Seattle minimalist house

A pair of Seattle couples decided to reduce and simplify their lifestyle. They hired Suyama Peterson Deguchi to design a simple house.
In order to respect the landscape, they built a modest house with minimal footprints and did not attempt to overwhelm its surroundings. All existing trees are unscathed.
Inside, the lush landscape is fixed by the windows, making people feel like living in a tree house.
The project uses low-cost materials such as virgin plywood and corrugated metal siding covering the exterior.

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A few minutes from Clayton Square Mall, you can find Wildwood Kitchen

A few minutes from the Clayton Square Mall, you can find Wildwood Kitchen, a contemporary restaurant and bar. The entrance is 16 metres high and leads to a space offering custom dishes and fresh salads. The restaurant is designed to be casual and stylish.
When designing the Noodle House restaurant in Shanghai, the Swimming Pool studio is eager to create a modern space with traditional features. The designer put most of his attention on the ceiling and wanted to make it stand out. They start with a simple cube shape and use it to build a complex and eye-catching wood fixture.
The El Moro restaurant in Mexico has been offering the finest hot chocolate and fritters since 1935. Cadena+ Asociados took over the transformation of this space, and it is important to understand and capture its unique identity. In this case, Cadena + Asociados first focused on understanding the history of the brand with a classic definition, turning them into a unique decoration, defined by wall tiles, stained glass windows, and overall graphics and simple appearance.

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Outdoor fire pit seating

Located in the heart of Arizona, the Brown home is surrounded by desert landscapes. The architect ensures that it is well integrated with the environment, giving it a glazed façade and a wide and open outdoor space, including a seating area around the fire pit.
Dimit Architects designed the home for a young family, allowing them to entertain guests both indoors and outdoors. The architect gave them a fire pit seating area with built-in benches to form a U shape. The recessed seating area looks very warm and comfortable.
The biggest challenge in designing this home is to find a way to integrate it and ensure a seamless connection to the existing community while providing their customers with the modern home settings they need. This project is a hybrid that you can see in every space and detail. Includes this fire pit seating area.
This fire pit house is located in rural Canada. The two benches in the fire pit are fixed. The design is simple, clean and linear, and the setting is beautiful and quiet.

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Contemporary Cabin in Canada

Chalets are the traditional Swiss Alps, but there are many designs of this type around the world. This chalet is located in Quebec, Canada, and is comprised of architecture and interior design studiosACDFDesigned with a combination of functionality, cost and environmental awareness.
Like all typical cabins, it has a cantilever structure. But this is not the only place that makes this contemporary house special. The cabin is built on a concrete pedestal that supports the main entrance and two levels of interior space.
The main living space is On the top floor. This allows it to provide the most beautiful and fascinating surroundings. The living room occupies a cantilever structure with full height glazing on all three sides.
The cantilever structure is like a box that stands out from the rest of the house. The house has a black exterior and the rest is white.

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Comfortable family home in Poland

Fence House is a family home located in Borowiec, Poland. It covers an area of ​​290 square meters and was designed and built by mode:lina architekci.

The building is divided into two structures. They all have sloping roofs and similar sizes and shapes. One is the area of ​​the parents, and the other is the children. Customers want to create this distinction in every space they need for privacy and independence.

The design of the house is a modern interpretation of the traditional style, so it has a sloping roof. The garage of the house is an extension with a similar design style with an asymmetrical cube form.

The architects used simple and original materials such as brick, concrete and grey metal panels for a minimalist look, and perhaps some industrial and rustic feel between tradition and modernity.

The first floor of the two structures is a common area for everyone. Here are social spaces such as lounge areas, kitchens and restaurants. They shared an open floor plan. A corridor connects them, which is where the stairs are.

The upper level contains private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The parents’ bedroom is simple, and the children’s sleeping area has a cool design.

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Neck hammock to relieve neck pain

Neck pain is a common problem, thanks to the neck hammock, you can consider solving this problem. This simple and portable device brings you the miracle of cervical traction, releasing muscle tension in just 10 minutes a day.

Designed by Dr. Steve Sudell, the physiotherapist understands that neck pain is one of the most frustrating injuries we have suffered time and time again. Sudell wants to create a long-term, economically friendly product, so at the end of the day, it brings comfort.

If you have frequent neck pain, it is difficult to solve this problem with non-medication, and the drug seems to only relieve pain. This is why the neck hammock is simple and effective, all you have to do is lie down and relax.

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South West Coast Peninsula Holiday Home

A young family is looking for a vacation home. They hire SAOTA to design a big house that friends can leave, while also paying attention to the view. Silver Bay is located at the northern tip of the West Coast Peninsula in South Africa. The house sits on a piece of land facing east, facing the mountains and offering spectacular views.

Tilted land means the living space of the apartment is on the upper floor, while the bedroom and the playroom are on the lower floor. This means that the main residential area is close to the bay and the water’s edge. The swimming pool is located in the courtyard, bringing sunlight into the house and leaving the outdoor space windless throughout the year, no matter how big the wind is.

The upper level is designed as a large open L-shaped space around the courtyard and swimming pool. The living room features floor-to-ceiling windows with picturesque water views.

The thatched roof is supported by I-beams surrounding the perimeter.

The interior is managed by Antoni Associates, who create a warm and comfortable blend. Natural materials are mixed together and have a lot of texture throughout the space.

The split staircase is also made of L-beams and is made of thick eucalyptus trees.

The bedroom has a curtain track with curved corners that give a sponge-like feel when sleeping.

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A modern 12-year house in the Czech Republic gets a new interior

In a small town in Humpolec, Czech Republic, the Rusty house was completed by LuděkRýzner of OK PLAN ARCHITECTS, and the owner decided to repair the interior after 12 years. The house was originally built on a small piece of land in 2005, which requires creative solutions to make it work. The original design required raw materials such as polished concrete floors, exposed galvanized steel construction, concrete covered corrugated sheets on the ceiling, smooth concrete walls and externally wrapped pre-rusted metal sheets, blending with the modern industrial look of the residential area due to Green landscaping. Over time, the owners decided that they wanted to zoom in on the original industrial look while softening other areas.

Because of so many difficulties and reflective surfaces, acoustics have become a problem that needs to be solved with oak panels.

The table is custom designed by OK PLAN ARCHITECTS and comes with an Eames chair.

The fireplace has a new insert that has a more modern look.

The old kitchen cabinet was replaced with a cabinet that provided better functionality.

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Flexible privacy screen

Hungarian-born Austrian industrial designer Brigitta Nemeth designed a privacy screen concept that not only looks cool but also adapts to your changing needs. Most screens are fixed or large and difficult to move, but this one is different.
PAIS privacy screens are flexible and can be rotated around your work surface. In addition to adding privacy, the screen also acts as a sound absorbing panel to absorb you and any sound around you, helping to reduce noise.
The irregular shape of the screen adds more visual interest and brings interesting colors. The embedded magnet lets you attach it to any table.

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Luxury villa embracing the beauty of the Italian Riviera

This Italian Riviera luxury villa embraces the surrounding beauty. The villa is a pure and refined home that emphasizes comfort and functionality in a very beautiful way.

Architect And the designer wants to bring nature to the interior of the house, making the beautiful Italian Riviera a part of the decoration. Everything is presented in a harmonious way.
The colors of the interior and exterior spaces are inspired by sand, stones, oceans and lush greenery. These colors are the backdrop for all the elements of interior design. The large outdoor terrace is a great example of a harmonious concept with a sunken pool with a smooth and organic form.

Designer Created an efficient and stylish storage system that keeps the decoration simple. A range of open shelves, concealed compartments and built-in spaces cater to any storage needs of all indoor spaces.

elegant The stairs connect social and private areas. The master bedroom is a very peaceful and peaceful space with long curtains, with light brown walls and bedding.

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