The whole platform outputs four parts of resources, which is in essence to win the benefits of “franchisees”.

After the incident of home-run e-station, there were media dealers who have been engaged in the Internet packaging industry for many years. He introduced the specific interests of the Internet installation platform and franchisees to reporters.

What does the self-installation platform output to the franchisee?

Generally speaking, after the franchise fee or shares are acquired, the package platform generally exports four parts of resources to the franchisee. The first is management, which is almost all the services that the industry will provide. From the store image, process management and personnel training, to the shopping guide skills, software use and store display, it is all-inclusive. The dealer said that the management output of the home improvement e station is relatively weak, which is not only reflected in the case of Zhou Dongdong running, but also reflected in the previous counterfeit brand deeds. The most common is that the franchisees who are not renewing the contract are still using the brand operation of the home improvement e station, until the storm headquarters is aware of the seriousness of the problem, it can be seen that the headquarters control and control of the terminal market is not in place.

The second is the most important quality supply chain, which is a great tool to attract franchisees and capital markets. In order to effectively organize more well-known building materials brands, many home improvement companies have expanded their distribution stores in the early stage, so the quality standards of dealers have been lowered. The dealer also said that the home improvement e station can be used in a short period of time to “out the main package” design package and “the construction package package advantages, but also thanks to the rapid expansion of 500 stores. However, reducing the quality screening of franchisees has finally become one of the reasons for the scandals today. It is not accidental that the franchisees are running.

The third output of the service is traffic, which is a unique advantage of the Internet installation platform. In addition to Tuba Rabbit and, the early start of the home improvement e station borrowing the Tmall platform also accumulated considerable traffic. This is one of the most important factors for franchisees, because there will be orders and revenues with traffic. However, the traffic received by the headquarters is not provided to the franchisee free of charge. The dealer revealed to the Pan Home Network that every traffic provided by the headquarters is charged, but the way the fees are reflected is different.

Finally, financial services, this depends on the size of the company and the relationship with the bank. If the headquarters can provide financial services, it will definitely increase the attractiveness of the brand, which is naturally a good thing for the franchisees. Two days before the first home network, it just announced that it has joined hands with CCB to build a home-made P2P platform for financial decoration, which will expand the service group and improve service quality.

Platform: Creating profitable growth points

The dealer said that at this stage, the profitability of the Internet installation platform is not optimistic. From the perspective of the four major export projects, the revenue of the Internet installation platform seems to be only the initial fee. In terms of materials, in order to quickly seize market share and continuously reduce prices, there is almost no profit. Then it is to use the platform’s traffic advantage to sell traffic to franchisees, but the high cost of such things as Tuba Rabbit and Qijia Online’s thousands of sales personnel also makes this profit point disappear. Therefore, a large number of self-contained platforms still rely on the relief of the capital market, but the larger platform has begun to look for new growth points.

How to find interest growth points? The Guangdong dealer said that the most common is to start with the joining method. With the development of the Internet assembly industry, the integration of different types of installation platforms and franchisees has also changed, from the simple form of franchise fees to profitability, and even the way of partners. Among them, the mode is the most common, that is, each time a dealer completes a single order, he must deliver part of the profit to the headquarters. The percentage is inversely proportional to the basic franchise fee. As a result, the franchise conditions can be reduced to achieve a rapid layout, which not only expands the scale to attract capital but also optimizes the supply chain. But for franchisees, the compression of profits will only make them more and more bitter.

To add insult to injury, in addition to the commissioned model, the Internet installation platform will take a certain percentage of the deposit in order to protect the interests of customers, some up to 50%, in case of subsequent project monitoring or complaints. Although the money will eventually return to the dealer’s hands, but in the period of 2 to 4 months, the value created by this cash is not a life-saving for the dealers? This phenomenon is also reflected in the home station e station . After Zhou Dongdong’s run-off incident, Love Honeycomb E-Commerce Co., Ltd. issued a statement stating that all the owners who signed the relevant contracts with the company’s authorized city operators and paid the relevant payments through the designated Alipay or e-jiabao after placing the orders through the Tmall flagship store, Our company will open a reception window to handle it one after another. It can be seen that the customer’s deposit first passes through the installation platform, and then enters the franchisee’s account in batches. In this long process, the value created by a large amount of cash flow is quite high.

Dealer: Arms are not too big thighs

Under such demanding rules, franchisees naturally have a solution. So how is the strategy? When asked about this question, the dealer said for a while that it was an order transfer, that is, signing a contract with another customer-owned company that is solely owned by the customer. For example, Zhou Dongdong, a Jinan operator of the home improvement e station, is operating like this. In the contract with which the customer signed a contract, there are four different official seals. It can be seen that this operation mode has reached a point of perfection. However, skipping the whole platform means that the company cannot provide the high-quality supply chain provided by the company, and it is difficult to achieve profitability under the price system of the Internet.

Why is it difficult to make a profit? In fact, the reason is very simple. The price of the Internet is very low, even lower than the so-called F2C model. For example, the 699 package that I loved earlier, is a great challenge for traditional assembly companies. Therefore, for private dealers with weaker strengths, the lack of material integration capabilities, design capabilities, financial services and other aspects will only increase operational risks.

So many Internet franchisees only honestly follow the rules set by the platform, although they are thin but at leastIt can move forward with the company’s pace. The dealer said, according to Zhou Dongdong’s operation, although he can escape the “exploitation” of the headquarters, but under the extremely low price system, he has to find ways to reduce costs, such as forging false companies to avoid taxes (Zhou Dongdong’s four Only one company is legal.) According to People’s Daily, Zhou Dongdong owed nearly 30 suppliers’ goods before the road, which is expected to be more than 1 million. This shows that the business outside the home station is not ideal.

In summary, although the Internet installation platform can provide management, supply chain, traffic and financial services for franchisees, each of them requires franchisees to pay the corresponding price. But in retrospect, the platform is not profitable by the content of these outputs? In a certain sense, this ability to hematopoietic is also a magic weapon to win the capital, and ultimately the only franchisee friends.

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Foshan builds a platform to help building materials companies connect to the US market

Yesterday, Foshan Home Furnishing and Decorative Building Materials Enterprise “When entering the US International Market Strategic Layout and Channel Matchmaking Conference was held at Crowne Plaza Foshan, helping Foshan enterprises to connect directly to the North American market.

The event was hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Foshan Municipal Committee, Foshan International Chamber of Commerce, and the IDO Home Furnishing and Building Materials Direct Sales Mall. Foshan City Federation of Enterprises and Foshan Entrepreneur Organized by the association.

The reporter learned from the meeting that the total domestic building materials market reached $3 trillion annually, and the construction of new homes has continued to grow at a high level in recent years. This is undoubtedly a huge cake for Foshan building materials enterprises. But how to dock the US market has become a problem for enterprises.

 The total import and export volume of Foshan and the United States last year was about $7.2 billion, mainly related to industries including home and ceramics. Tong Quanqing, deputy director of the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that although Foshan’s investment in the United States has developed rapidly in recent years, it is still in its infancy, so it is necessary to build a platform to help enterprises connect to the US market.

 In the past, building materials companies mainly relied on the network and participated in exhibitions in the international market. The channels were relatively simple and the marketing costs were higher and higher. Understanding. Zhang Baicheng, executive vice president of the Foshan Entrepreneurs Association, said that the North American customer’s initiative to come to Foshan for demonstration was a breakthrough in the traditional sales channels of the past. Zhang Baicheng said that there is another highlight of the matchmaking meeting, that is, the organizer and the organizer are all business associations. “The power of individual enterprises is limited. To speed up the market, it is necessary to rely on the business associations to gather the enterprises and take them away. Go out.

In addition, Tong Quanqing also introduced the company’s overseas investment management and support policies, so that “going out” companies have clear ideas and specific operational steps.

&nbspquo;Foshan building materials industry has obvious advantages, and hopes to have more cooperation with Foshan enterprises. Representatives from the Georgia Department of Economics and Mayor of Mackintosh, kellyspratt, explained the relevant preferential policies and investment environment for investment in the United States at the matchmaking meeting. In addition, the person in charge of IDO Building Materials City also introduced and analyzed the US home building materials market and consumption.

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How about Jinshiyu Water Purifier? Jinshiyu Water Purifier Price

Founded in 1993, Shenzhen Chengrong Gold Technology Co., Ltd. is an international large-scale high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of water purifiers. Chengrong Group (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the information about the Jinshiyu water purifier. I hope that it will help you.

【How to Jinshiyu Water Purifier】

Brand Introduction

Jinshiyu Water Purifier, from the core of Chengrong Group (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. The brand, with more than 22 years of development history, is located in a large-scale comprehensive industrial park with an overall area of ​​50,000 square meters. It is an integrated supplier of professional kitchen water purifiers and household direct drinking water systems.

In 2010, Jin Shiyu made a major breakthrough in the field of pure drinking water technology, becoming the promoter of China’s water purification industry and the master of core technology. The comprehensive strength and brand influence are among the best in domestic peer brands. The products and service outlets cover more than 20 countries and regions in the country, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Jin Shiyu provides consumers with a healthy water purification experience and enjoyable life by providing stylish and high-end differentiated water purification products and sincere service.

Brand Strength

Jin Shiyu has the industry’s leading ultrafiltration water purifier production line and the largest ultrafiltration membrane production workshop in China, enabling independent mold opening, product design, production and development. Manufacturing integration, at the same time independent research and development of reverse osmosis membrane technology, strict control of each process of production of products, the introduction of international advanced all-digital production testing equipment, strict product testing procedures, highlight product quality and after-sales service, for the national distributors Perfect after-sales service system, fully launched “One year replacement” “five-year warranty”, lifetime maintenance service measures, standard after-sales service, providing consumers with a more perfect after-sales service experience, becoming the most influential in the industry and society. Integrated service company.

Six technical advantages of Jinshiyu Water Purifier:

First: Product opening technology: Jin Shiyu controls product quality from product materials, ultrafiltration water purifier product materials All imported pure 304 stainless steel tubes are used to refine the design structure to enhance the leak-proof strength. The product has a longer service life and the product filter material is more abundant.

Second: Original <; Net Shield Straight Drinking Water Technology: To achieve the third-generation ultrafiltration purification technology upgrade, Jinshiyu Net Shield Security Defense Protection integrates the inner wall mirror smooth technology, which can effectively resist dissolution, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion Scale, prevent secondary pollution, deep purification, direct drinking from water, safe and efficient. As the industry’s highest standard, it is widely used in kitchen water purifiers, direct drinking water purifiers and other products to promote the development of China’s direct drinking water.

Third: No electricity booster technology: Jinshiyu no electric booster technology completely abandoned the traditional pure The water machine needs the hard requirement of plugging in, and at the same time ensures that the machine can start normally under low water pressure conditions. Jinshiyu non-electric pure water machine simplifies the structure of product parts, completely eliminates the failure rate of power leakage and power supply devices, reduces the failure rate of pure water machine as a whole, improves product performance and safety, and enhances the service life of the product. Supercharged technology creates a Chinese household water purifier era without electricity!

Fourth: Separate water supply technology: Jin Shiyu redesigned the internal circuit of the pure water machine to achieve the super-large water supply while realizing the RO pure water machine level 3 filtered domestic water, 5-stage filtration purification Water, while meeting the needs of two water quality water supply.

Fifth: Energy-saving emission technology: Jinshiyu household water purifier adopts five-level super-strong filter, the water is pure and healthy, and at the same time effectively reduce the wastewater rate, so that the proportion of pure water wastewater discharge is controlled at 1:3 gold. The ratio is in line with the international general standard wastewater ratio theory.

Sixth: PP5 food grade materials technology: Jin Shiyu’s independent production of ultrafiltration membranes are food grade requirements, made of polypropylene, super strong antibacterial, and can be used repeatedly, the membrane is more hydrophilic, At the same time, the surface roughness of the membrane is increased and the effective area of ​​the membrane surface is increased, the membrane flux is increased, and the turbulence of the mixture is enhanced to reduce membrane fouling.

Jinshiyu Water Purifier took the lead in passing the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification. The products have obtained many national authority certifications such as the Ministry of Health’s water-related approvals, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and the Guangdong Provincial Health Inspection Center. .

Brand Concept

National Brand, China Pride! The Jinshiyu water purifier is born for Chinese water quality. Jin Shiyu will adhere to the scientific, development, and innovative ideas, constantly pursuing perfection, constantly surpassing innovation, continuously improving the core competitive advantages of enterprises, and better providing consumers with more high-quality and high-quality enjoyment.

As a leading brand in China’s water purification industry, Jinshiyu Water Purifier has demonstrated its brand strength in the national water purifier market and successfully completed its transformation. It has won the continuous growth of market share and wide recognition from all walks of life. It has achieved steady and rapid development of the company and has become China’s most valuable model water purification brand.

[Golden Poetry Water Purifier Price]

How about the price of Jinshiyu Water Purifier? Product positioning in the high-end consumer groups, the water purifier price market price is around 3,000, which is popular among the domestic mass consumer groups. From the latest release in July, the first half of 2015, the water purifier single product sales list, Jin Shiyu JSY-RO -A8 has won the sales and sales double crown, and together with Angel, Midea, Sun Rain, Gree, Bishuiyuan, Baima, Gion, Lisheng and Quanlai, the top ten brands of water purifiersThe rankings

The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the Jinshiyu water purifier. Jinshiyu water purifier price information, I hope to help everyone.

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The China National Association for Supply and Demand has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Arab Investment Promotion Association.

On March 8, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between the China Building Decoration Association Supply and Demand Committee and the China Arab Investment Promotion Association was held in Beijing. Ai Heming, deputy secretary general of China Building Decoration Association, Jiang Rui, secretary general of China Building Decoration Association Supply and Demand Committee, Yang Lan, vice president of China Arab Investment Promotion Association, Ma Hongjun, secretary general of China Arab Investment Promotion Association, and some business leaders attended this meeting. Secondary activities.

At the signing ceremony, Jiang Rui said that he would rely on the “One Belt, One Road” policy to allow Chinese decoration companies and decorative materials companies to “go out” and resolve the overcapacity conflict. It is necessary to let the supply and demand sides talk directly, cancel the intermediate links, and reduce the burden on the enterprise.

Ma Hongjun mentioned at the signing ceremony that it is expected that by 2020, the League of Arab States will have a project budget of 3 trillion US dollars. The China Building Decoration Association’s Supply and Demand Committee has a large number of member companies. The China Arab Investment Promotion Association is willing to introduce more high-quality Chinese enterprises into the Arab world. The future cooperation between the two sides is broad.

It is reported that the strategic cooperation between the two parties includes the green building materials furniture experience museum project, building materials export and merchandise trade, Chinese enterprises stationed in the Arab countries, and follow-up activities and exhibitions. Up to now, the China Building Decoration Association Supply and Demand Committee has teamed up with the nation’s outstanding building materials manufacturers to build a green building decoration materials supply and demand service procurement platform; China Arab Investment Promotion Association has long been committed to promoting business communication between China and the Arab countries. Project cooperation.

Source: Internet

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Middle East Sanitary Ware Market: Single Scattered

As the so-called chaotic heroes, the current situation in the UAE sanitary ware market has created an excellent opportunity for foreign sanitary ware companies to show their strengths in the UAE sanitary ware market. Because there are few sanitary ware companies in the UAE, and the market sources are too broad, it is difficult for local authorities to supervise. Therefore, the UAE hopes to form a corporate monopoly in its domestic market, so their energy and time for the market are naturally reduced. . Therefore, China’s sanitary ware enterprises can seize the needs of their markets, and build a large-scale group in the UAE market. With the support of the UAE government, it will become very smooth in its market expansion.

The actual situation of the UAE bathroom market

At present, the UAE sanitary ware market mainly has the following characteristics: First, the sanitary product type It is too singular. Although there are many international sanitary ware companies in the local market, these companies have great similarities in various products, because the international market is also following the trend. For this reason, this kind of follow-up phenomenon has created certain categories. The product base is too large, and the other products are too small. Changing this situation requires market regulation, but if the market lacks strong enterprises, it will not be able to complete the adjustment. Because the market enterprises are too scattered, it is difficult for any of the enterprises to be the source of the Chinese ceramics market.

Emirates Sanitary Ware Market: Single Dispersion

Second, the business model of the UAE bathroom market is extremely scattered because the Middle East market belongs to The emerging markets in the world have attracted many countries’ sanitary ware enterprises. The enterprises that set up branches here are naturally dazzling, some of them are very small and some are large. The large and small shops together need the local regulatory authorities to spend quite a lot. Great strength. At present, the relevant departments of the UAE have also publicly expressed the hope that their domestic sanitary ware market will undergo new changes, showing the situation that several foreign sanitary ware enterprises occupy the market, and hope that all stores can be integrated in terms of scale, so that the market can be more standardized and simplified.

Establishing large-scale shopping malls to seize market opportunities

If you build a large shopping mall in the UAE, even if you don’t do direct sales Great benefits can be obtained, shopping malls can make the store more standardized, and regulate the shops through the mall mechanism, which is very convenient for the supervision of the relevant departments of the UAE, and it is very convenient for local consumers to make their shopping. At the same time, it is also possible to set up a corresponding network platform. Once the platform can be well-known in the UAE, it is bound to become an active influx of local sanitary ware businesses.

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There are so many problems in the whole house, can it really carry new hopes in the industry?

Image from “

In the face of unstoppable user needs, the whole enterprise needs to be extremely diligent, to open up various nodes and improve their own capabilities, in order to meet and even lead the needs of consumers.

In the second half of 2017, “the whole house was installed for the first time in people’s field of vision; in 2018, “the whole assembly became the topic of the pan-home industry after the whole house customization, real estate, ceramic building materials For the first time, furniture, internet, and decoration companies have shared goals —— trillions of consumer market.

The industry generally believes that 2018 is the first year of the whole installation. The most intuitive feeling is that in the spring furniture exhibition in March 2018, many companies have launched a “package business” for a time. The whole assembly has become the freshest trend in the industry.

In the second half of last year, this website reported on the situation of the whole equipment in the process of market promotion. Many enterprises that carry out the whole assembly business are in the stage of burning money, and many enterprises quietly exit the whole assembly field.

In the past year, what are the performances of the companies that are still insisting? We can look at the 2018 annual financial report released in March.

Two companies announced their own transcripts

Carefully studied the 2018 financial reports of major listed companies, and Xiaobian found that they had published two transcripts. The two companies have different dressing patterns, but the growth is good. One is the European home. Ou Pai mainly integrates its home improvement supply chain with its own brand influence and the whole house customization ability, and forms a complementary resource (product + service) and strong alliance with the local TOP home improvement company. In 2018, the European business income exceeded 10 billion, of which the performance of the whole set of orders exceeded 350 million.

The second is Shangpin. The whole assembly business HOMKOO has installed the cloud in the second half of 2017. It has mainly promoted the decoration enterprise and recruited the decoration enterprise members, supplemented by the self-operated decoration business. By the end of the year, more than 1,200 members have been recruited. The income of Shangpin home improvement equipment increased from 2.28 million yuan in 2017 to 194 million yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 8401.91%. Although the proportion of the packaged income is not large in the revenue of Shangpin’s home with nearly 7 billion in the whole year, its growth rate is far beyond the main business of the whole house customization.

The total amount of self-installed business is low

In 2018, which is called the first year of the whole year, in addition to the European, Bolognese, Siniman, Sophia, Shangpin home delivery Customized companies such as gold cabinets have been involved in the whole installation. The real estate companies represented by Country Garden, Evergrande and Vanke are also accelerating the pace of expansion. At the same time, the new self-contained platforms such as Xingjuyi, Bu Rui, and the whole factory are also coming on stage. Together with some traditional Internet home improvement companies, the whole game has entered a lot of competitions. Player.

The above players are not lacking in listed companies. Why is it that one year has passed, but it is not too much to dare to show the whole transcripts?

The reason may be that the whole package business is currently brought to the enterprise. The ratio of revenue to total revenue is negligible, and the confidence that affects business advancement is announced.

However, we can only see from the two companies that have published their results. Although the scale of revenue is not large, the growth rate is almost geometrically increasing, which confirms Before the industry is optimistic about the whole package, there are sufficient reasons: once the operation of the whole package business is mature, its revenue growth will be multiplied, and it is a “big Mac” business that can cover all the big household categories.

A lot of problems in the whole assembly business

Duration, delivery quality, delivery standards… In the feedback of many self-contained users, the decoration headaches that consumers often encounter, Still will encounter a lot. For the enterprises that do the whole assembly business, the roll-out of the whole installation requires not only a large amount of funds to be maintained, but more importantly, it is difficult to acquire and manage a certain size of the whole-scale talents in a short period of time, and the construction period is very high. Long, the management problems in the middle of each link are endless.

As far as users are concerned, the biggest criticism for the whole company is that it cannot guarantee the uniformity of delivery standards within the agreed delivery period. When the various assembly projects are carried out at the same time, the construction project managers, construction engineers, and construction masters of each process are not leveled at all levels, and various raw materials cannot be kept up in time, which leads to the user’s ability to obtain good. The key to self-contained products and services is to take chances.

For the development that has only been developed for more than a year, it is still in its infancy, and it will take a long time to mature. This requires not only opening up some nodes from the operational mode and technology, but also precipitating and cultivating talents. It even needs to burn money and deliver a large amount of tuition fees.

The road is tortuous, but fortunately the future is bright. According to the results of the DCCI Internet Data Center, nearly 40% of the 2018 decoration owners tend to choose the whole house furniture customization and the well-known brand of home building materials to save time and effort, of which 82% after 80 and 90; The other 60% choose the package and half-package repair mode.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the growth of the younger generation into the main consumer of the home market, the self-contained model will become the preference of most consumers.

In the face of such an unstoppable trend of user demand, it is necessary for the whole person to be extremely diligent, to open up various nodes and improve their ability to meet and even lead the needs of consumers. (*This article has been marked with the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, pleaseContact us)

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Jiangsu Nantong Rugao Port imported foreign stone for the first time

On August 15, the shipment of more than 10,000 tons of granite blocks from the port of Kakinada, India, was held at the No. 2 berth of Jiangsu Rugao Port Group, the first granite trade to reach Rugao Port. Bulk carrier.

Granite is widely used in high-grade construction projects because of its high hardness, wear resistance, weather resistance, beautiful color and long-lasting color. It can also be used as an open-air engraving. Granite is widely distributed and has many types. The type of imported materials is “British brown”.

As a major support project in Jiangsu Province in 2015, Rugao City will gradually build a large-scale international stone industrial city that can accommodate 1,500 various types of stone processing and supporting operations in Rugao Port. Strive to build one of the three major stone distribution centers in the country. In the future, more foreign imported stone freighters will enter Rugao Port from Brazil, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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Japanese LED lighting market development status and consumption response strategy

I. Current Status of LED Industry

1. Japan has higher electricity bills and more incandescent lamps, resulting in high energy consumption and a large amount of carbon emissions. Therefore, Japan People have long recognized the importance of energy conservation and the environment. After the “Kyoto Protocol” in 1997, Japan actively promoted the promotion of LED lighting, forced to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; through the revision of laws to strengthen the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, another major environmental murderer is greenhouse gases, the Japanese government revised in 2008 The Energy Conservation Act, revised content includes the introduction of traditional enterprise energy management (shops, business premises, etc.). After the revision, some small businesses such as offices and convenience stores must also be prepared to implement independent control standards and record measurements. At the 2010 Global Warming Symposium, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry decided to replace fluorescent incandescent lamps with household incandescent lamps by 2012. As a result, some manufacturers have announced that they will stop the production of incandescent lamps and increase the production of LED lamps.

2. Based on Japan’s electronics industry alliances such as Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic Group’s LED lighting companies have begun large-scale TV advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns to provide consumers with awareness of LEDs. Opportunities for lighting fixtures. In fact, the revitalization of the LED lighting industry in Japan is due to the price reduction strategy of Japanese companies. In 2009, the price of LED lights began to fall. In March 2009, after a Toshiba LED lamp with a price of 10,000 yen entered the market, in June of the same year, Sharp also launched a home type with a price of 4,000 yen. LED lamps, the price has been greatly reduced by about 7,000 to 8,000 yen, which has a big impact on the LED industry. In the last 10 days of the same month, Toshiba also implemented a half price cut for new products with more functions, and the price was at 5,000 yen. In October, Panasonic finally launched a new product with a price of 4,000 yen.

3, such an unprecedented price reduction policy caused fierce competition among suppliers, resulting in the price of LED lamps in October 2010 plummeting to around 2,000 yen. At the end of 2009, the full competition between large enterprise groups led to a sharp drop in consumer prices of products between 70,000 and 80,000 to 4,000 to 5,000 yen. In addition, the fierce price competition in 2010 further pushed the price down to 2,500 yen, and the price gap with traditional lamps has shrunk a lot.

4, check the Japanese price comparison website (, which ranks first and lowest price,

LED lamps that consumers like are EVERLEDS, a brand independently developed by Matsushita, Japan. The lowest price in the market is 1,000 yen. Secondly, it is Toshiba’s E-CORE product with a price of 1,000 yen and 6.4W energy consumption, which is close to Panasonic’s products. From high-end products to other seven levels of products, mainly from large companies such as Sharp, Panasonic and Toshiba, the price does not exceed 2,000 yen; consumers can now easily buy LED products, supermarkets such as Xiyou Department stores, Japan’s AEON Group and discount electronics industry retailers such as Germany’s Laibang, Yodobashi cameras, and French BAK cameras have used LED-equipped accessories.

5, LED lights to replace traditional lamps will save more than 90% of electricity costs, 60W incandescent lamps use a month’s electricity costs is about 222 yen, and 6.3W LED lighting The electricity fee for a lamp used for one month is about 23 yen, saving 90% of the electricity bill every month. Japanese LED manufacturers are rushing to introduce simulation simulation system products that can display annual electricity usage, emphasizing the economic advantages of LED lighting to consumers.

The maximum LED bulb is (7W), the medium-sized fluorescent lamp is (12W), and the smallest incandescent lamp is (60W). Currently, the price of an incandescent bulb is around 100 yen, while an LED bulb is priced at 2,500 yen. The price of LED bulbs is 25 times higher than the price of incandescent bulbs. However, LED bulbs can be used for up to 40,000 hours, and if used for 5 hours a day, they have a service life of more than 20 years. The annual electricity bill reaches 277 yen. However, the life of an incandescent lamp is 1000 hours, so it can be used for 6 months with a daily usage time of 5 hours. Consumers need to spend 2,376 yen per year to buy incandescent bulbs.

Comparison of incandescent and bulb-type fluorescent lamps (three-wave lamps) shows that although the most expensive LED lamps have the highest initial cost, one year later, incandescent lamp maintenance costs and LEDs The price is quite high. After two years, the maintenance cost of incandescent lamps is 1.7 times that of LED lights. After five years, the maintenance cost of LED lamps is equivalent to the maintenance cost of bulb-type fluorescent lamps. Therefore, it is most advantageous to use LED lamps.

From the current situation, consumers are more likely to buy cheap incandescent or fluorescent lights because they hardly try expensive LED lights. However, from the perspective of consumers paying for electricity for a long time, it is absolutely more economical to use LED lighting.

Second, Japanese LED certification standards

Japanese market demand for LED certification standards

On the one hand, there are a certain number of low-cost LED lamps made in China on the Japanese market, which has disrupted the popularity of Japanese LED lamps. Japan still does not have LED lighting standards and certifications, so low-end LED lighting has occupied the entire market. The Japan Electric Light Manufacturers Association has prepared the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) raw data on the safety specifications of LED lamps, but will be approved next year. in this caseIn order to eliminate the distribution of inferior products in the market, it is extremely urgent to develop safety standards and certifications for display and LED lighting products.

In addition, there is another urgent need to develop LED lighting standardization. If Japan has established LED lighting standards, then there are a large number of LED lighting leaders who are engaged in In this industry, the United States insists on the certification of LED lighting standards, which largely reflects that LED lighting standards will become an obstacle to the entry of LED lighting market in Asia in the future. 100 companies in Japan are preparing to develop LED lighting standard certification at the LED lighting industry conference. It is expected that this will have a major impact on the future international certification standards for LED lighting.

1. Japanese JIS Certification Standards

(1) JIS Certification

Japan still does not have LED lighting certification and safety standards. The delay in the development of LED lighting certification is due to the need for a new perspective on peripherals, functional testing and safety specifications, due to the different principles of LED lighting. However, there are still many standards that can be utilized.

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) is a recognized, voluntary standard established by the State under the Industrial Standards Act. The JIS certification standard measurement method needs to check the model, size, quality, function and product safety.

(2) JIS certification summary

JIS certification requires detailed quality certification to make users and consumers feel at ease Quality products and processed products. Therefore, the product complies with the JIS certification standard and also has the JIS certification mark.

JIS is not a product inspection method that guarantees that industrial products and processed products comply with JIS standards, but “on-site audit system identifies the entire plant system and inspects industrial and processed products. The skills are in accordance with JIS certification standards and are designed to allow the use of JIS certification marks. A JIS-certified company needs the ability to continuously manufacture JIS-certified security products. In order to verify this capability, the audit is performed by a certification body accredited by the Japanese government or a third party, and the audit results are used as indicators of public procurement projects.

Since the revision of the Industrial Standardization Law on October 1, 2005, a new JIS certification standard system has been in force. The application includes 900 electrical and electronic equipment. This is very similar to the Korean KS scoring system. LED lighting belongs to the field of electronic equipment and generators.

(3) The importance of obtaining JIS certification standards

The JIS scoring system aims to protect the interests of consumers and users. , allows the use of products, packaging and product containers that conform to the JIS certification mark. Therefore, when the quality of a product meets the JIS standard quality assurance, it will be successfully placed on the Japanese market. In addition, due to the certification relationship, the reliability of the product is improved. The JIS certification is very similar to the Korean scoring system. A total of 12 countries in the overseas market have accepted JIS certification standards: Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Mexico. However, each country has every mandatory certification system, so mandatory certification standards must first be obtained.

(4) After the certification body has been inspected, the certification body will perform on-site audit and quality management system audit. If the company passes the audit, it needs to fill out a Japanese Industrial Standard License Form, and then register with the relevant department and obtain the JIS use mark license.

2, Japan PSE certification standards

(1) PSE certification summary

The company plans to produce electrical equipment and materials or obtain certification standards to enter the Japanese market, and its importers should report to the Japanese Ministry of Economic Affairs and Industry and Commerce.

In 1961, the Electrical Equipment and Materials Control Act was enacted to regulate the production and sale of electrical equipment to ensure safety. Respond to technological advances and diverse living environments. However, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has revised the “Electrical Equipment and Materials Control Act” as a new law called “Electrical Equipment and Materials Safety Law”, which aims to transform government control into private autonomous control. The new law came into effect on April 1, 2001. According to the new regulations of the Electrical Equipment and Materials Safety Law, in addition to the conventional Dentori logo and T-Mark, the PSE certification mark was introduced. Passing the conformity test is a voluntary system and Japanese electrical equipment manufacturers and importers need to obtain and use the certification mark.

(2) PSE Certification Scheme

The purpose of this certification is to distinguish between special electrical equipment and materials and other electrical equipment and material. & ldquo; Electrical Equipment and Materials Control Act Article 9 (Special Inspection of Special Electrical Equipment and Materials) states that special electrical products shall pass the conformity inspection by the registered testing agency according to the classification of electrical appliances and materials, and then save the certification. Since LED lighting is an electrical device, it must enter the Japanese market. There are two types of certification marks: the PSE Diamond certification mark (mandatory certification) is used to specify products, and the PSE Circle certification mark (voluntary certification) is used for non-designated product certification.

All electrical equipment and materials are included. More specifically, there are two areas: designated products (SP) and non-designated products (NP solutions). SP included wire, insuranceWire, wiring device, current controller, ballast stability, electric heating appliances, machine equipment using electromotive force, application of electromechanical, electrical machinery and other alternating, mobile generators.

(3) Advantages of PSE Certification

This certification is for a company that wants to enter the Japanese electrical market. Secure mandatory certification. In particular, PSE certification is a new system that allows companies to obtain certification from third parties for free. Because of this more rational and objective regulations, PSE certification has greater reliability. According to the PSE certification, only Japanese manufacturers or importers are responsible, not foreign manufacturers, which proves that this certification in Japan is very strict and has a high reputation. Obtaining PSE safety certification is a prerequisite for entering the Japanese market.

(4) PSE Certification Procedures

Samples of the application form and test are submitted to the CB testing facility. The CB testing agency then conducts product testing. If the product meets all required standards, the CB certification body will issue a certification. The applicant (manufacturer) can use the PSE label on their products upon receipt of the certificate.

Third, the Japanese LED market entry strategy

The Japanese government announced that the market share of the LED lighting industry will exceed 20 in 2015. %, Japanese companies focus on investing in the LED lighting industry to expand their industrial base. In Japan, there are world-leading LED manufacturers such as Nichia Chemical, Toyota Synthetic and Showa Denko, Matsushita Electric, Toshiba and Sharp entering the LED industry, indicating the possibility of further growth in the Japanese LED lighting market.

Considering the characteristics of the Japanese market and industry, the Japanese market entry strategy is as follows:

(1) Obtain PSE certification

Since July 2012, Japan has set product safety (PSE) conformity assessment and qualification standards for electrical appliances and materials, which are designed to require all LED lights on the Japanese market. All pass PSE certification. In order to enter the Japanese market, LED products should obtain PSE certification.

(2) Entering the local market through Japanese agents

Japanese companies prefer to import through Japanese agents because they can It is easy to solve the problem and has a good after-sales service after the import transaction. To this end, companies intend to enter the Japanese market and need a reliable Japanese agent.

(3) Improve the reliability of consumers’ products

Japanese consumers will give priority to purchasing domestic products, therefore, Many people are very picky about imported products. After purchasing the product, if the supplier answers the customer’s request for slow or exaggerated factors, then the customer will be lost. To this end, any false and exaggerated information should be avoided, and answering Japanese customers should be based on reliability.

(4) Turning attention to raw materials

Some large Japanese conglomerates are engaged in the LED lighting industry, forcing Japan’s Small and medium-sized enterprises are targeting the niche market. It is the material industry of LED lighting, the rapid development of LED lighting market, leading to the shortage of related raw materials, such as sapphire substrates and MO (organic metal), LED raw materials industry jumped to the top of the industry. Therefore, the market prospects in the raw materials sector are broad and another good way to enter the market.

Fourth, the characteristics of lamps defined by the Japan Institute of Energy Economics (IEEJ)

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Malaysia ranks among the world’s top ten furniture exporters

【招商宝】Chairman of Malaysia International Export Furniture Fair (EFE) and Chairman of the Malaysian Furniture Association, Cai Chuncai, said that the furniture export system in Malaysia has matured and the furniture industry has developed rapidly. In 2016, the export volume was nearly RM10 billion. It is one of the top ten furniture exporting countries in the world.

Cai Chuncai said that the furniture made by Ma is known for its sophisticated and practical appearance. Rubber wood has always been a unique advantage for horse furniture, and the company’s shipments are on time and good reputation, so buyers can buy with confidence. The countries that promote the growth of horse furniture exports are the United States, Japan, India and the Philippines, resulting in a total export value of RM9.525 billion last year. He believes that the prospects of the furniture industry are very optimistic. Malaysia has a good infrastructure and 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. If you take advantage of the advantages and conditions to seize the opportunities in the international market, the furniture industry will have a better play.

Liang Huili, general manager of Ma International Export Furniture Fair, said that India is one of the fastest growing major economies today, with an estimated value of $1.8 billion in the furniture market. The spending power of the younger generation in India (between 25 and 54 years old, accounting for 40%) and the low furniture import tax have created great potential for Malaysia to expand its trade territory and develop its business. In the past few years, the export of horse furniture to India has grown steadily, with exports ranging from RM210 million in 2013 to RM311 million in 2016, and this year it has reached 517 million MYR.

The theme of this year’s International Export Furniture Fair is “New Design, New Opportunities, which will be held at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 8th to 11th. This year’s furniture fair attracted 300 domestic and foreign home furnishing exhibitors, an increase of 16% over the previous year. The first time exhibitors increased by 12%, and an estimated 745 million US dollars (about 3.314 billion MYR) transaction volume.

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70,000 can open a no-man restaurant, the central enterprise project chopsticks orange fairy powder into a new catering business

In recent years, I don’t know if you have this feeling. There are more and more people entering the catering industry across the border. The reason is that abundant cash flow, high gross profit, and no impact on the Internet are important reasons. However, at the same time, the soaring costs of manpower, rent, marketing, and management have made it more and more difficult for the catering industry to expand. In this context, a new industry called Uninhabited Restaurant came into being. The reporter learned that the current unmanned restaurant brand called chopsticks orange fairy powder, the banner of low-cost unmanned restaurants, relying on very low investment and rich product lines, has become a catering industry practitioners and entrepreneurial white Favor. Many people have succeeded in earning the first pot of gold.

The factory opened an uninhabited restaurant

Workers can eat hot meals 24 hours a day

Xiao Wang, who works in a large factory workshop for tens of thousands of employees in Chongqing, was recently circled by a new gadget. Two months ago, in his factory canteen and dormitory, he recently opened several uninhabited restaurants called chopsticks. In the past, due to the serious overtime work, once I couldn’t catch up with the meal, I couldn’t get the meal. In the middle of the night, all the restaurants were closed. At this time, if I was hungry, I could only rely on instant noodles. But with the unmanned restaurant, you can eat hot hot pot, hot and sour powder, hot pot rice noodles, braised pork hot pot powder and other products when you come here 24 hours. No longer worry about eating problems.

The reporter learned that two months ago, Chongqing businessman Ms. Shi and Mr. Wang were in Chongqing. Large-scale factories have introduced such unmanned restaurant equipment. A total of more than a dozen such unmanned restaurants have been laid out in various production lines and dormitory buildings in the two factories. “Two months down, I didn’t expect this model to be so popular. Many workers have made dining here a new choice. Ms. Shi said that according to the business calculations, the average monthly profit per machine can reach more than 6,000 yuan, and more than a dozen machines in the two factories have contributed a profit of 80,000 yuan per month. When I mentioned the money I earned, Ms. Shi and Mr. Wang’s music were not close together.

A variety of product lines to choose from

Unmanned restaurant investors collectively rush to the sunrise industry

At present, chopsticks orange can be customized according to customer needs. The hot food type of unmanned restaurant, the choice of items include spicy food, noodle rice noodles, health soup, freshly baked cakes, freshly squeezed drinks and other categories, all products are automatically completed by the machine from intelligent feeding to automatic production Process to meet the needs of different points and different markets.

Among them, the spicy food uninhabited restaurant can produce small hot pot, hot and sour powder, braised pork hot pot powder and hot pot rice noodles at the same time. Noodle rice noodle restaurant can operate the cooked rice noodles, noodles, mutton powder and so on. The nourishing soup can be produced in the uninhabited restaurant, such as silver fungus, rock sugar, pear and so on. Nowadays, the unbaked cakes can be baked on the spot after the customers order. Each cake is hot and crisp, and the taste is second to the traditional pastry shop.

& ldquo; Today, almost every week, we have to receive franchisees from all over the country. Many entrepreneurs from all over the country have seen the development of unmanned restaurants and want to bring this project to their hometown. The person in charge of chopsticks orange fairy powder said.

The reporter learned that since the official launch in October last year, the current chopsticks orange fairy powder noodle restaurant has been launched in Chongqing more than 20 outlets, distributed in scenic spots, large factories, hospitals and other places. In addition, at present, chopsticks orange powder has received more than 400 orders from all over the country. It will be distributed to regional markets such as Sichuan, Guangdong, Guizhou and Shaanxi during the year.

Diversified profit models

Unmanned restaurants subvert the traditional catering industry

What are the advantages of unmanned restaurants compared to traditional catering? A food industry observer.

The primary advantage is that he makes the catering from a heavy asset to a low investment and a quick return. “The above-mentioned person said that it is well known that it is not difficult to open a physical store today, not only to pay for the initial investment such as transfer fees and renovation fees, but also to face long-term high labor, rent, marketing and other costs. However, to start an uninhabited restaurant, all the investment including rent, franchise fee, deposit, and the first batch of goods will cost only 70,000 yuan. The main operating cost in the later period only includes the rent of about 2 square meters, which really makes the catering low. Cost operation, the fastest 2.6 months will be able to return.

In addition, this unmanned restaurant can break through the business hours of traditional restaurants and consume more frequently. Open 24 hours. “The above-mentioned person said that compared with the traditional vending machine, the size of this unmanned restaurant is the same as that of a general vending machine, but it does not have a restaurant business in the off-season. Compared with the traditional restaurant has a business hours limit, the unmanned restaurant can be opened 24 hours, especially after 10 pm, almost become the only choice for the surrounding diners, the more earned the night.

Third, the profit model of chopsticks orange fairy powder is more diverse. According to the above-mentioned person, the difference between the average equipment and the general equipment sales is that the model of chopsticks orange can make the investors earn income from three different channels at the same time, including passing food, take-out order and display on the machine. Screen ads are divided into revenues, which are more lucrative than those that rely solely on on-site diners.

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