What are the main points of home lighting purchase? Every room is different

  A lot of materials for home decoration are to be bought by yourself, so you need to know a lot about building materials, so that the purchase is both time-saving and not Laborious, so is the purchase of lamps. Therefore, today Xiaobian will share some points to purchase home lighting, and share what type of household lighting is good.

  What are the main points of home lighting purchase

  1. Choice of bathroom fixtures
   Choose incandescent lamps, not optional energy-saving lamps. Because the lamps used in the bathroom use a short time and a high frequency, it is better to choose incandescent lamps, so that the bathroom can be quickly lit up, and this does not consume electricity.

  2.Selection of living room lamps
  The lights in the living room are not specially ordered. Look at the style and size. If the space is small, a main light will be used. Well, if you have a lot of space, you need to use a luminaire that can create an atmosphere, such as a chandelier plus a downlight or a light strip.

  3. Bedroom lighting selection
  The bedroom is a relatively private space, optional soft lighting, which can make people relax, have to choose The yellow tone is dominant, which is also more welcoming. For example, it can be used as a recessed lighting or wall lamp, or in a decorative cabinet.

  4.Selection of restaurant lamps
  The restaurant can be selected according to the shape of your table, such as square chandelier with appropriate height; round can In addition to the long line chandeliers installed directly above, a hidden test downlight can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light source.

  5.Selection of kitchen lamps
  The kitchen does not need to be so fancy, the best choice is energy-saving lamps, and there is no need to install too many. It is not recommended for ceiling lamps because it does not converge and is very astigmatic.

  What type of household lighting is good

  1. Incandescent

   incandescent is our Commonly known as a light bulb, after the heat generated by the current through the filament, the heat is continuously concentrated by the spiral filament, so that the temperature of the filament becomes high and then brightens.

  2.Fluorescent lamp

   This is also called fluorescent lamp, which has argon in the tube and a few drops of mercury. Mercury atoms discharge the gas, releasing ultraviolet light.

  3.Energy-saving lamps

   Also known as compact fluorescent lamps, the principle of illumination is not much different from fluorescent lamps. However, the energy-saving lamps are relatively small in volume, and the electronic ballast volume used is small, and the stroboscopic phenomenon is alleviated.

  4.LED lamp

   Its scientific name is LED, a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electricity directly into light. . When current passes through the wafer in the wire, the electrons and holes of the LED lamp are pushed into the vector sub-trap, where the electrons recombine with the holes and then emit energy in the form of photons.

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Is the semi-open kitchen good? Expanding the visual space, the semi-open kitchen is a veteran.

The kitchen is a place to cook food, you can live in a home Important position. Especially for those who like food, they will pay more attention to the kitchen layout. The popular semi-open kitchen in recent years has become the first choice for many young people to decorate new homes. So what is the difference between a half-open kitchen and a traditional full-open kitchen? Let’s take a look at this article.

Is a semi-open kitchen good


First let us take a look at the half-open kitchen What is it like? The semi-open kitchen is a way to connect the kitchen to the dining room, which makes the space bright and has an infinite extension. The semi-open kitchen uses a glass partition and a transparent door to isolate the kitchen from other spaces. It also allows you to see everything outside through the glass and communicate with the outside world. Moreover, the glass door can increase the brightness of the room through the reflective effect, and can also expand the visual sense of space, which can be described as three-fold. The semi-open kitchen also gives a fresh, natural beauty inside. Its design breaks the traditional kitchen design, and he combines fashion and use.

Compared to a fully open kitchen,open kitchen design are countless: A, increase the sense of space. The open type, without partitions in the middle, the kitchen has become a “hall”, which immediately appears spacious and bright, more modern and stylish; B, preparation, dining, tableware cleaning in the same space, no long distance transmission, greatly Improve work efficiency; C, kitchen and meal space can be integrated, so that housewives can communicate with family members or visiting people while cooking, so that not only can our housewife feel happy, but also enable us to visit guests. There is a sense of belonging. D, semi-open kitchen fully combines the advantages of open kitchen and traditional kitchen, it can effectively solve the problem of kitchen soot, but also as simple and stylish as open kitchen.

In fact, the semi-open kitchen layout can not only Making the house look bigger can also increase the emotional communication between family members. Usually the semi-open kitchen will be separated from other spaces by glass partitions, transparent doors and bar partitions. At the same time, the inside of the kitchen can clearly see the inside and expand the space view, which is both beautiful and fashionable. Compared with the traditional kitchen, the semi-open kitchen is more life-oriented, not only can exchange interaction, but also the layout design is more diverse. Some people who are pursuing fashion also like to use the bar as a partition to make the whole space more modern. For small units, the bar can also serve as a dining table to increase space utilization. The semi-open kitchen retains its original independence, and if it is not partitioned, it becomes part of the living room, making the living room, dining room and kitchen look more beautiful and expanding the visual space.

Second, and the difference between a fully open kitchen

The average ordinary Chinese family mostly likes the fire Burning, the taste is heavy, and sometimes the dish with peppers is sure to get the taste of the dish. But the kitchen door is all behind the door, and the living room is undisturbed. A cooking house will definitely be full of food, because the hood is impossible to suck all the way.Part of the soot, so the open kitchen family have to buy a powerful, strong suction range hood, and no smoke cooker, and can not be often fried, can not be fried for a long time. So compared to a fully open kitchen, the half-open kitchen allows you to be less eroded by the fumes.

Half kitchen and fully open kitchen in renovation The design style is also quite different. The whole of the semi-open kitchen can be integrated with the family design style, forming a sense of harmony with the furniture and walls in the living room, while the enclosed kitchen cuts off the decoration of the whole home. Therefore, the semi-open kitchen is more comfortable in the decoration style than the closed kitchen. But open kitchens also have many advantages, such as being spacious and bright, with a full cabinet and a bright cabinet door panel. It is connected with the living room, so when you have a small gathering, you can chat while cooking. There are fewer doors and passages in the home, which adds to the sense of space. The kitchen has become an important part of the home, and the occupants are also keen to clean it more cleanly.

The kitchen is the place where the food is born, so choose The style of the kitchen is really important. The semi-open kitchen is popular among consumers because it can increase the sense of space and brightness of the house and enhance the emotional communication between family members. Compared with the full-open kitchen, the semi-open type can reduce the spread of kitchen fumes and integrate with the decoration style of the home as much as possible. Therefore, in modern society, choosing a half-open kitchen is really a good choice.


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When the carpet meets the floor, it’s time to start living beautifully.

Want a piece of carpet

Just want to sit on a soft carpet for a hearty game

or read a long-awaited novel some afternoon

End of the week After you are busy, come and have a cheerful bang with your friends.

Play games with your children, don’t worry about squatting

Although the carpet will face a series of difficult problems to clean up. However, this kind of happiness brought by the carpet is also irreplaceable. It is better to learn how to fix it than to buy it.

●Classification of carpets

In terms of materials, chemical fiber, plastic, wool, and blend are several Common materials. Knowing the material of the carpet is very important because it not only affects the overall style of the home, but also the ease of cleaning.

Contrast home carpet comparison

●The matching of the carpet

In terms of color, the color of the carpet should be selected according to the surrounding sofa, coffee table, decorative painting, etc. If the overall style of the living room is cold, then you can choose a bright color carpet to save the cool wind.

From the pattern point of view, if you like solid color, then you only need to consider the surrounding environment to match, if you like If you have a pattern, then you can choose the geometric pattern, because you can choose the right carpet according to your home style.

●Selection of carpet

1.Select decorative carpet according to room function

Different functions of the room, there are differences in carpet selection. If the carpet in the bedroom has a warm atmosphere, it is necessary to pay attention to the texture of the carpet. You can lay a solid color carpet, which makes the bedroom warm and romantic. The living room is the place to receive guests. It is the face project in the home. If the flow of people is relatively large, it is necessary to choose thick and wear-resistant carpets, and it must conform to the overall decoration style of the interior.

2. Plan the carpeting area to reduce the purchase waste

The carpet in the bedroom does not need to be too large, sometimes only It is necessary to lay a small piece on the edge of the bed. It is the biggest use of the carpet in the bedroom without letting the feet come out of the warm bed and directly contact the cold ground. Because the restaurant usually places tables and chairs for dining, the chair is placed under the table when the meal is not taken, and the chair is pulled out when the meal is taken, so the size of the carpet should take into consideration the chair that is pulled out. The carpet is placed at the door. It is generally advisable to lay a small-sized carpet or foot mat, which not only beautifies the home, but also has the effect of household cleaning. If the living room is not large, you should choose a carpet that is slightly larger than the coffee table.

3. Pay attention to the back of the carpet and avoid losing it.

When buying a carpet, take some time to study the back of the carpet. manual. Some of the backs of the carpets are too rough to be handed, and the ground may scratch the ground. It is recommended to buy a cotton or canvas rug. Otherwise, if you buy a carpet and scrape the floor tiles of your home, it’s really worth the loss!

4. Identify the quality of the carpet and avoid it. Picking unqualified carpets

The first thing to buy a carpet is to recognize the material. The easiest way is to remove a few pieces of wool from the carpet. After ignition, the material of the carpet is identified according to the burning condition and the smell.

Repeat rubbing, check the color fastness, after rubbing, see if the palm and paper towel are stained, the stain is serious The fastness is not good. Carpet label, pay attention to whether the factory provides dust, anti-fouling, anti-wear, static control and other guarantees.

●Cleaning the carpet

Daily cleaning

Cleaning is carpet maintenance Basic work, recommended at least twice a week.

The first time against the carpet fluff, the force is strong but thorough; the second pass along the carpet fluff, can restore the original tuft guide. If the tuft orientation is not obvious, then it is right in one direction.

Local cleanup

If you accidentally spill colored liquids such as coffee and juice on the stalls, Partial cleaning is required.

Press the carpet cleaner in proportion to water, then put it into the watering can, spray it on the stain, then wipe the stain with a soft brush, and finally rinse with water.

Sterilization Cleanup

It is recommended to let the carpet see the sun at intervals, which can effectively kill the hidden Aphids and bacteria. You can also hang the carpet on the rope and pat it with a small wooden stick to effectively remove the dust.

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Wooden door maintenance and maintenance: the correct way to maintain wooden doors in summer

Generally, in summer, the weather will be very hot, It will look very wet during the rainy period. Therefore, it is recommended that you not only need to be careful to purchase the appropriate wooden door and doors and windows during the summer renovation. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance to increase the service life of the wooden door.

Maintain good indoor ventilation, this is the most common method and the most environmentally friendly The method of saving money, especially in the afternoon or evening, when the climate is relatively dry, open the doors and windows to allow indoor and outdoor air to flow, which can effectively reduce the indoor humidity.

Do not use water stains often (or The other solution) opens the door lock to prevent the door lock from discoloring. When opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle, do not use excessive force to reduce the door lock life. Frequently-moving hardware such as hinge locks should be tightened immediately when loose. When the door lock is not working properly, you can add an appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole.

When the surface of the wooden door is smudged (such as a fingerprint), it can be wetted with a gas. Wipe with a soft cloth. It is easy to scratch the surface with a hard cloth. If the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent. After decontamination, wipe it off immediately. Do not rub the corners of the wooden door frequently to avoid fading and damage of the facing material at the corners. When removing dust from wooden products, when it is not easy to wipe with a soft cotton cloth, it can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. In order to maintain the surface gloss and service life of the wooden door, it should be cleaned and dusted regularly. The surface of the wooden decoration product can be used to maintain the surface.

To prevent deformation of doors and windows, if it is a door cover Deformation, the solution is relatively simple, you can remove it and reinstall it. If the door leaf is deformed, you need to ask the professional woodworker to adjust the reserved door seams and hinges to increase the seams. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proof work. Usually use protective wax or special cleaning agent, apply it evenly on the surface of the wooden door, and gently wipe it to maintain the luster of the wooden door and play a certain moisture-proof effect.

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The product style changes year by year.

Recently, many bathroom cabinet companies running the terminal market complained to the author, the European and American bathrooms in the terminal market. The cabinets are not sold, and now the terminal market is popular with modern and modern minimalist bathroom cabinets.

Accordingly, some products on the market have new styles and new trends are normal. The phenomenon of consumption should not be interpreted and the reasons behind it should be studied. However, unlike other products, the bathroom cabinet products have a small space for functional development, and the product plasticity is higher in terms of material and appearance. Therefore, product patents applied by bathroom cabinet companies are more common in appearance patents, and product innovation is more common in appearance. This feature also determines the prospects for business development in this area.

Product style changes year by year, single brand situation “尴尬”

antique, European, American, Chinese style, simple, Nordic, these are the product styles that appear in bathroom cabinets. The industry sighs that the style of the bathroom cabinet has changed too fast. The European style ten years ago, the post-modern two years ago, the Nordic and American styles have changed faster and faster, the situation of the bathroom cabinet enterprises is very embarrassing, short-lived The development trend of bathroom cabinets has caused anxiety for branded bathroom cabinet companies.

In the case of an antique bathroom cabinet, the market was popular for a long time. Foshan bathroom cabinet production area also gave birth to a group of relatively good antique bathroom cabinet enterprises, some enterprises from the original OEM processing mode to brand. After several years of development, the brand and word of mouth have also been recognized by peers and dealers. The brand has also had a certain influence in the antique bathroom cabinet products. However, in recent years, the trend of the bathroom cabinet market has changed faster and faster, almost one year, which is not a bad thing for the general bathroom company, but it will bring difficulties to the single-style bathroom cabinet enterprises. . In the face of new product styles, should brand positioning be faced with? Dealing with dealer complaints, what kind of decision should the company make? “Do not follow up and worry about missing development opportunities, follow up, what style of bathroom cabinets are involved in influencing brands Positioning.” This reflects the complex mentality of many bathroom cabinet business owners.

For a modern, modern, minimalist bathroom cabinet, a bathroom Relevant persons in the cabinet company complained: “The positioning of the company and the rhythm of the agents have all been disrupted.” The style of the bathroom cabinets in the market has been turbulent, and enterprises have to make adjustments at any time. This change has affected all of the company’s brand positioning, marketing, products, and agents, which is not easy for a small-scale bathroom cabinet company.

The single bathroom cabinet brand faces double competition

In the face of market changes and temptations, bathroom cabinet companies cannot maintain their focus on branding . In the final analysis, in addition to the attributes of the product itself, there is also the general weakness of the bathroom cabinet business, there is no right to speak and decide in the market.

From a product perspective, the bathroom cabinet is a derivative of the furniture sector. The scale of the enterprise cannot compete with the furniture enterprise; from the use, it is an accessory of the sanitary industry, and it cannot compete fiercely with the whole bathroom enterprise in the market. At present, the annual sales scale of domestic bathroom cabinet enterprises is generally tens of millions of yuan, and hundreds of millions of enterprises are very rare. Therefore, many people engaged in bathroom cabinet companies are thinking about the question, “Why is it difficult for bathroom cabinet companies to develop into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise?”

In recent years, many people in the sanitary industry have thought that the “big-size products” such as bathroom cabinets and shower rooms have greatly boosted the sales of enterprises according to market analysis. This also reflects the market’s optimistic outlook for the general preference for bathroom cabinet products. According to industry analysts, the share of bathroom cabinet products in the sanitary industry has increased from 3% to 4%, to about 16%. In the situation of a good situation, but the bathroom cabinet companies can not account for much of the market dividend, they are repeatedly in the market with the overall bathroom brand competition. Taking the concept of customization as an example, in the past two years, the custom-made bathroom cabinet industry, a large number of bathroom cabinet companies put forward a variety of customization concepts, but still do not move the company’s substantial sales growth. European style bathroom with bathThe main products of the cabinets are to give full play to the advantages of customization. The concept of “customized by the whole” is proposed. In just a few years, the sales amounted to several hundred million yuan. In 2018, the goal of more than one billion yuan was proposed in three years. The C2F factory model that is being promoted by Jiu Mu Kitchen is fast-customizing, and the custom-made product is designed for one hour. The 24-hour manufacturing is also expected to have an impact on the bathroom cabinet industry.

Consolidate superior products and change single brand positioning

In the face of new years, different bathroom cabinet styles, Faced with the competition of bathroom cabinets and the whole bathroom enterprise, in view of the current strength of the bathroom cabinet enterprises, there is no single bathroom brand with a unique strength. The strategy of the bathroom cabinet brand to respond to market changes is to consolidate superior products and change the positioning of a single brand.

Industry sources pointed out that bathroom cabinets are stylized products, from antique, European, American, Chinese style, simple, Nordic to the current plate modern, modern minimalist, which shows that bathroom cabinet enterprises gradually mature in product design and innovation capabilities.

In addition, industry insiders found out that the younger generation of consumers The layout of the interior scenes of the company’s sales outlets is becoming more and more important. They are no longer simply going to the exhibition hall to understand the products. Instead, they first understand the enterprise through the layout of the exhibition halls, and then understand the products. They are increasingly demanding the scene experience of the products. high. Therefore, for the bathroom cabinet enterprises, keeping up with the market development trend, giving full play to the strengths of the company, diversifying and multi-channel development, accumulating strength and accumulating momentum.


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How to match the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the decoration of the house to show better results

As everyone knows, There are many aspects involved in house decoration, and there are many decoration materials involved, and aluminum doors and windows are the items that must be used, so how should aluminum alloy doors and windows be selected and home? What about the house? How do the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows be organically combined with the home environment, showing a better effect? For a lot of decoration Xiaobai, this is really difficult to master, but the house decoration is even more sloppy, what should I do? Let’s follow the small series to see how the house decoration doors and windows should be matched. There are four common rules.

First, I want to match the overall decoration style

When the home room environment is warm, the color matching of the aluminum alloy doors and windows can choose warmer colors, such as gold oak and yellow. Rosewood, yellow maple, red sandalwood, etc. When the living environment is cold, it should be chosen to be colder aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as snow ash, sand ash, fluorocarbon flash ash.

Second, match the color of the wall

In the perfect home space decoration, the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows should form a contrast with the wall color. This will not only give the home space a sense of hierarchy, but also give you a new sense of space.

Three, match the ground color

The color of the ground is the same as that of the aluminum alloy doors and windows. Try to maintain the same color (such as cold and warm). Of course, it is best not to be consistent. In order to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall surface and weakening the sense of space in the room, large or sunny rooms can choose darker colors, which can create a calmer atmosphere.

Four, match the color of the furniture

Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be as close as possible to the color of the furniture, which can highlight the level of the room Sense and coordination. If the aluminum alloy doors and windows are properly matched with the soft decoration of the furniture, it can also add charm to the furniture.

In general, aluminum alloy doors and windows and home collocation are very important in house decoration. Better results. Doors and windows top ten brands Aowei doors and windows focus on the production of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge casement window, sliding window, sliding door, heavy doors, sun room, tailored to your style Home environment to meet your personality pursuit.

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What are the effects of anti-mold coatings?

We are decorating the house In general, paints are used, but when people choose to paint, some people now use anti-mold coatings, what are the effects of anti-mold coatings, and what kind of coatings are selected, and then the decoration Introducing the editor for everyoneMoldproof coatingWhat are the effects and how to choose the paint, I hope everyone can refer to the purchase of paint.

I. What are the effects of mildew coatings

1. First of all, excellent mildew resistance. However, this type of coating is applied to an environment suitable for mold growth, and can keep the surface of the coating film from being moldy for a long time.

2. Let’s talk about it, good decorationperformance. However, due to the different parts of the paint used in the building, we should meet a variety of different use requirements. This should achieve the decorative effect of the common paint, as well as the performance of the external paint: water resistance, weather resistance. In fact, interior paint should have excellent scrub resistance and decorative properties. Mildew-proof coatings should have this property.

3. There is also a mold-proof coating After the membrane, it should be harmless to humans and animals.

4. In the end, the raw material resources used should be abundant and the price is reasonable.

two. How to choose paint

1. First of all, eye view, as well as high viscosity, good brushing effect, the quality is better.

2. Next, the nose smells, the paint is close to the can and smells when the paint is opened, but the good quality paint will not be very irritating, then after use The road is lighter. If the paint is irritating after opening, we should not use it. But in addition to color and gloss, the inherent quality and environmental protection of the paint is the most important factor.

3. There is, contrast, brand Contrast, however, in general, the quality and environmental protection of joint venture and imported brands are guaranteed. However, for individual merchants to sell fake and shoddy paints in brand-name packaging, consumers also choose to buy paint, but it is best to go to the designated brand store to avoid the situation of complaints in the process of use.

4. Also after entering the store, We must first look at whether the store is really a specialty store for a certain brand of paint. If there are many brands in the store, the reliability of the monopoly will be considered more. Secondly, the formal brand agents have a series of supporting documents, which are sold. Before introducing a product, it is best to verify its agent status and see the brand authorization certificate.

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Throw the floor and finish it? The carpet should be laid like this!

   With the improvement of living standards, people mainly improve the quality of life and level. For comfort and good looks, carpets are generally laid. Simple, can you lay it. What kind of attention is paid to the carpet shop. If you are interested, you can understand the process of carpet laying, and then look at the installation process; the specific operation method can let Xiaobian give you an analysis.
  1. Carpet laying process

  1. Before the carpet is laid, the interior decoration must be fully installed, all heavy equipment has been installed and in place, and the pass rate is checked.

  2. Laying the base layer of the floor carpet, the surface is required to be smooth, smooth and clean, if there is oil, It must be cleaned with acetone or turpentine; if it is a cement floor, it has a certain strength and the water content cannot exceed 8%.

  3. After entering the scene, such as carpets, pads and adhesives, check the quantity, variety, and specifications. Whether the color, pattern, etc. meet the requirements; if they are met, they are stored in a dry warehouse or room according to their varieties and specifications.

  4.Bake the skirting boards around the room where the carpet is to be laid, the walkway, etc.; The distance to the construction floor is about 8 mm to hide the burr of the carpet under the skirting board.

  Second, carpet laying process

   Grassroots treatment→elastic, Set the square, compartment, positioning → carpet cutting → nail barbed tape tapestry → laying the liner → laying the carpet → detailing and cleaning.

  2.Active laying:

   A method of sticking to the base layer without adhesive, not fixed with the base layer, and it is better to trim around the corner. Generally suitable for the laying of decorative craft carpets.

  3.Fixed laying process:

  (1)Basic processing

   The base of the carpet, usually the concrete floor, or the floor of the wooden floor or other materials; the surface of the floor should be kept flat, Smooth and clean; if oily, clean it directly with acetone or turpentine.

  (2)elastic, square, compartment, positioning:

   In strict accordance with the design drawings, the elastic, line and division of the specific requirements of different parts and rooms; And requirements, according to its requirements for construction; if there is no specific requirement in the paper, the roots are symmetrically found, and the elastic line can be positioned and laid.

  (3)Carpet tailoring

   When the carpet is cut, it should be in a relatively wide area, the room size must be accurate, and the registration number should be registered one by one according to the room and the type of carpet used.

   According to the size and shape of the room, use the trimming machine to break the carpet material, the length of each carpet is It is about 2 cm longer than the room, and the width is calculated by cutting the size of the edge line of the carpet.

   Cut the edge of the wire, push the knife by hand, cut it from the back of the blanket, cut it into a roll, and put it in the number room.

  (4) Nail barbed tapes

   Follow the edge of the skirting board around the room or walkway, use high-strength cement nails to nail the barbed plate to the base layer, the spacing is about 40 cm; the barbed plate should leave the skirting board 8 -10 mm to facilitate nailing the barbed board.

  (5)laying the liner

   Apply the pad with a point-stick method of 107 glue or polyvinyl acetate latex, stick it to the ground substrate, leave Barbed plate about 10 mm.

  (6) laying carpet

   stitching the carpet

 &emsp ; laying the cut carpet on the cushion Then roll up the carpet and stitch it at the joint; after the stitching is completed, stick the plastic tape to the stitching, protect the seam from being scratched or smashed, then tile the carpet and use the looper at the seam Make a dense suede.

   Position and fixed carpet

   First fix a long side of the blanket on the barbed board, cover the underside of the skirting board, and stretch the carpet with carpet struts; Press the edge of the carpet with your hand, hit the carpet with your knees, and gradually push from one side to the other; then fix the carpet to another barbed plate, cover the burrs, and cut off the extra carpet with a cutting knife.

   When affixing a carpet, first apply the adhesive on the side of the room, and lay it out due to cutting The carpet, pull the carpet to the sides; brush two adhesives along the wall, and finally flatten the carpet and cover.

  (7)Detailed cleanup

   Pay attention to the treatment of door bead and door frame, walkway and foyer, floor and tube root, heating cover, slot box, walkway and bathroom door, stair step and aisle platform, inner door Positioning with the outer door, etc., in the position of the color carpet and the position of the skirting board, do a good job of bonding.

   Xiaobian summed up the carpet laying process, mainly to talk about the focus of carpet laying, in order to increase everyone again The understanding of carpet laying explains the carpet laying process in detail, and the language is easy to understand and easy to learn. In the carpet laying, the measured dimensions should be accurate, the cutting should be smooth, and there should be no burrs and notches as much as possible, otherwise the overall appearance will be affected. There is also a similar article to see “How to lay carpets.” Want to know more home information, please continue to pay attention to home repair and maintenance master Wan.

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How much is a square meter partitioned by blinds?

With people With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for decoration are gradually improving. Many spaces will be designed with partitions during renovation, among which louver partitions is one of the more common types in our lives, so how much is a square meter of louver partitioning, what are the buying techniques for blinds? This article will introduce you to everyone.

How much is the louver partition: a square meter: wooden shutters partition

Wooden blinds are a common type of shutter partition on the market. The price of wooden shutters is mainly determined by its material. The shutters made of different woods have large differences in price. Generally, the wooden shutters made of ordinary wood are about 300 yuan/m2, if it is adopted. The price of blinds made of precious wood such as pine and camphor wood may cost thousands of yuan per square meter.

How much is the louver partition: a square meter: aluminum shutters

Aluminum louver partition is a kind of louver partition which is widely used at present. It has beautiful appearance, hard texture and excellent decorative effect. At present, the price of aluminum alloy shutters on the market is usually around 150 yuan m2, and the quality is excellent. The price of aluminum alloy shutters is about 30% higher than the price of poor quality.

louver partition shopping tips

1 Size

At present, the shutter partitions are mainly installed in both mounted and concealed versions. The size of the louver partition will also be different. If the louver is cut off by the name, then its length should be about 10cm longer than the height of the partition. The degree is 5cm wider than the sides of the partition, so that it has excellent shading effect. .

2, see quality

The shutters of the shutters have a certain adjustment effect, we When you buy the louver partition, you can touch the blade of the louver to make it smooth and flat, and see if the blade will have burrs. Generally, the blade of the excellent louver is also excellent in handling, with excellent texture and long use. life.

3, select materials according to the environment

There are many kinds of blind partition materials on the market. We need to consider materials according to the environment when choosing, such as office, living room, In the bedroom and other spaces, it is better to choose a brighter aluminum louver partition.

Article summary: The above is about louver partitionHow much money and one flat and the introduction of blinds to cut off the purchase skills, I hope that you can choose the quality of the blinds partition, if there are other related needs, please pay attention to Qijia information.


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The correct laying method for wooden floor splicing is super creative!

Renovation often uses Wood floor, and the splicing method of wood floor directly affects the amount of wood floor and the overall beauty, we may see the most in our lives. A wooden floor splicing method is an I-shaped laying. Besides, is there any other method? Today Xiaobian takes you to learn more about it! ~


I-shaped laying is the most common and most common method used in floor laying. One, perhaps because the effect of its overall laying out gives people a good rule of law, there is a kind word that is “not ostentatious, civilian” so everyone is more acceptable; secondly because it is simple, fast, and low loss The material is saved, so it is loved by the public.

There is also a diagonal paving type. Common floors are generally laid in parallel with the wall, but the diagonal paving is laid 45 degrees along the wall. The type of work will present another visual impact.

Step by step

Step by step paving method, also known as step paving method. It is a bit similar to the I-shaped type, but it not only pays attention to the misplacement between the rows and the rows, but also creates a feeling like a staircase. This kind of paving is also very common in life.


People The glyph is a splicing method that is very similar to the fishbone. If you think that the fishbone is too complicated, you can use the same high-end, atmospheric, and upper-level herringbone.

Flip-flops are the red nets in the recent home improvement, and the popularity is relatively high. For example, the above picture is Fan Qiqi’s new home. The two floors are assembled into a herringbone shape, and It’s another visual sense, it seems to look very advanced.

Of course, it is actually more expensive than the ordinary shop method. Relatively speaking, it will increase the working hours than the ordinary word shop, and some masters will not shop without experience. The labor fee will definitely be expensive, and the loss will increase. .

When the characters are spelled along the lines, due to the light, it will cause one A special kind of light and shadow feels like a column of colors is different from the one on the side, actually a color.

Flat herringbone spelling

double spelled people

There are also double-studded characters, which are suitable for the floor with a relatively narrow size. The two floors are combined to form a herringbone pattern, and the same double-word can also be used. Straight and diagonal paving.


In the wide variety of floor covering types, the simple but not simple “fish bone fight” is simply a wonderful piece in the parquet floor.

It’s shaped like a fish bone, arranged in an orderly manner, rich texture makes the space full of three-dimensional, instant Make your house full of enthusiasm.

Fish bones are relatively suitable for small-sized floors, so the overall visual effect is even more There is impact, and the same as the herringbone spelling, this uncommon paving method will directly cause the increase of labor costs. I have heard that it is more than 50 yuan per square yard than the ordinary shop method. Of course, there is also a labor fee per day. /p>

Fake fish bones spelling

The above picture is a fake fish bone fight, actually a rectangular tile or floor, but the texture above is made to look like a fish bone, which is also a compromise, at least the labor cost is not So expensive.


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