the main development trend in the future.

The third possibility: the home-based home improvement industry system will be replaced by the ABC-based home improvement industry system. Whether in the traditional era or in the Internet age, the main body of the home improvement industry is people-oriented. One result of this system is that people determine the efficiency and quality of the home improvement industry, which is very important for the home improvement industry. aspect. However, due to the uncontrollability of people, the efficiency and quality of the home improvement industry often cause many problems.

With the layout of new technologies represented by Ali, Tencent, and JD, for artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the theme of the future home improvement industry will change from people to these new ones. technology.

A here refers to artificial intelligence, where B refers to big data, and C here refers to cloud computing. From the transformation of people to the main body of ABC is not to say that the role of people will be weakened, but that people will carry out higher-level work, by controlling ABC to achieve more precise control of the home improvement industry, thereby further enhancing Home improvement industry efficiency.

As a leader, the development of Internet giants can always find new directions for us, and now it is the same. When the Internet giants represented by Ali, Tencent and JD. began to deploy new retail, new technologies and new models, the home improvement industry will also start new changes. These changes are more thorough, deeper, or subversive than the Internet era. Our original knowledge of the home improvement industry has opened up a new era of home improvement industry development.

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Rococo Loker uses “new design” to interpret “design + technology” to serve people

From September 21st to September 25th, Rococo &middot co-sponsored by LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and LKKER shared design platform; Luo Ke 2018 New Species Design Exhibition was once again upgraded to Beijing International Design Week On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it brought a new species tour to the people of the capital.

Rococo · Los Angeles 2018 New Species Design Exhibition is extremely popular

From the world Around 70,000 design enthusiasts at the new species design exhibition are in close contact with the new species products. From simple understanding to deep interaction, Rococo makes it “more interesting to find new species”. In the 3,000-square-meter venue, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 60+ exhibits appeared in the new species design exhibition, and 35+ new species creators and the audience attended the journey of exploration.

All kinds of robots are all over the new species design exhibition

It can be said that the robot is the product that best meets the definition of “new species”, and this new species design exhibition site is full of various types of robots. Figure. At the entrance, the welcoming Topstar six-axis manipulator adopts a double-arm symmetrical structure, IP65 protection grade body, and the 456-axis is driven by an ultra-thin air reducer. The overall size is small and can enter small space. The compact structure and high-rigidity gravity-cast aluminum alloy reduce the weight of the front end by 20%, enabling the robot load to reach 10k and running quickly and accurately.

Before going in the future, before you have a new cute pet Segway, the road sprouting robot, hundreds of balanced patented technology, to ensure safer riding. Lu Meng can record smoothly during the follow-up process, recording the unique moments in life with a unique perspective. At the same time, the open source creative programming environment allows users to create their own robots and develop innovative and practical applications.

The most popular ice cream machine in the field is the world’s first intelligent ice cream self-service terminal brand. It has the same level of automation as the world standard. The software and hardware are managed through the cloud. Self-help. Based on the overall platform operation mode of the front-end and the end of the Internet of Things architecture, it brings a new trend to the consumption of ice cream in the new retail sector in China.

Part of the new species design exhibition site robot

from the design of the Rococo design team With the robot 1S, really understand the child’s need for “companion.” In design, it has an elliptical body, like a broken elf, with both sides “small wings and overhead head in a portable design”, tentacles, become a child of 2-10 years old and love Small partner.

In addition, there are also Kyrgyzstan disinfection robots that use biotechnology to protect people’s safety during industrial production; “four-eyed superhuman service robots and musical talents” with four eyes Qinmo is from Higgs Power Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the technology, products and services of commercial service robots. It is the first programming education enlightenment toy for children, and hopes to use a lower threshold for lightweight education. Products help more children open the door to creation, meet challenges, and lead the future.

Using “design + technology to empower new species”

As the main exhibition of “Design + Technology”, the new species design exhibition site is highly concerned with various technology products. . For example, Rokid Ruoqi, who opened the space capsule into the new species design exhibition, covers smart home robots, smart speakers, augmented reality (VR) glasses, and ⼈工智能应⽤ and services, nuclear &#12092 Technology includes far-field speech recognition and two-syllable activation. Adhering to the concept of technology and temperature, the pursuit of the ultimate craft and the #12132; household experience, let the artificial intelligence products and the new ⼈ machine interaction into the life.

The same highly sleek products have the ultimate ergonomic design, allowing each user to experience the “customized” bright wind platform HiARG100 AR glasses. As an award-winning product of the German Red Dot and iF Top Design Awards, innovative design is one of the highlights of this product.

In the future, the Trouve electric super-running motorcycle, which was exploded and disassembled to show the parts, one of its core functions is “the car networking module, which provides the communication basis for the driverless function. The first in the industry to create a one-stop location service system, the introduction of electric vehicle industry revolution and product upgrades in urban travel “ new species Mavericks electric with new products for display; and get rid of the traditional electric car messy parts and stitching solder joints , to create a futuristic professional travel tool micro single V1.

In terms of automotive systems or accessories, the Horizon Intelligent Driving System, which focuses on driverless technology, provides a high-performance, low-cost, low-power, multi-level visual environment-aware solution; the world’s first to make ‘ Augmented Reality + Voice Control + Advanced Driver Assistance & rsquo; The HUD in-vehicle system of the company has exhibited the second-generation car radish and Xiaomi intelligent voice phone holder designed by the Rococo team; the wheel has a car wireless charging series and calming Fire extinguishers ensure a better experience every time you travel.

&ltquo;Design+Technology foreseeing a better life

As a kitchen“New species Jiuyang & ldquo; 绮石· jade food series products include unspoiled soya-bean milk machine, muteBroken wall machine, 珐琅铁 kettle rice cooker, cooking robot four smart small appliances. Meet the most influential small appliances at the New Species Design Show, meet the kitchen of the future, and meet a desirable lifestyle. Jiuyang Better Life Museum presents new possibilities for future home life.

As a bedroom, the new species of Mousse V6, in terms of function, users can interact with the bedding products intelligently, call a small V, you can intelligently control the living, let the user Deeply feel the tremendous changes that technology has brought to the bedroom space, so that the bedroom is not just a good night’s sleep.

In the smart living space, through the small realization of the “IoT smart living room, Mango TV Internet TV smart hardware milk box, Ciaoyuan 来自 series products from Yunshangshe, AI artificial intelligence technology and Cloud computing and big data are applied to one of the knowledge-based technology 10.00 blockchain mobile phones…..they are one of the new species products that occupy important seats in future life.

In addition, the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Intelligence Big Data Innovation Competition was jointly launched by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and the Alibaba Group. The new species design exhibition was also held at the scene, and the high-value bonus and high-quality project docking opportunities did not attract. Visitors who are less interested in data and technology stop to ask.

New retail products get together and get involved.

The sci-fi bus, which enhances the quality of life with future technology, combines humanistic feelings with the overall store design to create a focus on satisfying customers’ feelings. With the shopping appeals, “Gao Yan value black technology selection store. A large number of technology products, such as Jingdong 叮咚 second generation intelligent speakers, Tencent listening to AI speakers, etc., to meet the zero-distance contact between customers and technology products, to give the best solution to achieve quality of life.

In keeping with the concept of new species, the Moxon X-SPARK agile platform brings a new scene-based interactive experience to consumers and leads new consumption patterns. On-site demonstration of soft-wool wave screen, flexible fashion suit, showing the beauty of flexibility; Xunfei translator in 34 languages ​​on-site translation, accepting challenges from all sides; Hanergy solar school bag, there is electricity in the sun, leading the new climax of solar technology, etc. Technology.

A variety of immersive interactive experiences to play with new species

VR interactive points throughout the exhibition hall, including VR depth experience, VR all-in-one, all departments Hyun screen, new touch table, digital scent 5 major experience projects, content from smart cars to drones, cool and dazzling, let people give you an immersive interactive experience.

The ThinkRider is a real-life line riding and 3D simulation track competition that allows visitors to participate in the experience. The software supports a variety of third-party VR glasses, and the rider can immerse himself in the virtual In the reality of the line, experience the new shock brought by VR technology from the first perspective.

The world’s first Android-based dart machine system, compared to the Windows system, the Kaide Lions darts dart machine is superior in security, network battle, instant messaging, mobile interactivity and other functions. . The system relies on big data technology, and user data between the dart machine, WeChat platform and back-end database can be transmitted in real time.

3 Days of Theme Release Date Immersive Knowledge Acquisition

A three-day theme sharing day starting September 21, featuring keynotes, topic sharing, and new product launches. On the 21st, it focused on “Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum”; on the 22nd, it focused on the application of artificial intelligence, such as smart cockpit, intelligent voice, robot, etc.; on the 23rd, it discussed innovation based on future new retail scenes. The forum has deep sharing of many industry cafés, including heavyweight guests including Wang Yidong, deputy director of the Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee Office, professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bomin Wang Min, LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group President Li Yichao, LKK Rococo Innovation Design Chairman of the group, Jiake, the founder of LKKER shared design platform.

Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, LKKER, the founder of shared design platform, Jia Wei /p>

Jia Wei, Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER’s shared design platform, mentioned in his speech entitled “Imaginative Design of New Species”: “What is imagination? I think that touching people’s heart is imagination. The industrial age is an employment era, and in the post-industrial era, I firmly believe that it will be a platformized era, and people can work like nomads before the agricultural society.

LKK Rococo Innovative Design Group Managing Partner Miao Wei said in the theme “Running in the Super Experience of the IoT Era”: “Domestic from the beginning of the Internet, to the later mobile Internet , to the Internet of Things, and then to all things connected today. The knowledge we are exposed to is iterative every day, and we need to constantly update ourselves every day. In the Internet era, everything connected to everyone on the PC. When we went to the mobile Internet, we saw teams that once had a huge advantage on the PC. If they didn’t lay out in advance when the mobile Internet arrived, they would basically die. Very miserable.

For more topics to share the day, please follow Rococo’s follow-up tweets on the WeChat public account.

Rococo · Luoke 2018 new species design exhibition has greatly upgraded people’s brain hole structure, more intelligent design concepts, for many future areas have a very high guiding significance, to solve Users pain points, adapt to various segments of the population, more scientific artificial intelligence is not alienated from people, but more interactive experience, this is the real “design + technology services The correct way for people to open!

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“Air Restaurant” glass floor suddenly burst

Yesterday, the sales department of a real estate on the shore of Donghu Lake used a crane to lift the glass room, allowing guests to eat in the air and experience the feeling of ‘sky restaurant’. Who knows, in the process, a glass of guests under the feet burst into a fishing net, and experienced a cry.

Things happened around 12 noon yesterday. The experiencer Mr. Xu told reporters that at the time, he was waiting in line to prepare to experience the feeling of the sky restaurant. But when the glass room is falling, when it is about to land, a bang is heard, and a glass in the glass room bursts into a fishing net.

Fortunately, immediately landed, the experience of this group of people in the ‘air restaurant’ quickly ran down. The staff immediately entered the field and inspected the field equipment.

‘Scared to death, scared to death! ‘When an experiencer ran down, he said happily, ‘Fortunately, nothing. ‘

The staff then dismissed the waiters waiting in line and apologized to them, and the event was temporarily cancelled.

This ‘sky restaurant’ consists of a ten square steel frame with glass installed at the bottom of the frame. A crane lifts it to a height of 20 meters, and passengers can dine in the air while overlooking the East Lake.

The organizer of the event, the director of the sales department gave the statement that the experiencer just sat up when the glass burst occurred and has not yet risen. At that time, in order to grab a good position, an experiencer fell into a panic and smashed the glass. Although the glass is cracked, the glass has two layers that do not threaten the safety of the experience.

奚 Director introduced that this experience began on the 7th of this month and is free of charge, including meals in the air. They collect the experience by issuing a coupon for the experience before the event begins.

For security risks, the director of the Department of Health believes that they are not the first to engage in such experience activities. Previously, I have been in Yichang in Shanghai, Nanjing and even in the province, and it has been very safe.

Their equipment was rented from a foreign country, and the procedures were complete. The activity was reported to the street.

The concept of the sky restaurant originated in Belgium, and once it was launched, it became a hit. However, how to organize to ensure stimulating and safe has caused a lot of discussion.

‘Air Restaurant’ is about to land, a glass floor burst into a fishing net.

Release date: 2014/12/15 11:52:13

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Consumption upgrade or consumption downgrade? The furniture person is careful not to be fooled.

Image from “

The winter is coming, the days of furniture practitioners seem to be not so good. The industry believes that “the consumer upgrades are also there, and the “selling” people are also everywhere, but these are not important. In fact, always putting the user experience first and continuing to meet the user’s fundamental needs is the most noteworthy thing for furniture companies.

Recall that at the beginning of this year, several commercial media have spoken with big data, pointing out that in 2017 China’s per capita disposable income increased, and national consumer demand emerged from “the public to” “niche, from” Product upgrades to the service;

One time, “upgraded to become the main theme of the consumer market, brands and businesses have tried to increase the added value of goods to meet the growing consumer demand for consumers. The pursuit.

However, in the blink of an eye, the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in the country has reached its lowest level in 15 years.

The July consumption data released on July 14 showed that the total retail sales of consumer goods was only 8.5%, not only far lower than expected, but also the lowest in 15 years since May 2003. In the 2008 financial crisis, 8.8% of the total retail sales growth in July was even lower.

“Consumer downgrading has become a frequently mentioned word, and we are shocked: the Chinese did not have the money to blow the money!

Did we mention it for many years? Consumption upgrades have been a scorpion from the beginning?

Consumption downgrades have forced us to consciously reduce the frequency and price of consumption.

Compared with the previous “to spend tomorrow’s money, today’s dream, now people began to consciously manage their wallets, pay more attention to the status quo and control of the future.”

01 The emergence of consumer downgrade momentum

So where does the consumer downgrade trend come from? There must be a lot of dark horse e-commerce.

According to the data released by Cheetah in December 2017, the company has surpassed Tmall, Suning Tesco, Vipshop, and Jingdong, becoming the e-commerce app with the weekly penetration rate second only to mobile Taobao.

Less than three years after its establishment, the number of registered users has reached 300 million. In the case of the prevalence of consumption upgrades, the fight is mostly based on 9 pieces of 9 slippers, 19 pieces of 9 jeans, 39 pieces of 9 down jackets, etc. Price products have become the third largest e-commerce platform in China!

The same situation has appeared in many similar e-commerce platforms or physical stores, such as Netease strict selection, Beijing-Tokyo, Taobao selection, etc. The network platform is also based on the concept of “high quality and low price”, integrating market resources and launching its own self-operated brand.

The 3,000 famous products that opened in the past three years are also imitating the big store model of MUJI, which has swept the major cities.

Their customers are undoubtedly extremely price sensitive, and the most interesting thing is that there are many young people in first-tier cities.

Is it wrong to judge the modern people who are not sensitive to price before? Otherwise, why the consumer upgrades have been called for so long, and the star companies that ran out are all “slow-down enterprises”.

It’s not just a lot of work. This year, Fuling mustard has released semi-annual report data. In the first half of the year, it achieved operating income of 1.064 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.11%; net profit of 305 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 77.52%. Also in the first half of this year, the overall sales of the instant noodle market increased by 5.9% year-on-year, and sales increased by 10.1% year-on-year.

From the mustard to the instant noodles, these seemingly low-end consumer goods suddenly became popular in the first half of this year, and were widely considered by the masses to be a typical case of consumer downgrade.

02 What are the possible factors that caused the consumption downgrade?

The skyrocketing housing prices and rising rents have become the main culprit in squeezing consumer spending. In order to buy a house, the loan group will naturally reduce expenses in daily necessities. Recently, with the skyrocketing rents in major cities, many people have to tighten their belts to live, which will also curb consumption.

And the house is a rigid expenditure, and its importance is prior to the daily consumption, it will certainly occupy the personal consumption power, so downgrading in daily consumption has become a lot of people’s helpless choice.

It is expected that the continued increase in future spending will also be a major force in combating consumer confidence. Housing, education, medical care, and old-age care are in front of everyone. No one dares to spend a lot of money. Saving money has become a must-have plan for many people. If this atmosphere is widespread in society, it will inevitably Suppress market consumption.

Personal income growth cannot keep pace with spending growth. The slowdown in economic growth in the past year has been very obvious, and the wage increase is not obvious. This is a real feeling for everyone.

At the same time, the role of internal and external factors such as Sino-US trade war, population aging, etc., makes our various expenses essential, and the end result is that consumption has to be downgraded.

03 Very few people’s consumption upgrades and most people’s consumption downgrades

Since consumption is degrading, why are there still calls for consumption upgrades?

Is consumption going to be upgraded or downgraded? If we upgrade, why is our consumption data showing a new low in 15 years? If it is downgraded, why is the stock price of Maotai so high, why Chinese people in overseas luxury stores & ldquoBuying and buying?

At present, China’s wealth is concentrated at an unprecedented rate of 1%, and debts are concentrated at an unprecedented level in the middle of the sandwich layer, eventually forming a strong top, weak in the middle. The structure of the underlying big ".

That 1% of people are upgrading their consumption, and the so-called middle class, under the circumstance of high housing prices and other factors, gradually withdraw from the echelon of consumption, and downgrade their own consumption standards.

The shortage of many high-end consumer goods in China is actually the result of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, rather than the result of the upgrade of middle-class consumption.

Therefore, this is a very small number of people’s consumption upgrades and the vast majority of people’s consumption downgrades, while a few people’s consumption upgrades have brought overall consumption upgrades to the whole people because of their huge purchasing power. The illusion of.

Real estate and other mountains have drained the power of the real economy, distorted the resources in the market, and frozen the mobility of the people. The winter that the furniture companies feel is also coming.

Therefore, talking about consumption upgrading and consumption degradation cannot be separated from stratum and structure. At present, consumption demotion and consumption upgrading occur at the same time. More is just a description of the polarization of wealth, and the essence of consumption degradation is actually It is the performance of the polarization between the rich and the poor.

04 What is the trend of a consumer-depleted “high-indebted middle-class product?”

More and more middle-income people are no longer just In the mid-range market, they tend to move up and down, sometimes close together, that is, they are willing to spend a lot of money on the higher-priced products that they think are worthwhile, and in other basic lifestyles. Consumption is more rational and frugal (lower consumption).

And the combination of these two consumer trends, we have seen what we are seeing now: a “high debt middle class” “lower consumption, but also “optimized consumption”. I am willing to spend money on housing, education, and medical care, but I tend to consume less in physical consumption such as clothing, food, and daily use.

And this part of the initiative “consumer downgraded groups have formed such a new consumption habits: the choice of goods often only to meet the basic functions; for price sensitive, often shop around;

Consumer behavior is more rational, turning a blind eye to any flashy brand of aura; vanity is not strong, compared to brand premiums, prefers the satisfaction of high cost performance.

Therefore, the success of many fights has hit the needs of this group of people. With low customer price and cost-effective business model, a large number of powders are used in a short time.

But as a furniture practitioner, we should not overlook the fact that there is a kind of “Chinese character is very interesting. When a concept has not been really understood, everyone flocks. In the case of complete loss of reason, it has become another way, as if it is too late to think about the essence of the concept (the furniture industry seems to do this often).

Under this feature, “consumer upgrades are gradually being used as a marketing tool. Merchants have increased prices and created perseverance. The energy spent on the products themselves is not much, consumers are more It is paying for the premium that the function is not practical, and this has violated the essence of the consumption upgrade.

Many consumers have been fans of consumer upgrades and have had various illusions about high-quality life. However, in the past few years, the concept of consumption upgrade has been used by many merchants to do business gimmicks, and many people cannot afford to bear the cost of the upgrade.

On the other hand, many products that have raised the price have not brought corresponding benefits to customers, and they have eclipsed consumers’ confidence in products.

Consumers find themselves being “made” and not stupid until they are harvested.

05 and its reliance on “selling the consumption”, consumers are not as good as the cost-effective furniture.

From the outbreak of the fight, it can be seen: Acceptable After all, the high-margin consumer price and high-margin consumer groups are a minority, and the broad masses of the people are still sensitive to prices.

But low consumption does not mean that low prices are omnipotent. Judging from the reality, “cost-effective products are still the first choice for consumers.

If you want to give a practical example of a cost-effective product, Uniqlo should be counted as one.

& ldquo;High quality and low price, this is definitely what consumers want to see, but these two words are contradictory to the company, how does Uniqlo do it?

Historically, Uniqlo has risen in Japan. In the decade of depression, the bubble economy burst and the Japanese with poor economic ability began to save money. Uniqlo became their first choice, Uniqlo’s “high quality and low price, Essentially a consumer downgrade.

The same is true for MUJI MUJI in the same period. By selling “unbranded goods”, it simplifies the packaging of products and reduces the cost of products, so that it has a value for the same period of products. The value of ".

Always put the user experience first and continue to meet the user’s fundamental needs, which is the most noteworthy thing for furniture companies.

Constantly understanding the needs of users and using new ways to meet user needs, furniture companies can truly grasp the turmoil of industry change and truly achieve new development.

Adding new technologies, continuously researching and developing new technologies, enabling new technologies to empower traditional industries, with newTechnology to optimize the operational logic of traditional industries and improve the efficiency of traditional industries, in order to take the lead in future changes.

Therefore, merchants should provide consumers with better and more cost-effective products by optimizing all aspects of production and sales, making them more efficient, or working hard to develop newer technologies. It is by no means simply raising the price and creating a so-called force to fool consumers. Furniture companies should not take the opportunity to lay out in advance in terms of price/performance ratio.

Now, do you understand why it was called “winter” in 2018 by the furniture people? The bad news is that this winter may last for a while, as for how long it lasts, who said Not allowed.

Oh, yes, the price of oil has risen recently. Does this prove that the people of the country are welcoming consumption upgrades instead of downgrading?

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Sichuan Self-driving Expo opens to understand the strong promotion of cultural brand promotion!

Wuhu, in Mosuo, means a lake in the mountains. She is a mysterious daughter country, a tear that God has fallen into the world. Here is the only surviving matriarchal clan in China. — Mosuo, Mosuo is guarded by generations, like the world tells the mystery of this land and water.

This month’s 8th Self-driving Expo will be held on the 8th in Wuhu Town, Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture. The beach is held. This session of the Expo was hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (formerly Sichuan Provincial Tourism Commission) and the Liangshan Prefecture People’s Government, the Liangshan Tourism Development Committee and the Yanyuan County People’s Government, with the theme of Wuhu, drunk beauty The theme of the country is to show the achievements of Sichuan and Yanyuan tourism in an all-round and multi-angle.

The Self-Driving Expo aims to better demonstrate the advantages of tourism resources in the western region and achieve cross-regional exchanges and cooperation in tourism. To promote the sound and rapid development of the tourism industry in the western region. In order to achieve this goal, the project organizers specially invited the culture to join hands to promote the network.

As we all know, today’s society has entered an era of the Internet, global information sharing, the earth has become a global village, the Internet It has changed every aspect of mankind, to the national military security, the Internet has allowed countries to develop rapidly, the contest between developed countries, the development of military weapons, satellite launches, etc., the development of the network has made the country’s development faster and led to development. The country is more developed and the world has formed multiple levels of differentiation. The importance and breadth of the Internet has made online promotion an important publicity strategy and channel.

Knowledgeable Culture As an Internet promotion company focusing on brand landing in the Southwest, the partners include the famous Guge Dynasty Design Company and Yanwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot, and this knowledgeable culture will go all out to help this book. The second self-driving tour fair achieved the best results.

Knowledgeable culture focuses on network promotion, researches and summarizes search engine marketing promotion, news APP matrix promotion, and utilization The forum promotes and promotes four core promotion methods for vertical community promotion. Search engine promotion can use the network tools with online search information such as search engine and catalogue to make potential customers receive information about the Expo as soon as possible and more accurately, and the news APP matrix is ​​through the major news clients. A comprehensive and systematic report on the information from the Expo in a more authoritative and professional perspective. The use of the forum is based on the characteristics of the Expo, selecting appropriate, popular and forum-related forums for publicity and maintenance, triggering even hot topics and expanding the visibility of the Expo. Finally, the knowledgeable culture will also use vertical communities to target highly verticalized consumer perceptions.

As a professional online promotion company, these highly professional gameplays are mastered by the knowledgeable culture team. The professionalism has always been at the forefront of the industry. I believe that this time with the help of a knowledgeable culture, the Expo will definitely achieve better results, and look forward to the perfect end of this Expo!

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The founder’s anniversary of the 16th anniversary of the Guge Dynasty The original road to help Chinese design go to the top of the world

With the increase in the per capita disposable income of Chinese citizens and the shift in the concept of consumption, Chinese citizens have gradually begun to think a little more about the concept of shopping and consumption. In recent years, “Made in China,” China Design has also become a hot topic in society. We clearly feel that “Made in China,” China design is everywhere. The Chinese clothing brand worn by the president’s wife, Peng Liyuan, also made the world see “Made in China and “China’s design is so unique, and the Chinese element has become the focus of the world. When it comes to Chinese design and Chinese elements, we have to mention the brand design consultancy and mdash;— Guge Dynasty, which has been adhering to Chinese post-modern design for nearly 20 years.

On August 18, 2018, in the past two decades, the ancient Chinese-style postmodern design was adhered to. The Ge Dynasty ushered in the 16th year of the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the same day was the birthday of the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke. In the 16 years, the Guge Dynasty achieved a leap-forward for the Fortune 500 and the world’s top 500 food companies. Develop and create an overall output value of over 100 billion. In order to commemorate the moment of this glory and the next journey to open the Guge dynasty, the Guge Dynasty held a unique Greg Dynasty 16th Anniversary &middot in the French Indigo Wine Experience Store in Chengdu Yintai Center in99; Japanese cocktail party.

The theme of the reception was Guggen · and the person who was present was dressed for 120 years. The costumes of the former Republic of China came to the reception. Founder Xia Ke mentioned that “the Republic of China was the most glorious period in China’s modern history for China, and this is exactly the same as the current situation of China’s booming development. The Guge Dynasty hopes to create for our lives in this beautiful era. More quality and valuable things. In addition, the Guge Dynasty also wanted to use this theme of the Republic of China to convey the four concepts of “release, innovation, change, and impulsiveness” to the guests present. It also shows that these four points are also the Guge Dynasty. The attitude that has always been upheld.

Before the start of the event, Mr. Xia Ke, the founder of the Guge Dynasty, first gave a speech. Xia Ke said, “I am very grateful to the guests present today for coming to the 16th anniversary of the Guge Dynasty, and also to the staff of the Guge Dynasty. In the 16 years of the development of the Guge Dynasty, the Guge Dynasty also met with partners with common goals. I also believe that in the future, whether it is the Guge Dynasty or friends, everyone is like a family. Development and common progress!

During the event, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also awarded awards, thanks Everyone has been sweating for the Guge Dynasty. Not only that, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also gave birth to a birthday present for the founder Xia Ke. This family-like atmosphere is also touching, and 16 years of support and trust have condensed into the most powerful core culture of the Guge dynasty team.

In the 16 years, the good cooperation between the teams also allowed the Chinese style postmodern design that the Guge Dynasty adhered to to win many awards internationally. Zhang Fei beef’s Facebook packaging won the German Red Dot Award, Zhang Ren Fang Mi Hua Chou won the Pentawards Gold Award, and Mr. Mr. Zhu won the German Red Dot Award for Luxury Award Silver Award. These glory were created by the team of the Guge dynasty led by Xia Ke, and let the world see the Chinese design.

August 18, 2018, not only the 16th anniversary of the Guge Dynasty, but also the heyday of Chinese design development, from the initial Understand the glory, the Guge dynasty told everyone in 16 years, adhere to the original path, the original ingenuity of the traditional Chinese culture, in order to let our country’s precious national culture carry forward. In particular, the Guge dynasty led by Xia Ke has created a brand monument with a Chinese-style post-modern design style, with the creation of China as its mission, helping Chinese design to reach the top of the world!

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Who is sitting in the sales of the double eleven floor industry?

Just ending the ‘double eleven’, Alipay’s daily transaction amounted to 31.059 billion yuan. Such shocking data, let the floor companies also really feel the charm and strength of online sales. It is reported that on the eve of the ‘Double Eleven’ war this year, all brands’ floors started their own propaganda early, and all kinds of preferential and promotional information were produced. For example, the living room floor is crazy, the pre-sale products, scheduled to send a small sample; solid wood new products, 50% off the top; hot sale of laminate flooring, as low as 2 fold. For example, Guolin floor, it is understood that the hand-grained antique eucalyptus floor discount is as low as 40%, the solid wood floor fragrant two-winged bean discount is as low as 4.4%, and the household environmental protection floor longan discount is 8.8%, during the event, these three products The price is only 189 yuan / square, 234 yuan / square, 185 yuan / square, and the autumn new product is more powerful, up to 50% of the price concessions, the purchase of 80 squares is also reduced by 1,000 yuan. At the same time, there is a crazy lottery. Anyone who buys a floor full of 3,000 yuan on the day of the double eleventh can participate in the National Lucky Draw of the National Forest Floor Tmall flagship store. There are six major awards and more than 50 places. The super lucky one can also Apple laptop, ipad, iphone awards take home, in addition, cash coupons, a thousand yuan cash discount waiting for you to enjoy. The sales data shows that the Bell floor has a victory in the battle of the bachelor’s bachelor. The 24-hour ‘鏖战’ sales amounted to 3162, 8509 yuan, successfully defending the Internet sales champion, and refreshed 16.8 million in 2012. Yuan Renminbi record. Anxin floor double ’11’ 24 hours cumulative sales of 21,759,834 yuan, a total of 4,418 signed. Compared with the sales of 3 million last year, it has increased by more than 7 times. The president of Anxin Floor has approved nearly 50 classic products, which are directly supplied by the factory and greatly benefited. It is reported that the Anxin floor Tmall flagship store has a profit margin of more than 10 million. Release date: 2015/11/12 9:52:27

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The Guge Dynasty has been marching for 16 years and strives to be the leader in the design of high-end Chinese food brands.

In recent years, there has been a trend in all walks of life, that is, the rise of Chinese goods, more and more people are beginning to recognize domestic brands, while domestic brands continue to improve the quality of their products and services, but also strengthen brand culture and brand image. shape. For the traditional industry, this is an opportunity and a challenge, especially in the traditional food and catering industry. Brand upgrade is an inescapable reality for them. In Chengdu, such a brand design company (Guge Dynasty), this was discovered very predictably from 16 years ago.

Guge Dynasty LOGO

Since its inception in 2002, the Guge Dynasty has always insisted Focusing on brand design in the food and catering industry, serving thousands of brands across the country, it has maintained its leading position in product design and innovation. In the past 16 years, from the original design of brand design to the technical research and development of packaging design, to the space design and industrial chain building, the Guge Dynasty has been moving forward and innovating, in order to make the Guge Dynasty into a high-end brand design of Chinese food. Front runner.

The beginning of the Guge dynasty did not change the design of high-end Chinese food brands

Back in 2002, the founder of the anti-book art, Xia Ke, founded Sichuan Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd. It is also known as the Guge Dynasty, which is dedicated to helping Chinese food companies achieve leapfrog development. The Guge dynasty led by Xia Ke helped a large number of food enterprises including Yihai Kerry squid brand, Zhang Fei beef, Ningxia Bairuiyuan, Jixiangju kimchi, and Xiangtianxia hot pot to achieve leap-forward development and become a benchmark for the industry. An impressive achievement.

Guge dynasty works squid brand rapeseed oil

Xiaco in brand design Adhere to the original as the core, “original is king is the creed of the Guge dynasty, but also the entrepreneurial spirit of the Guge dynasty. In the past 20 years, Xia Ke has adhered to the original ingenuity of Chinese traditional culture. The creation of China’s food design & ldquo; Chinese style post-modern style faction, style brand monuments, for nearly 1,000 companies to achieve leap-forward development, let China’s post-modern style on the world stage.

Charco wins the Gold Award in the Pentawards 2015 Global Packaging Design Competition

The Lower Guge Dynasty has been the design of various food brands and has won several awards in the international design field. Pentawards 2015 Global Packaging Design Competition Gold Award, Red Dot 2016 German Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award, such top awards are also included in the Guge Dynasty, Guge Dynasty is China’s first food packaging design finished product The company of the German Red Dot Museum.

German dynasty’s German red dot best of the best design award and other awards

These achievements are already top-notch in the brand design industry, but as an artist, as a tradesman, as a marketing expert, brand design consultant, Charcot has not stopped, specializing in the food industry. Let him also let Guge realize that he wants to build a high-end brand of food. These are not enough, but also need to strengthen themselves.

Guge Dynasty & quot; Wenwu Shuangquan condenses the core competitiveness of the industry

With a professional brand design as the basis, the Guge Dynasty began to participate in the market experience, deeply participating in product forms, Taste, production process, equipment development, continuous exploration of new materials and design performance, integration of landing resources, and strive to provide customers with one-stop development and design solutions. This requires the Guge Dynasty to have multiple skills to solve a variety of problems, so from the beginning of 2007, the Guge Dynasty began to learn and try.

In 2007, under the leadership of Xia Ke, the Guge Dynasty created the CSTP original brand industrial park model in line with the national industrial planning. The first battle created a sales of over 100 million without leaving home. The marketing miracle of 10,000 yuan has also created a miracle of industrial development in the transformation of several industrial parks into national scenic spots above AAA. The annual output value of a single park does not exceed 200 million, attracting more than 1 million visitors.

CSTP Park designed by Guge Dynasty (Chinese Museum & Mdash; Ningxia Bairuiyuan)

In 2010, Xia Ke hosted the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the potential development laboratory (PDO) increased the research and development of new environmental protection packaging materials. In 2012, we independently developed a batch of innovative packaging materials including “Devil’s environmental protection packaging materials”. In the case of striving for environmental protection as the first priority, it also added more possibilities for packaging design. “Devil’s environmental protection packaging material obtained the invention patent of “National Utility Model Patent Technology and Environmental Protection Packaging Material Manufacturing System” in 2012, which is a historic step for Chinese packaging to move towards green safety and low carbon environmental protection.

Guge Dynasty’s award-winning packaging

Due to its outstanding contribution to the Chinese food industry In 2009, Xia Ke was awarded the “China Food Industry Marketing Meritorious Award” by the China Food Authority Industry Organization and was invited to be “Top Ten Marketing Experts in China’s Food Industry” and “Top Experts in China’s Food Industry”. The Guge Dynasty has also become a well-known brand design consultancy in the Chinese food industry.

After sixteen years of precipitation, the Guge dynasty marched forward and continued to hone and progress. The all-round development of the Guge Dynasty brought domestic brands and Chinese culture out of the country and went to the world, truly realizing China with its own creation. The food development and design professional organization has become the leader in the design of high-end food brands in China.

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Chongqing 21m cliff swing fires Ordovician scenic spot detailed eight safety measures

Lifting the cliff swing, the first place in Chongqing Ordovician scenic spot. From the monthly salary of 10,000 to recruit 4 meters cliff swing to push hands, to the 18-meter cliff swing attracted the British “Daily Mail” full of amazing reports, as the Chongqing red card, the Ordovician cliff swing always occupies a high Network heat. Recently, netizens have been screened by a cliff swing experience. The main character is the 21-meter cliff swing that Ordovician opened less than a month. At the same time, the topic of whether the cliff swing is safe has become a hot spot for many netizens. .

Flying out of outer space

Ordovician 21m cliff swing experience video hot network

Recently, many users of vibrato have been screened by a video. As of press time, this short 15-second video has won 2.014 million users and has a message of 59,000. It is a phenomenon. Level video.

In the video, a man took a picture of his swing on a cliff with his mobile phone. The camera first fell to the ground and then followed the swing of the swing and slammed into the sky. Unexpectedly, the netizen wit the special effects on the lens under the sky. As the man screams, the swing seems to have been swaying upwards, and the final lens has passed through the sky to reach outer space.

This video that perfectly combines the mirror and the special effects is praised by the netizens. They all said: I watched so many cliff swing videos, this is the first person in the vibrato to take me on a cliff swing. Some netizens said that the video is comparable to the sci-fi blockbuster, and it is simply not giving the film company a face.

The reporter learned that the netizen experienced the 21-meter cliff swing that Ordovician had just opened. As this newly opened project has once again refreshed the longest swing record held by Ordovician itself, it has already become a net red project that will come to the Ordovician must-have card. But what is certain is that the video creator did not float into outer space, but instantly attracted the attention of 140,000 netizens and became a net red.

Detailed safety of the scenic spot

Eight layers of protection ensure safer than swinging at home

“Ordovician attaches great importance to the safety of the project as a domestic cliff swing The pioneers, we have a comprehensive set of safety standards and protective measures to ensure that playing a cliff swing here is safer than swinging on the beach. Yesterday, Zhao Zhidan, the person in charge of the scenic spot, said in an interview with the reporter.

“ The safety of the Ordovician 21m cliff swing is reflected in all aspects of the visitor experience process. Zhao Zhidan said that the first is the gantry that is set on the edge of the cliff and supports the swing. This looks like a simple gantry, but each side of the gantry is indeed supported by a whole six high-strength steel pipes. Make sure that the bracket is firmly tied deep in the foundation without displacement.

Secondly, before going to the guest every day, the swings must undergo a load test of 500 kilograms of heavy objects. The staff of the scenic spot will also sit on the test and confirm that there is no problem before the customer experience is allowed.

Third, the protection of tourists on the 21-meter cliff swing has never started on a swing. Visitors must take a 21-meter cliff swing and must hang a safety rope and put on a Wai-A service before entering the project area to avoid the risk of being nervous or playing a cliff.

Fourth, after the tourists sit on the swing, the staff will press the safety bar, let the tourists and the swing become one, then release the leash on the railing, and the card on the Weiya suit. The buckle is fastened to the safety rope that hangs from the top of the swing. Even if the swing is broken, the two safety ropes that can carry two tons of weight can hold the tourists.

“The ropes also have double protection. Zhao Zhidan said that two steel pipes connected in the middle pull the swing seat, and the inside of the steel pipe is also wearing two safety ropes. They and two safety ropes provide four-fold protection for tourists.

Zhao Zhidan also revealed that the cliff swing in the scenic area, whether it is 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters or 18 meters, the insurance ropes are half-monthly in the peak season, the off-season is changed in January, before the holidays change.

“In view of the current lack of high-altitude industry standards, Ordovician is fully promoting the research and application of high-altitude industry standards, hoping to work with relevant departments to develop high-altitude project standards that are common to the industry. “Zhao Zhidan said.

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What skin care products are used on the floor?

Coup 1: A maintenance agent for the surface treatment of solid wood flooring

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170903838.jpg”>

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