Chicago schoolhouse becomes a private residence

When you are a child, you spend a day at school, then you can go home and play with your friends. But what if the school is your home? This is a vicious idea that almost sounds like a joke. But it is also possible, for example, this lovely home school building.

The old school building has existed for more than a century and has recently been renovated into a modern industrial design. This project was completed by architect Jeff and general contractor Chris. The house is located near Lincoln Park in Chicago. The house is home to a couple and their five children, with an area of ​​8,500 square feet. There are a total of 6 bedrooms with a very beautiful contrast and some original elements added to the design.

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Dream Aquarium will be established in Brazil

The new Brazilian aquarium under construction is a theoretically bizarre design on two continents, and the new city follows the latest lightning rods. Soon, Brazil will be able to own the largest aquarium in South America. When it is completed in 2015, a new public aquarium is planned to be the world’s most famous aquarium in the city of Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil.

The US Export-Import Bank claimed the deal by financing a direct loan of A$1.05 billion to the aquarium Will support 700 positions. But the project, the engineering and manufacturing work kicked off today is not without controversy. This aquarium looks like the concept of the so-called Bilbao effect if you build an expensive museum or architectural project. But recent research has shown that cultural facilities, the construction boom in the United States between 1994 and 2008 did not bring the promised benefits. An aquarium is a cultural facility that targets the design and the surface of the project.

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Street bikes integrated into interior design

Tired of your eyes with a blank wall, screen or canvas? Ready for some changes?
Change and dialogue, the problem is good and bad, but never changed, one thing is on the bicycle wall.

We have never seen him ride it. In fact, the cute, crazy supporting role, always tends to borrow bicycles, but has his bike, proudly hanging in the bathroom and bedroom moments.

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Stockholm officially started construction

The 3XN Architects recently accepted construction and design work in Sweden. The entire project covers an area of ​​28,000 square meters and houses stations, hotels, conference centers and several apartments. The main idea of ​​the design is to create a new building that is adaptable to the existing buildings in the area, both in size and appearance, and to reinterpret many of Sweden’s design traditions. The building contains a range of public and private functions that will actively contribute to the surrounding community.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, Head of Creative and Creative Director of 3XN Architects, designed at the Stockholm Railway Station At the beginning, it said: “Stockholm is a beautiful historical city, so the new building must not break the city’s iconic architectural traditions and characteristics. ”
& ldquo;Sta Golme Railway Station & rdquo; divided into four smaller volumes, they can adapt to the surrounding streets and buildings in terms of height and volume. Kim Herforth Nielsen said: “Our analysis shows that Stockholm has a well-known architectural tradition, that is, the tower is used to mark the corner. For example, the Kung Towers in the North Malm District is such a historic building, and we chose to continue this feature at the Stockholm Railway Station. ”
The lower level of the building has internal access to the ground floor station, which leads to the central railway station in Stockholm and the metro and local train lines. The upper part of the building will house the hotel, conference centre and apartment. Three of the four volumes will have a green roof terrace that adds to the beauty of Stockholm. One of the terraces has a sky bar that allows the public to enter and exit at will. The other two belong to the hotel and the apartment.

The façade has a pattern of unevenness, meaning that the appearance of the building will change with the viewing angle. And change. 3XN Architects will use the typical building materials in Stockholm in this case.

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2013 Milan Expo Vanke Pavilion Design Introduction

The Vanke Pavilion was designed and built by Daniel · Daniel Libeskind of the Italian architectural firm. The design of the entire Vanke Pavilion is designed to reflect the local customs and Chinese characteristics.
The Vanke Pavilion is adjacent to Lake Arina. The 1,000-square-meter pavilion is like a rising vertical from the east, forming a dynamic vertical landscape. The proportion of music inside and outside, the curved geometry and the sense of fashion create a journey of time and space. The red serpentine pattern hovers up, with a large staircase in the middle wearing white mosaic tiles. The rooftop observation deck at the top offers views of the lake and the nearby Italian pavilion. The pavilion is inlaid with innovative three-dimensional red metallized tiles, designed by Daniel Libeskind and Italian Casalgrande Padana. This geometric ceramic panel not only creates a novel expression pattern, but they also have highly sustainable self-cleaning and air purification properties.

Entering the museum, you will see a cluster of electronic screens hanging on numerous pillars. Multicolored “Media Forest” consists of nearly 300 irregularly placed screens that play 8-10 minutes of video. The film captures the real life segments of ordinary residents in nearly 60 cities in China in the community canteen, vividly interpreting the connotation of the Vanke Pavilion “Building a community with food”.

Through a long multimedia display channel, different content Shown in separate canteens, some show the scenes of dining, celebration and conversation in life, and some show the land and urban style of China, colorful and colorful. These pictures can also be combined to synthesize a volume of simultaneous display. Chinese contemporary designer Han Jiaying gives this picture a new life through bold brushstrokes and folk handwriting. These vivid electronic screens will bring visitors into the picture, making it feel like they are there. After walking through this passage, visitors will deeply understand that this forest is deeply rooted, renewed with new branches, reflecting tradition and continuity, and the characteristics of local characteristics and international connectivity also reflect Vanke’s team culture.

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a park born in the expansion of the city of Santander

The city of Santander, which is a port city in northern Spain, has developed rapidly in recent years. The city is in the process of expanding. Now there is a well-formed riverbank terrain and narrow geographical space outside the outdoor city. The local government decided to Construction of a city park.

This project includes three major areas. The first is the urban structure. The park is located between two main roads, one is the original S-20 expressway and one is about to be built. The main intersection of the park is connected to the city gymnasium, with the main car entrance and parking lot. Enter the park through the avenue to the observation deck and green arena where you can see the entire area. This entrance area is used to host large events. There are also two entrances connecting the park to the surrounding university area and the residential area near the S-20 road. The second aspect is the shape of the entire park. The shape of the entire park is based on the re-emergence of the shape of the Atlantic Ocean. Roads are built around the park. Different from the shape of the Atlantic Ocean, the reed area is preserved and a lake is added to it, and the event space is connected to the arena. The surrounding gentle slopes together with the lake surface form three different terrain heights: the reed is the lowest point, followed by the gentle slope, followed by the road leading to the center of the park. These three terrain heights form their own road system. These roads symbolize the famous routes in the Atlantic.
The last aspect of the project is plants. The recreated shape of the Atlantic Ocean in the park keeps the reed area in the center and forms an artificial lake where the special water quality is ideal for reed growth. The rest of the plantation highlights the surrounding space and emphasizes the park’s structural lines. The plants on each structural line are trimmed to different heights and the degree of density is adjusted according to the amount of water supplied.

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White interior and exterior design brings coolness to the beach house

The white exterior is designed in the waterfront area. A luxurious design by architect Richard · Meyer and his partner Michael · Paladino, this cool Southern California beach house is a microcosm of cool. Facing the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, a courtyard to the west of the Pacific Coast Highway, this beachfront villa follows Southern California tradition and opens to the outdoors. The light and airy design welcomes residents and guests on a second floor entrance leading to the house, garden and main beachfront rooms.

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Embassy of Ecuador in Colombia

Ecuador, with the support of the new Colombian government, built the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador in Colombia to enhance diplomatic relations between the two countries. The project is politically significant and is funded by the new Colombian government. The embassy was built on the basis of old houses in the 1980s. The house covers an area of ​​680 square meters and the converted embassy covers an area of ​​772 square meters. The embassy is surrounded by community houses and office buildings, and the local building density is relatively high. The embassy has six floors and is brick-like in appearance. It has architectural features and a garden nearby. The Embassy has offices, consulates, conference rooms, public areas and service areas with a total area of ​​772.19 square meters. The garden, terrace and green roof cover an area of ​​595.81 square meters.

The exterior wall has huge white glass and slate, highlighting the exquisite geometric shape, the interior It is also representative. The texture design of stone walls, bridges and claddings has the characteristics of Ecuador and also symbolizes political transparency. The embassy’s design is relatively open, translucent, with a wide view, plenty of light in the room and a comfortable environment. Gray sheets are used indoors to create a quiet working atmosphere and reduce interference. The design of the roof and garden enhances sustainability, with a large area of ​​vegetation planted around and a quiet environment. There are energy-saving facilities in the embassy to reduce energy waste.

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Living habits reflected in the kitchen

In the contemporary, no matter where they come from, in their eyes, the kitchen area not only serves as an important role for the whole family to enjoy the fun of food, but also reflects the identity of the homeowner and the concept of life. A true portrayal.

For example, Germans who have always been known for their cautiousness and care may be accurate in their kitchens. These small details, which reflect the different living habits brought by different cultures and different regions, the design shown in the picture is from a German kitchen, this is an egg yolk device, which can be very good Separating the egg yolk from the egg white, it can be seen that in these subtle details, the Germans still have their own set of ideas.

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Leisure home in downtown

Recently, a new project (Sultangazi Market Hall & Carpark) was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. The project covers an area of ​​14,600 square meters and is mainly responsible for the construction of the multi-purpose annual market hall in Istanbul. Became a “leisure home” in the surrounding community. The project site is owned by the city government and is surrounded by dense residential areas. Due to its environmental and functional characteristics, the region plays a very important role. According to its social, educational and administrative functions, the project design includes a temporary market and a 2,000 square meter closed building that integrates social, educational and administrative functions. The temporary market can act as a parking lot when there is no market activity. In Turkey, there is a market in every region of almost every city. And these spaces are only used as a market on special days. When the market arrives, the vendors will pick up the booths here for trading. The market is gone, they will “fighting” to other places to continue their small business. This market model cycles back and forth every week. After the stalls are withdrawn, there will be an empty, idle space. The local city government usually uses it as a parking lot for people to use. Of course, it will also free up some space for other purposes, such as as a studio, exhibition venue. Wait. Therefore, by carrying out different activities, its functional sustainability is reflected.

The decisive factor in the design of the project is the surrounding community. This type of market space is often a social cohesion factor for surrounding communities —— a landmark, a park, a place to relax, or even a hidden place that is meaningful only to local residents. This density condition is an important consideration in planning the project. Therefore, the surrounding buildings and environment are indeed a clear reference point in the corner of the city. In summary, features like space development, functionality, and usability are considered in the design process. The main purpose of the project is to give the region the most convenient traffic conditions, and the space and the street to establish an active relationship. The construction plan needs to make full use of the space here, so despite the negative impact on the use of the function as a market, the building has designed a building that rises from the ground. On the other hand, when used as a parking lot, the building requires a control channel. Because the building is connected through the various entrances and outside streets, it is possible to set up the required safe passages. At the same time, in order to facilitate people’s access to the market, the slope of the car ramp inside the building is also reduced by 8%.

Rapid and intensive development has led to a shortage of social facilities here. The community cannot meet the needs of people’s health, education and leisure, and the function that can give people is simply “residence”. At the same time, the value of surrounding plots has been greatly reduced, and community residents have been affected. The project is to reverse this situation by providing a variety of permanent social service facilities. On the other hand, the construction of the surrounding buildings did not consider earthquake prevention, and the new building would create a safe haven for local residents. In addition, this area lacks the necessary green areas because of the densely planned buildings surrounding it. In response to this problem, the building is designed in a stepped manner so that people can enjoy their leisure time on the top floor cafes, green spaces and observation decks.

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