Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Global Promotion Conference

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 2, 2017 in Singapore Science and Technology Park, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, with a registered capital of 80 million and legal representative Lin Tongbing. It is affiliated to Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation and promotion of Xiaomi Life Circle and shared motorcycle “Dangdang Travel” APP, as well as the first phase of market launching vehicles and maintenance equipment, the second phase of shared cars, and the third phase of intelligent farms. WeChat: MY97559159

The most popular words nowadays are "share

The topic is “shared bicycles”

Because the sharing of bicycles brings convenience to people, there are endless problems.

Because of the successful financing of shared bicycles, let’s Multi-enterprise, personal rushing to move

Recently shared and big moves, look at the car below, is there a feeling of Bai Fumei? Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

Bai Fumei<; Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle

This is a company named Shanghaikou Yiye Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Launched shared motorcycles: Xiaomi Life shared motorcycles

On August 27, 2017, Xiaomi Life shared motorcycles held their first press conference in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Xuzhou Conference

On September 4th, 2017, Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Second press conference

“Bai Fumei enters Qiandao Lake

The conference site is full of seats

On-site sign-on

“Bai Fumei shared motorcycles

According to the on-site staff, Xiaomi Life shared the tram on the basis of summing up shared bicycles. An upgrade has further solved the fast and efficient guarantee for the citizens’ low-carbon travel, supplemented the vacancies, and facilitated the effective travel between rural and urban areas, truly showing the arrival of the sharing era! Xiaomi Life Motorcycle Design two models, this release The Baifumei motorcycle is very eye-catching, and a gold armor will be listed in the near future

“ A Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle

About the characteristics of Xiaomi Life Motorcycle, the staff introduced:

Xiaomi Life Billboard meets the national standard motorcycle! Speed ​​limit 20 km /hour, the rear seat can not carry people, the weight of each motorcycle does not exceed 40 kg

Motorcycles can be licensed locally and can be used as bicycles for parking!

Motorcycle batteries are the most advanced configuration, each with a chip, not small The honey staff operates and the removal is invalid.

Each battery car is equipped with 1-2 batteries, adopting the most advanced method, unified charging, unified replacement, and professional market maintenance staff.

Each Motorcycles are covered by insurance, and are covered by the People’s Insurance Company of China. They are safer to use and more secure.

Xiaomi Motorcycle PK Sharing Bike

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle has novel design, advanced functions and stable performance, and the biggest highlight is the operation mode of Xiaomi Life:

Individuals can invest in shared motorcycles, and 880 yuan will become a member, and they will be eligible to subscribe for motorcycles. 70% of the proceeds from the subscription of motorcycles will be owned by the subscribers for three years. Through Xiaomi Life Circle and Dingdang APP users to share, truly achieve sharing!

Sharing bikes did not catch up, Xiaomi Motorcycle can not be missed. What do you think about this project? Team leader WeChat: MY97559159

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Jiang Xingdong, founder of Oriental Herb: The Balance of Tibetan Tea

Select equipment, charcoal boiled water, smoked incense, tea, water, heart tasting, brewing a pot of tea, you need a cumbersome tea process.

In the eyes of the founder of Oriental Herbal Medicine, Jiang Xingdong, a healthy herbal tea is not necessarily high or low, as long as it comes from natural nature and compatibility, after boiling water, making tea or brewing tea, sealing pots The procedure can be as stable as the mind.

“ Shennong tasted the herb, and the day was sick with seventy-two poisons. Jiang Xingdong offered a cup of Tibetan tea to sing the Eastern Millennium culture. His lifelong energy will be fully injected into the health exploration of Herbal.

Miracles on Grandma

<;These are my grandmother‘ The savior and the rsquo;! “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, pointing to the rows of health books in the bookcase, Jiang Xingdong is very excited.

The hour hand dialed back 4 years ago.

At that time, the grandmother who was over 80 years old suffered from choledocholithiasis. She fell into the hospital after a fall and relied on infusion to relieve inflammation and pain. The old man’s abdomen is getting swollen, and he can’t sleep when he stays up late. His condition deteriorates day by day, and the hospital issued a notice of critical illness.

After rushing back to his hometown to understand his grandmother’s condition and treatment plan, Jiang Xingdong tried his best to curb the anger: “You are a rebellion, it will make the elderly liver fail! The provincial hospital is a clinical doctor for 20 years.” I don’t even understand the principle of the five internal organs and five elements.

Due to prolonged infusion, the water in the abdomen of the grandmother is edema, and the obstruction of the common bile duct stones cannot be ruled out.

The hospital recommended immediate surgery, and Jiang Xingdong categorically refused. After communicating with Beidaihe Chinese medicine teacher, he made a big effort to get the grandmother back to Jiangsu rural area that afternoon.

At the time of discharge, the hospital tossed a sentence: “At most, support for 3 days!”

& ldquo; The common bile duct is blocked, the bile is not fluent, the kidney is dying, the liver and gallbladder have already Not ruled. In addition to infusion, only the liver and gallbladder anti-inflammatory, will lead to liver and kidney can not be transported, the formation of internal ascites, severely caused by liver ascites and hardening! Jiang Xingdong understands, grandmother’s liver and gallbladder, can no longer afford to toss.

First flattened the internal organs, from the spleen and lungs to help the liver and kidney, thereby dredge the internal ascites; grandmother kidney loss, can not directly help the kidney, benefit the lungs and kidney. After getting the teacher’s herbal tea prescription, Jiang Xingdong personally brewed tea.

Grandma’s pain is unbearable, and day and night, the family has no hope, and is ready to do the rest. After the guidance of the Chinese medicine teacher, Jiang Xingdong had confidence. Five days later, the miracle finally appeared —— the edema of the grandmother’s abdomen was gradually eliminated, and the pain gradually disappeared! After eliminating the pain of ascites, the herbal tea was continued to control the common bile duct stones. After one month, the grandmother miraculously returned to normal. Life, two months later, the common bile duct stones disappeared!

& ldquo; The savior returned to the hustle and bustle! Today, my grandmother is not a big grandson.

The mystery of body balance

It is neither a doctor or a doctor. How do you get back to life?

In the face of doubt, Jiang Xingdong said: “The body is self-healing.” It is beyond imagination that treatment is a false proposition. If energy is full and balanced, what is the disease?

Human law, earth law, heaven, law, nature, Jiang Xingdong’s nature Health, we must start from the ginseng.

In 2009, he took part in the evasion. Avoiding the grain, that is, avoiding the grain, the legend is a way for the parents to maintain their health.

Sitting on the plate, drinking water, and returning to the human nature. Do not eat for a few days, clean up the body of the intestines, and feel refreshed, visceral blood circulation.

Jiang Xingdong has a strong interest in natural medicine, learning the Yellow Emperor’s internal health prevention and meridian guidance, and learning from many folk experts, and worshipping an 80-year-old Chinese doctor.

“ Replenishing energy, balancing balance. In the communication with the “Business” reporters, the most talked about by Jiang Xingdong is the connection between the internal organs and the emotions. “All illnesses, in the final analysis, are the energy balance system of the human body being broken.

Chinese medicine is not a narrow understanding of Chinese medicine, it is a middle school medicine, it is a balanced medicine, and the core is the Taoist nature of the oriental true health regime. It is the truth that does not divide the boundaries.

Jiang Xingdong draws a picture that corresponds to the five internal organs and the five elements of the heavens and the earth: “Gold, wood, water, fire, and soil, which correspond to the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, and spleen, respectively. Sun and moon, stars, vegetation, wind and rain, rivers, mountains and rivers. The main essence of the kidney is the congenital; the liver stores the blood to the heart, the heart and the blood to the Tibetan god; the spleen is transported to the body; the lungs are down to help the kidney. Once the balance is broken, a malignant effect will occur.

It is because of understanding and familiarity with the mystery of life, Jiang Xingdong dared to take Grandma home to nurse.

In six years, I went to China’s famous mountains and rivers to inspect Materia Medica, and visited folk experts. Jiang Xingdong gradually understood that the millennium health wisdom originated from the East is a healthy undertaking that can be passed down.

Since then, miracles have occurred one after another. My younger brother was married for 14 years and had not been pregnant. She had seen all the major hospitals in China before, but it was not effective. However, after the herbal diet was supplemented with a healthy lifestyle, the 40-year-old was born with a weight of 8 pounds.

These miracles of life are passed down in the hometown of Jiang Xingdong.

“ The human body is a small universe, but also nature, to be born in accordance with the law. Everything in the heavens and the earth comes from the road of balance. “The road is natural health, balances body and mind, and conforms to nature.


The birth of oriental herbal cultivating tea

If treatment is a false proposition, people need to experience more In the real understanding of the origin of life logic, as the cup of nature’s herbal tea.

Through the reddish tea of ​​the soup, Jiang Xingdong’s thoughts drifted to the distant Sichuan Zanggang Mountains.

The Mount Gangshan is the birthplace of Chinese tea, from the Laoshan Mountain in the northeast to the Zhuyuguan in the southwest. On the endless mountains, there are growing old tea trees. It is said that Shennong tastes the grass in this extended area.

After the Wenchuan earthquake, Jiang Xingdong went to Ya’an to inspect and met the old expert of the National Tea Factory who made tea for generations (his father was nearly a hundred years old) and was exposed to the ancient method of deep-fermented tea crafted in the millennium.

For thousands of years, Tibetans in the Sichuan-Tibet area like to drink Tibetan tea, especially the Ya’an and the surrounding South Roadside tea. Perennial living in high altitude areas, affected by low air pressure and dry and cold weather, often prone to hypoxia and hypotension. In addition, the diet is mainly based on beef, mutton and barley. The body is more prosperous and hot. Helps to break down fat, regulate physiological metabolism, prevent hypoxia and hypotension.

“No tea in a day is stagnation, no tea in three days, the Tibetan people call it the tea of ​​life, “Die Lulu” records: “With its meat, non-tea No, the heat of the green, not tea.

“Intestinal disease is the source of all diseases, high work pressure, lack of exercise, food problems, irregular diet, overeating and night entertainment, gastrointestinal diseases are expanding, and gradually younger! The more people come, due to lack of exercise, the accumulation of intestinal toxins, turbidity, resulting in turbidity and dysfunction, causing various diseases.

Jiang Xingdong decided to use the original Gangshan old tea tree at an altitude of 1,100 meters as the raw material, and to combine the balance of the herb and the ancient method of deep-fermenting Tibetan tea to make health tea!

After many years Development, finally broke out. The production process requires five major processes and 32 processes, and the time is five times that of modern production processes. After a long period of 8 years of aging, it is brewed with a good resistance to boiling, smooth and mellow, and is rich in hundreds of thousands of organic compounds and minerals and dietary fiber.

The compatibility of tea is not just a kind of tea, in which tea stems and tea stems are important raw materials. & ldquo; leaf main divergence, roots and main dredges, the essence of Shennong Materia Medica is a balanced compatibility! Jiang Xingdong said that the role of raising Tibetan tea is to nurse the intestinal tract, balance the body, divert the intestines, prevent disease sources.

Jiang Xingdong named this as “Oriental Herbal Culture Tea, one is “the ancient method of mixing hand-made secrets of Tibetan tea, and the Tibetan elephant theory in the emperor’s internal economy. There is dirty meaning.

Jiang Xingdong

Pursue one thing in a lifetime

Health and wisdom, Jiang Xingdong is full of enthusiasm. The teapot is steaming, and the tea in the room is full of fragrance, just like the oriental sentiment in his nature. After several years of investment and research and development, it is his lifelong pursuit to establish the Oriental Herbal Health Industry.

Jiang Xingdong has served as a senior executive of CCTV and Chinese brand institutions, and has successfully operated many well-known brands. But he believes that the market is volatile, and only the wisdom of the East can be passed down.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” & ldquo; treatment of disease and mdash; & mdash; no cure has been cured of disease, no cure has been chaotic treatment. In the conversation, Jiang Xingdong mentioned the most, and the ancient doctors adjusted the balance to cure all diseases, saying that this balance is the balance between body and mind.

From “The Emperor’s Internal Classic”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, to “Food Materia Medica” and “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the health care wisdom of the East for five thousand years is the first to prevent, and the prevention is to follow the balance. The fundamental principle of adjustment.

Oriental Herbal Health is not just a simple cup of tea.

“The development of mankind has destroyed the ecological balance of nature. Looking at the misty clouds outside Beijing, Jiang Xingdong was worried.

“Every species of nature is a small universe, don’t destroy its internal and external balance. The only thing I want to do is to inherit and innovate the oriental herbal health and spread the true health prevention science.

After years of integration and accumulation, Jiang Xingdong has already laid out the road to the future. Oriental Brand’s brand ecology will involve health products, health education, and health management. Develop a healthy experience space, strategically extend the development of the cloud health management platform & ldquo; look at health, and cooperate with the healthy China national strategy to promote the public health and health check into the national life.

In product research and development, according to the homologous layout of this herbal diet, such as nursed intestinal sputum, enhance immunity, improve sleep and female palace system maintenance; corresponding to different groups of people and use forms, there is a Tibetan tea Series, five elements of tea series, palace drink series, soup series, coffee series, bath series, 羹 series and medicated porridge series.

The Tao is natural, heaven and man are united, life is to realize “life, other things are small things, sex is a clear-minded, life-like health, this is the topic that everyone faces and thinks.”

“The future of mankind must follow the natural health prevention science, and people should not be mostly sick and dead.

It sounds unrealistic, but Jiang Xingdong does not debate, nor seeks excuses, only believes in his personal experience. Because helping family and friends is the best proof, what about inheriting one thing in life?

Pursuing the true universal value, there is still a long way to go. Perhaps Jiang Xingdong has his own determination, time and action will verify that all this is delusion or real.

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Smart home is still in its infancy, and it will take another few years to break out.

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Smart The concept of home is very hot, but it has not really reached the application level until recently. Smart homes are expected to usher in a full-scale outbreak in a few years, but the current smart home market is not mature, the access standards between products are different, and the level of interconnection is still not high.

Voice commands to the smart speakers, you can turn on the TV and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner without using various remote controls; use the mobile APP to turn on the rice cooker before going home, and you can make a pot of rice &hellip without any operation. ;… These scenes have become a reality at this fair.

Smart home is expected to usher in a full-scale outbreak in a few years. Whether it is a technology giant, a traditional home appliance manufacturer, or a start-up company, they have chosen to enter this field at this time. The reason is nothing more than trying to win the future of smart homes. However, the current smart home market is not mature, the access standards between products are different, and the degree of interconnection is still not high.

Traditional giants preemptive layout

The concept of smart home is very hot, but it has only really reached the application level in recent years. In the fields of technology, manufacturing, R&D and sales, the traditional giants have already completed the ecological home layout and are in the leading position of the industry.

What is the smart home in the Internet of Things era? Haier’s world’s only IoC chef at the Fair is probably the best answer. Each interconnected and intelligent home appliance is not only the intelligent terminal of the kitchen, but also the control center. The Internet refrigerator, hood, stove and so on actively provide services for users. When the user clicks on the smart recipe on the refrigerator, he can start the oven, hood, stove and other terminals with one button; when the human body is approached, the intelligent hood will start the 10-inch smart screen, and the disinfection cabinet and oven will enter the working mode; It can be used in refrigerators, hoods and other products to achieve drama, music, chat, food procurement … … these futuristic smart home scenes, become a reality in the Haier Fair.

Haier’s IoT chefs represent the development direction of the future kitchen, which can meet the individual needs of different people’s food cooking, health management, kitchen socialization. Haier’s layout in this area will lead the industry into the intelligent era.

Another leading brand of smart home appliances, Aucma, is also actively deploying “Smart Home Appliance Ecology Circle”. This year’s show will turn into a theme and focus on the latest achievements in intelligent product upgrades. Among them, the -40 °C Chinese-style smart refrigerator makes the deep-freezing and quick-freezing really popular, and realizes the low-temperature freezing and preservation of the high-end ingredients such as salmon.

Startups are “small cuts”

At this year’s fair, start-ups are cutting into the portal with health technology, and they are launching smart “small products, trying to be smart Home, the 100 billion-level market share.

The light-energy anti-bacterial anti-smashing window developed by local enterprises in Qingdao combines the screen window with the air quality real-time monitor and mobile phone client. On a black rectangular instrument, the filtered indoor air index (temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10) is clear at a glance, and the matching mobile phone client is synchronized, no matter where you are, the ambient air value in the home can be as good as possible. grasp. The light-energy anti-smashing window made of nano-fiber material can get rid of the effect of a single air purifier, even if the window is opened all day, it can make the indoor air fresh and natural.

“A small fan, a 4-layer protective filter, a small motor combined with a small-volume, lightweight smart mask will be sold in just over two months It’s really amazing. Beijing Zhibang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. launched an improved version of the intelligent anti-fog mask at this year’s Expo. Improved anti-fog masks, filter replacement time extended to 3 months. And on the synchronous matching client, the life of the filter can be displayed.

In addition to the technology-defense products, some start-ups are also targeting smart water dispensers, smart ECG recorders, smart rice cookers and other products. A Shanghai-based company has brought the “IoT smart drinking fountains”. After installing the straight drinking fountains at home, users can monitor the water quality, filter elements, equipment and other information in real time on the mobile phone. Once an abnormality occurs, the data can be directly transmitted to The back-end of the user and the manufacturer, the problem solution is issued by the manufacturer.

Smart home is still in its infancy

The low level of connectivity is also constraining the development of smart homes. At present, most of the so-called smart homes are added by intelligent modules such as Internet communication technology to meet user needs. Simply speaking, it is a simple operation such as making reservations, timings, etc. through a computer, a mobile phone, a Pad, and the interaction form is single and one-way. In addition, smart home products on the market lack uniform standards, interfaces and protocols, and different products and services cannot be interconnected. The most direct feeling is that the same brand of products can share an app, but the brands are isolated.

Gong Dan, Marketing Director of Hardcore Connected Intelligence, believes that the application of intelligent hardware is only a matter of the past two years. APP application is only the first step, and now it can only be called semi-intelligent. True intelligence can simulate people’s thinking and interact with people, and there are few such pure smart products on the market.

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A trader’s rewind: How do I detonate 1919 and famous products?

11 seconds, 100 million yuan; 3 minutes and 01 seconds, 10 billion yuan; 9 hours, 16 minutes and 20 seconds, 100 billion yuan; all-day trading volume reached 168.2 billion yuan … … Tmall double eleven new height .

It is worth mentioning that this time, many Tmall brands have realized the online and offline delivery methods, which is consistent with the new retail proposed by Ali. In the future, retail will realize online and offline integration, optimize supply chain and consumption scenarios through big data and Internet technologies, and provide consumers with a variety of service scenarios with diverse scenarios and needs. Suning’s “Smart Retail, Jingdong” “Borderless Retail Concept is also exactly the same.

However, a few years ago, 1919 and Mingchuang Youpin had broken the boundaries between online and offline, optimized the supply chain, and provided consumers with fast-moving, high-quality and low-priced goods. The rise of the situation.

As the brand trader in the early and mid-term of the two projects, the Dean of the Business Marketing Communication Institute (WeChat public number: yxcb008) has conducted in-depth research on 1919 and famous products, leading the team to sort out the innovative model. It has been shaped as a benchmark for business model innovation and an innovator in the retail industry, which has sparked discussions in various sectors of society.

So, how does the Wenjun Navy conduct brand planning?

1919, liquor direct supply platform, self-purchasing, self-built warehousing, and achieve omni-channel sales, to “low-cost genuine,” “19 minutes delivery to the door for sale, become alcohol One of the two tigers of the direct supply platform.

Famous products, products are extremely simple and aesthetically pleasing, and the products are directly from the factory to the store, so that it is cheap and high-quality, and opened in the winter of the store, with an annual turnover of 5 billion.

Both have risen strongly, but they have had a lot of trouble before.

The low price of 1919 touched the interests of traditional wine companies and was banned by industry giants; Mingchuang’s products were questioned by low-priced products to achieve high quality. The Wen Hai Navy is in the eyes, anxious in the heart, thinking about how to help companies gain industry recognition and win consumer trust.

He found that 1919 and Mingchuang products can achieve low price and high quality, because they directly docked factories and consumers, and flattened the sales channels, which would hurt the indulgence of traditional retail-level distribution. Channel costs are returned to consumers. More importantly, the two use big data and information technology to optimize the circulation of goods, making commodity turnover faster, category updates faster, and greatly improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

He realized that the two are really close to the essence of retail, which will have a subversive significance for traditional retail. Once the image of its subversives is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it will inevitably seize the minds of consumers and trigger industry changes.

& ldquo; In the future, when it comes to enterprise transformation, it is impossible to circumvent 1919 and famous products. This brand effect is the ultimate goal I pursue. Therefore, to break through the dilemma, the brand must stand up first.

Creating a combination of boxing

After using the “Benchmark” and “Subversive” labels to form a gap with other brands in the market, Wen Hai immediately launched business models, story packaging and leadership shaping. Combine the boxing and enter the stage of shaping the brand. In this way, consumers can deeply penetrate products and brands, increase consumers’ trust in brands, and at the same time, they can sublimate their changes and attract high attention from the industry and the media.

Under the planning of the Business Marketing Communication Institute (WeChat public number: yxcb008), the two magazines, “Business” and “Business Review”, have published a series of articles to comprehensively interpret the business model of 1919. The “Business Review” is based on the title “1919: O2O exploration sample, a special report on the 1919 business model, and an in-depth analysis of the innovation and development potential of the 1919 business model.

At the same time, the “Business Review” reporter took two years, several times in-depth corporate research, and went with a team of experts to observe and study 1919 from multiple angles, and finally gathered the research results into a book, published The book “1919: O2O Success Law” summarizes the observations, research and research results of enterprises over the years, and carries out national sales with the distribution channels of magazines to shape the successful image of the company.

And “Business” magazine, “The Truth of Famous Creations,” tells the story of the founder Ye Guofu deep cultivating the retail industry, breaking the price of the high curse, and returning the cheap quality to the consumers. Let the famous brand of high-quality products be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; then, the new media in the business use a lot of articles to deeply reveal the explosion strategy of the famous products, the price, the low price and the global thinking, so that consumers can further generate trust. .

With the continuous reading of several important articles in the business media, the 1919 and the innovative models of Mingchuang have received unprecedented attention, and more than 100 domestic media have forwarded them, becoming a phenomenal level of smash hit. As the brand is well-known, the performance of both has also exploded.

Detonating TNT Explosives

After 1919 and Mingchuang’s products have been highly recognized by the market, and then, how to continue to exert strength and detonate the brand? /p>

Wen Hai believes that detonating a brand is like detonating TNT. When the explosive pack is ready, just ignite the fuse, it will be fired, and the brand tipping point is the bombing method of online and offline activities and the use of marketing.

In 2015, 1919 and Mingchuang Products won the best at the Best Business Model China Summit. Business model awards, presented by the business media and a number of authorities.Designed to discover and explore the business models and business logic of high-quality Chinese companies. At the summit, 1919, Mingchuang’s excellent products followed by Didi Chuan, NetEase, and Handu Yishe, and received reports from hundreds of media across the country. Their innovative image and industry status further established. stand up.

In terms of marketing, the Wen Haijun is also well-versed.

At the 1919 Global Sourcing Conference in Shanghai, 1919 founder Yang Lingjiang and Maotai, Wuliangye and other upstream manufacturers smiled and enemies, reached a strategic partnership, and the new media in the business group “Issued with imperfections 1919, Maotai For the first time, the marriage with O2O e-commerce was reported as a topic of interest; when Ye Guofu said at the Lianhe.com meeting, “traditional department stores are a nonsense business model, the new business media seized this topic and made incident reports. This way of marketing has brought a large area of ​​network exposure to both.

Nowadays, 1919 and Mingchuang have entered the fast lane of development and become the giants of their respective industries. When reorganizing its marketing strategy, Wen Haijun keenly summarized it as “Blasting Marketing Theory, whose core is brand focus, brand building and brand detonation.

“Blasting marketing theory is planned from multiple dimensions such as business stories, hot topics, business models and leadership shaping, and is used to detonate brands through activities and market-based marketing. He has successively packaged successful cases such as Tan Carpenter, Jiang Xiaobai, Rehabilitation Water and Vision.

“Business Blasting Marketing Mind” https://adm.kanshangjie.com/v1/ClickAd?id=243 advocates full-scale stereoscopic value communication, seizes the time window, conducts saturated marketing attacks, and quickly Occupy the minds of consumers, let companies find a leap-forward development in the complex business world.

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Home shopping industry online shopping consumption trends: environmental protection, intelligence, customization

Jingdong Data Research Institute and Nandu Consumer Research Institute jointly released the “2017 Home Improvement Industry Online Shopping Consumption Trend Report” (hereinafter referred to as “Trend Report”), showing the current consumer preferences of home improvement and the status of practitioners.

Image from the Internet

Real Estate Market Complementing the market with the home improvement market, the popularity of Chinese real estate in the past few years has provided stable support for the sales growth of the home improvement market. Since 2013, the Internet home improvement industry represented by Jingdong has ushered in rapid development, and various data have exploded. From 2013 to 2016, the compound annual growth rate exceeded 100%. In the five years from 2013 to 2017, the number of brands in the main categories of home improvement (kitchenware, home textiles, household daily use, furniture, decoration services, home improvement building materials, etc.) has been increasing year by year. From the point of view of the sales amount, the concentration of the TOP50 brands of various categories has increased, indicating that consumers are beginning to focus on brand and quality. According to JD’s sales data, international brands such as kitchenware have experienced rapid growth. In the first half of 2017, international brand sales accounted for more than 57%, of which WMF grew by 131% and Contigo increased by more than 200%. In addition, high-end silk Tencel was increased by 115% year-on-year, and latex pillow sales increased by 261% year-on-year; the number of imported storage products users grew rapidly, up 70% year-on-year, 1.75 times the industry growth rate.

Jingdong research data also shows that more than half of consumers currently say that they will choose furniture based on space. At the same time, Jingdong’s consumption data also shows that cabinets, wardrobes and wooden doors have become the top three categories of custom furniture. On the Jingdong platform, the sales of typical custom-made brands increased by more than 700% year-on-year. According to the Trend Report, the whole house customization will be a future trend under the consumption upgrade, and it is expected to become a new category of Internet home improvement. It is worth noting that, in addition to upgrading the user’s own quality requirements, the requirements for the consumer service experience are also increasing. The use of Jingdong warehouse products from third-party sellers is more popular with consumers.

With the improvement of consumers’ living standards and concepts, people pay more attention to the safety and environmental protection of the home environment. Big data shows that at present, consumers are generally considering quality and safety when considering the purchase of home improvement products. After all, the home environment is closely related to people’s health. The “Trend Report” released this time refers to the fact that in the home furnishings category from 2016 to 2017, consumers have significantly increased their search for “environmental protection, “simple,” health. Home textiles, furniture, decoration services and home improvement building materials of the same type of environmentally friendly materials have exploded. The minimalist style of home textiles, household daily use, furniture, decoration services and home improvement building materials have also risen sharply. The detectors that are closely related to home environmental protection have also shown rapid growth in terms of purification of classified products. The sales of air formaldehyde detectors increased significantly compared with last year. In June, the growth rate was 68.3%, and the purification and deodorization increased by 100%, which is twice the growth rate of the industry. The Trend Report therefore predicts that the change in consumer consumption patterns may change the overall situation of the home improvement industry in the near future. Simple, environmentally safe will become the mainstream of home furnishings.

From the smart toilet, it has moved from single product intelligence to full intelligence. Fingerprint locks, garbage processors, smart toilet covers, etc. are becoming new hotspots for sale; easy to use, economical, safe, secure, and appearance Beautiful, very intelligent, good brand, believe in brand, big brand, feel good, switch is very good has become the top ten keywords for user evaluation. Corresponding to this, users are increasingly convinced of the value of the brand at the time of purchase. In terms of segmentation, from 2016 to 2017, sales of smart products such as smart locks, smart toilets, and smart toilet seats have achieved rapid growth. For example, the sales of the most popular smart toilets are more than 3,000%. Although the country has introduced corresponding regulatory policies, property prices in first-tier cities are still firm and relatively resistant. The first-tier cities led by Beishangguang did not accidentally occupy the forefront of the consumption of home furnishings. Second-tier cities are headed by Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuxi and Suzhou. The amount of consumption in third-tier cities is most prominent in Hefei. The users of Beishangguang mainly spend money on high-quality home improvement products, and are more willing to spend on health and environmental protection products, while low-tier cities consume more in the hardware field of furniture and building materials. As far as the region is concerned, in the consumption of Internet home furnishings, East China, North China, and South China have become the top three regions in terms of consumption, and the gap between Central and Southwest China is not closely followed.

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Alternative ornaments, take you to the countryside, fresh and fresh

The pastoral style has always been loved by the youth of literature and art in pursuit of ease and comfort, returning to the essence of nature. It is defined as the natural the pastoral life, so often accompanied by Flowers and vines, iron vines and other natural ornaments.

First, retro wrought iron ornaments

Retro is not equal to “Land, apply the elements of the old era to the new trend, not only can understand history It also displays a unique nostalgic style. Wrought iron ornaments are usually hand-made and worn to make a rusty effect, thus reflecting the vicissitudes of the age.

Conclusion: The details highlight the quality, from furniture, as small as living room decoration, every place Awakening the natural beauty that has been sleeping for a long time, the pastoral style has become a clear stream in the era of fast-paced consumption. Feeling the simplicity of nature is the yearning of most people. Are you also in the heart?

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How should aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees get their first bucket of gold?

Many friends are very interested in joining aluminum alloy doors and windows, and feel that they can get their first bucket of gold in this industry. Then we must first understand what an aluminum alloy door and window franchisee has to do, and Xiaobian will give you an analysis.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees want to succeed, on the one hand, they must improve their operational capabilities, on the other hand To actively cooperate with the manufacturer, and need to understand the needs of customers. Of course, it is not an easy task to join the door and window to start a business. If the franchisee wants to succeed, he must be well prepared.

When you officially open a store, you should first conduct a basic survey of the customer’s intentions and investigate what they like about the product. Understand the price that customers can accept, effectively grasp the customer’s thinking at the beginning of the store, and do some corresponding promotions to attract customers to pay attention to other content.

A successful franchise store has a lot of things to do. We not only need to provide high-quality and low-priced products, but also provide a variety of high-quality services, good reputation, and the number of old customers. More and more, our market will become more and more huge.

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Winning Education Wang Haitao: Doing education, content is king

It’s been 40 years since I resumed the college entrance examination in 1977.

In the 40 years of change, in addition to spawning a subdivision of the extracurricular tutoring, in recent years, it has also extended the market after the college entrance examination, self-enrollment, volunteering, and college entrance examination classes. The market scale is 600 billion.

Wang Haitao was not the first person to discover this blue ocean market, but he was the one who made it the most popular.

He is well aware of the consequences of blindly choosing a major. He insisted on the original intention of solving the talent classification problem with the college entrance examination as the core. In 2009, he founded the Winning Education Group and launched the college entrance examination. product. In 2015, the net profit was 110 million yuan. In July of the same year, the new three boards were listed, and the performance soared.

When more and more players enter the game and chase this wave of bonuses, Wang Haitao suddenly brakes and turns to the smart product “Little Horse · the college entrance examination robot” (hereinafter referred to as “a little horse”).

Betting on the online education market that is being shuffled, filling the black hole in the college entrance examination education resources, and striving to do the most perfect education. In this game, is Wang Haitao gambling or winning?

Doing education, content is king

After a company is in a difficult situation, facing the unpredictable trend, How to find your own coordinates, avoid losing to yourself, and open up a broader future?

Before deciding to enter the college entrance examination training market, Wang Haitao has drawn himself out of the company many times, thinking about education and training. The development of the industry.

The training class appeared in the 1980s. The model at the time was to spend extra time at the school teacher to meet the needs of the students’ college entrance examination counseling and to gain some benefits.

Wang Haitao referred to that era as the education of the drama mode. The operators started a cram school, which was like a drama. They were all small workshops. Due to the uneven quality of teachers, the content of teaching is not guaranteed; coupled with the increasing cost of rent, personnel and operations, the development of K12 tutoring has been extremely slow for a long time.

In an era when business theory was not developed and business logic was not yet structured, operators were groping forward with a near-intuitive thing.

After entering the year 2000, the education industry has experienced explosive growth, and there have been a variety of training institutions such as early childhood education, primary and secondary education, postgraduate study, and study abroad. From the first-tier to the second- and third-tier cities, from the large-scale training institutions to the training courses in various places, the education and training industry is highly dispersed.

At the same time, with the continuous improvement of Internet technology, online education has also been greatly developed. Especially in 2014, “Internet + education has become a new enthusiasm. Every online education platform is eager to become a unicorn. From creation to scale of revenue to listing, the time chain is constantly shortening.

However, tearing away the “outside the Internet, most platforms actually “just sell videos, not sell content.” The common method of recording on the online education platform is: a teacher lectures in the camera in a room, and no student interacts with the whole process; the company edits the course and finally puts it on the platform. A video has changed and it has become an online education.

▲Tear away "Internet cloak, most platforms actually & ldquo; just sell video, not sell Content

“ If the early stage is the drama mode, then after the video stage, the education and training industry began to develop towards the film production mode. Wang Haitao analyzed, “A movie is a video. A good movie must have a complete scriptwriting system, with excellent producers, directors, screenwriters, actors and post-productions. But whether it is education or film, doing content is the first step.

In 2014, the competition for K12 online education was fierce. Before the giant company’s transformation line, there were new forces emerging. Despite the wide variety of online education platforms, there is a lack of quality content. The production of high-quality content is not “all the way, the knowledge is constantly updated and iterated with the development of society. The demand for new high-quality content is an eternal topic, and education is also true.

When we discuss the evolution of the Chinese education and training market, we are talking about some sort of opportunity for the next stage. An era has the needs and characteristics of an era. Legendary stories and hugely funded scripts can no longer be sold. “The content is king is perhaps the most important premise and core.

Betting on the most perfect education

After arranging the core of education, Wang Haitao gave birth to a thought: to be the perfect education, to be a film company in the education industry. But it is not just to educate pure quality content. Wang Haitao is betting on the education of artificial intelligence + film company + service model.

In 2016, AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi and became a landmark event in the development of artificial intelligence. The enthusiasm for artificial intelligence swept the world. Among them, the field of education has also begun to introduce artificial intelligence.

Currently, in education, the most common artificial intelligence technology is speech recognition and image recognition. Together with big data technology, students can quickly collect and analyze student data and provide high efficiency. Learning scene.

& ldquo; Now many technology companies are entering the field of education, I am thinking about thatThe experience and model of some successful companies is technology + education, education + technology? Wang Haitao has visited many search software companies, they have invested heavily in technology research and development, have a huge database, students only need to take a few photos The database can quickly answer. But these technologies eventually became a tool for students to copy jobs.

It is undeniable that technology can bring about changes in education, but it does not change education. It is still a tool for assisting education; famous teachers can provide the best quality education, but resources are scarce, and the traditional face-to-face education model also Limited by time and space. The fact is that artificial intelligence and teacher resources are often separated, forming a huge black hole in the waste of teaching resources for college entrance examinations.

If we can develop learning methods based on content based on artificial intelligence and combine the best education services and teaching management services, we will form the most stable barriers to competition. After thinking about everything, Wang Haitao became more and more determined. In November 2015, Wang Haitao re-established a team within the company to win the new product project and named it “a little horse.”

▲Wang Haitao is betting on the education of artificial intelligence + film company + service model

Next, you only need to address the issues of quality content and technology development.

In fact, in the years of doing the college entrance examination service, Yingding Education has accumulated a lot of excellent teachers resources. In 2015, 26 provinces unified the proposition of the college entrance examination, and also set up a bridge for Wang Haitao.

In the end, after more than a year of cooperation and negotiation, Wang Haitao invited the national masters of the high school three-year and nine-year university department to carry out strict teaching design and courses under the premise of “director + scriptwriting system”. Recording. “These teachers are teaching in the field all the year round. They have a complete curriculum system, and they know the real needs of the students better than anyone else.

has a strong content team, but the hardware carrier of the content from the design prototype to the final solution optimization, the process is not smooth. After 9 months of repeated scrutiny and detail optimization, the hardware carrier was finally identified as a smart PAD.

Hardware as a learning medium, students will continue to use a product only if they have a sense of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in the learning process. To this end, Wang Haitao also requested that “a little horse must present learning styles in multiple dimensions.

Take the smart pen as an example, he does not let go of every detail. Wang Haitao requires designers to quickly find knowledge points on smart PADs without changing any study habits. In the end, the designer designed a micro-scanner on the pen side, and specially processed the color of the textbook to achieve the knowledge points on the screen on the screen within 2 seconds.

In addition to smart PADs and smart pens, smart boxes are also a must-have smart terminal. The smart box is equivalent to cloud storage, covering all the content of the high school nine colleges and the classroom video of the national teachers; without connecting to the network, to ensure that students learn in a focused environment.

▲The Little Horse product contains all the knowledge points of the high school three-year university section

Wang Haitao is extremely savvy about products. In March 2017, “After the listing, he continued to ask the team to maintain the ability of continuous research and development, and designed targeted online exercises to help students improve their knowledge structure.

As a product of “Bai Qigong”, “A little horse is listed for only 5 months, and the monthly sales will exceed 10 million yuan, and it will increase at a rate of 20% per month. From the market feedback point of view, this game, Wang Haitao wins the coupon.

A successful entrepreneur can often see opportunities in the next decade or even a hundred years. This is also the business acumen of Wang Haitao.


▲Zhang Jia translation endorsement a little horse

Hanging with the business, it is always impossible to avoid the secular vision. “ Close to the money, away from the distance. In 2008, Wang Haitao first came to Beijing to start a business, he set a standard for himself.

In the past nine years, Wang Haitao suddenly realized that “the most perfect education is a social thing,” educators, not for the past, not for the present, but for the future. In the past, after the college entrance examination, the market was to solve the problem of talent classification; what is being done now is to solve the problem of the future college entrance examination.

Betting on content education is not a “gambling.” For Wang Haitao, the twists and turns of the previous nine years have passed all the way, followed by the smooth road of a horse.

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This design of the children’s room, they will love ~

As the child grows older, some items will no longer be applicable, so if you can choose to flexibly respond to these changes furniture, then not only will it be convenient, but also very affordable, to a certain extent also avoid Waste.

The child of this period is already a small adult, who needs a certain amount of personal space and has certain independence. Therefore, it is necessary to design a separate room for them.

But to prevent children from getting into their own rooms, you can design the living room to be a comfortable place. You need to think about the family that can reunite the family. Class=”autolink”>Interior design, such as the computer can be placed in the living room, is a small attraction for children.

Reading recommendation:

• new house renovation process • bull multi-purpose socket • Zhuhai decoration company • Hangzhou decoration design • kindergarten decoration design

&bull Activated carbon to remove formaldehyde • bathroom door top ten brand • now popular decoration style • family nursery decoration

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Chuchu push platform to connect with 5000+ famous brand suppliers worldwide, preferably more than 300,000 of the most cost-effective first-hand sources, eliminating intermediate links and directly targeting billion-level advertising Fei Lili gives customers and VIP shopping guides a real way to truly achieve zero-distance docking between factory goods and customers, without the middlemen making a difference.

Based on the massive goods on Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong selects the advantageous products that benefit from social communication, forming a leading platform for social e-commerce goods collection, and relying on Chuchu Street for many years of customer service and after-sales service. Industry-leading service capabilities such as quality assurance, escort the user’s promotion and purchase experience. Chu Chu push, is a social e-commerce platform to promote Chu Chutong goods, through strong technology research and development capabilities, community operation capabilities and convenient WeChat purchase and promotion experience, to create a business through the promotion of goods, create a community to obtain rich income platform. Excellent VIP shopping guides sign directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

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7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

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