Charming Lakeside Villa okorder

This house is located on the shores of Lake Charlieboe in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, Canada. It has a very attractive design and looks like two separate independent structures. One of them is a two-layer module, the outer layer is made of Corton steel and the other is a single-layer space with a black-dyed cedar casing. The two structures are arranged to form an L-shaped plan view.

The interior of the house designed by Paul Bernier Architecte is also beautiful. It is situated in a slightly tilted wooden area and the owner wants most of the space to be flush with the land. The interior plan is divided into two wings, one for the day zone and the other for the private zone. The area where the two wings meet is a two-story space with a garage at the bottom and a guest bedroom and office space at the top. A series of floating stairs connect the two floors.

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Monochrome hotel in Latvia okorder

The new Redstone hotel was recently opened in the old town of Riga, Latvia. Designed by the ANNVIL Interior Architecture, this boutique hotel features a very interesting design choice, with 4 rooms on 11 floors, each with a monochrome color scheme.

The hotel’s St. Petrus restaurant is located on the first two floors and serves modern Latvian cuisine. After that, there is no texture and no shape. The third floor presents the colors of the Baltic Sea. There is pink on the fourth floor. The fifth floor is a simple milky white. Finally, the sixth floor uses the shade of the blue lagoon.

The idea of ​​a monochrome floor is because the hotel wants to highlight the most important thing in the room: the guest! In addition, because each room is a monochrome design, the subtle nuances of the furniture suddenly appear from the background. Walls and furniture mean that form and matter seem to blend together. The rest is the highlight of the room, whether it is a mirror coffee table, marble countertops or modern lights.

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Renovated bank okorder

A former bank in the centre of Jyväskylä, Finland, has been converted into a modern hotel by the studio Puissto Architects, taking advantage of the 1953 open architecture. Instead of the typical dorm-style dorms, they created a small private bedroom surrounded by public spaces. The mini bedroom is on the top floor and HostelJyväskylä offers a full restaurant and spa and sauna facilities in the basement. When the restaurant is closed, guests can relax and enjoy the coolness. To make sure they used all the former banks, they converted the vault into a bathtub to make it more relaxing. Overall, the hotel has a black and white colour scheme with wooden details that give it a clean, modern look.

Before the reception area on the first floor, there are three room floors that are almost identical. There are three types of bedrooms on each floor – a mini room along the façade, a plywood bed that takes up most of the space, a large bedroom along the other façade, and a plywood room that finally floats in the middle of the space.

The bedrooms on each floor have shared bathrooms, seating areas and kitchens.

They use economical materials, including home birch plywood for walls and furniture, and linoleum for flooring.

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Modern family home okorder

Each house has its own unique story and history. In some cases, the story begins very early and has several different chapters. Some homes are older than they look, while others are fresh. The story of the house in San Mateo, USA, began in 2016, when the Klopf Architecture studio thought it was time to make room for the more modern buildings that occupied the old buildings in this area. Initially, they showed interest in retaining and using the old house, but the idea was not proven to be practical in any way. Therefore, this L-shaped family home was built from scratch.

The new house is more suitable for this place and has a sharp contrast. On the one hand, the house respects the neighborhood and integrates into other houses, but on the other hand, its unusual direction (side rather than behind) makes it stand out. A small backyard pool occupies most of the outdoor space. In addition, this multi-generation living space has a strong and visible connection between the indoor and outdoor sections. This connection is ensured by full height windows, large sliding glass doors and large, open spaces.

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The medieval hillside home of Los Angeles was refurbished okorder

This medieval residence is located on a steep hill below the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Angeles and was recently renovated by ras-a. The house is now named “House under the Bridge”, although it is good, but it is crowded and outdated. The homeowner chooses to live in the house for a while to get a feel for it and decide what he wants to change. Due to strict building regulations, they are not allowed to extend the footprints of their homes, but instead find more square feet at a higher level in the original space.

The home is divided into three floors, allowing the lower floors to be paved and paved for laundry and guest bathrooms without increasing floor space.

The existing columns and girder roofs are not insulated, so they spray hard foam insulation from the roof side and then apply a white reflective coating. The windows have been upgraded and some of them can be passively cooled and ventilated.

A window surrounds the outdoor landscape, including the Gothic view of the bridge.

The master bedroom is located behind the glass wall, allowing natural light to enter while providing a view of the trees. If privacy is required, the curtains can be closed.

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Los Angeles pop-up showroom okorder

In the past 10 years, after the round-the-world trip, Northerners Collective co-founders Gaia Nodari and Luca Capurso have temporarily set up a pop-up showroom in Los Angeles. This is a collection of furniture and homes. These decorations are designed to recreate the scenery and atmosphere that the two saw during their travels.

The North Rim collection has a very soft and earthy aesthetic inspired by the original texture of the Venetian lagoon and the Grand Canyon in Italy. Each product is made entirely of raw materials, so every imperfect perfect mark, scratch or burn helps to tell the story. The pop-up showroom will also serve as a platform for Nodari and Capurso to showcase their recent work, including Lamborghini, Riva 1920 and Potocco.

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New office space designed for game creators okorder

Sid Lee Architecture was hired in Montreal to design a new four-story office for Electronic Arts. The purpose of the office is to accommodate game creators. The company believes that these game creators are “high-quality craftsmen”, so they want a space to reflect this.

Overall, the actual workspace area has a minimalist feel, while the normal space is more personal. Simplicity is designed to provide employees with a blank canvas as the beginning of a brainstorming session.

They also focus on designing an environment that inspires creativity through areas including galleries, fireplaces, writing desks, music, libraries, lounge chairs, work stations, recording tools and a central seating area.

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Switchable light okorder

The Concierge lamp was designed by Kaschkasch for the Vertigo Bird and is a combination of indirect lighting and omnidirectional spotlights. The simple fixture can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, and the rotating head can be switched back and forth from the reading light to the ambient light, making it super powerful. So whether you want to use direct or ambient light in your room, the choice is yours.

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Venetian building was transformed into a Venetian pavilion okorder

This multi-purpose historic building was once a four-story building from 1926. It is home to a telephone company and now has offices, gallery space and a loft with a roof garden. Alexander Design restored and designed this Venetian loft with grey tones, soft textures and original industrial details.

The open floor plan uses large windows to keep the room filled with daylight. The original structure provides intimate advice on how to split the space, including the living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge area, office, bedroom, two bathrooms, a gym and a playful swing.

The kitchen was built by adding open wall shelves, a row of lower cabinets and a huge island.

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A common working space tribute to the 1920s okorder

In recent years, WeWork has been primarily responsible for creating collaborative spaces. They transform buildings and spaces, turn them into a creative environment of networking and collaboration, and be a comfortable and inspiring workplace. Just recently, they opened a location in Paris, WeWork La Fayette, in a historic building.

WeWorks designer worked with Axel Schoenert Architectes to renovate 12,000 square meters of space, including Art Deco details and a huge glass roof. Across the 11th floor, the new office retains the charm of the old world while modernizing it. They incorporated the style of the 1920s and paid tribute to the rich history of the city.

Colorful textiles enhance the interior space and provide a vibrant atmosphere for an efficient work space.

All types of seats are provided to ensure a lot of work points.

The original glass ceiling atrium filters natural light to create a large open workspace.

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