China will usher in the Internet industry 2.0 System Architecture

Sponsored by the China Institute of Information and Communication “ICT (information and communication technology) depth observations cum White Paper conference” held recently in Beijing. Lee Flowers, deputy director of China Institute of Industrial Information and Communication Internet identity management center published a report entitled “fusion · cooperation and win-win to seize the historical opportunity of the Internet industry,” the special report. During Lee spent accepted the reporters. Lee Flowers said that the current Internet industry is the rapid industrial development, China’s Internet industry Architecture 2.0 system is being developed, will incorporate new technologies to further enrich and improve infrastructure, strengthen the guidance of industrial development, to build a better industry system. At present, the information technology tools is an important path of industrial transformation and upgrading, countries are actively layout, especially the United States, Germany, led by the developed countries. Lee spent pointed out that around the industrial development of the Internet, or around accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, led to the rapid development of related technologies and solutions, research edge computing is constantly accelerating. Identity resolution technology is progressing very fast, flatter structure is becoming identity resolution to explore the direction of countries. At the same time, domestic standardization is also full speed, the entire industry ecosystem is very active, some companies actively layout of cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, some companies want to be able to come together to form a joint force. Overall, industrial ecology emerging Internet industry as a whole, the relevant industrial layout, the development of faster and faster. Internet progress of China’s industrial good Lehi flowers, said October 27, 2017 the State Council issued “guidance industrial development of the Internet” “on deepening the” Internet + Advanced Manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as “guidance”) after 2018, China’s industrial Internet overall promote rapid deployment of the implementation. First, from the national level, and to promote synergy and improve the organization and implementation mechanism, set up a Working Group on Internet industry and the Internet industry expert advisory committee. Internet industry policy system continuous improvement, has released a three-year action plan for the Internet industry in 2018 and a special working group action plan. 2018, the Internet industry innovation and development project led investment of over 90 billion yuan. Meanwhile, local governments are promoting rapid, more than 20 provinces released the Internet industry strategic plan of action plans. At present, the rapid advance for the infrastructure construction of the network, provides a good foundation and soil for the development of the Internet industry, with China Unicom as the representative of the operators have established a network to provide services. Large network layerFace, NB-lot and IPV6 carry out all construction in 2018, Huawei Technologies, ICT Unite more than 20 countries shows TSN test bed, has received extensive attention. In terms of network architecture, layered construction First, identity resolution system has been launched to create the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing five national nodes. Second, the rapid advance of the construction of the platform system. Ministry of Industry has issued four documents to guide the development of other related industries APP platform. At the same time, countries are also pushing to speed up the construction of infrastructure and support capabilities of the platform-dependent, including test environment, public support standards. In addition, around the platform, we are doing layout, manufacturing, equipment providers, software industry and information and communication platform to build their own business and so in the beginning, to create its own industry ecosystem. Third, the top layer of security around the gradual improvement in the design, released the industry of Internet security framework, provides a framework for building Internet security industry from three dimensions. In addition, work is also rapidly advancing safety standards. Lee Flowers said the biggest challenge of the Internet industry, whether industrial sectors and the ICT sector can be well integrated. Currently, the two companies are to cooperate in the field of depth , are among the rapid formation of industrial ecology. Lee spent pointed out that the industrial Internet Industry Alliance were highly regarded by the market, it has become an important driving force to promote the development of China’s Internet industry. Industrial Internet Architecture 2.0 system is being developed, according to Lee Flowers said that China’s industrial infrastructure 2.0 Internet system is being developed, will incorporate new technologies to further improve the architecture, emphasizing the development of industry guidance, to build a more complete industrial system. At the same time, strengthen international and docking, the development of the Internet industry in China will also further guidance. In this regard, Lee also took a detailed description: Network, the general idea has been basically clear, the Internet industry is drafting guidance documents and construction, including building a network standard, to create internal and external benchmarking network, build a number of characteristics of the Internet industry network, building a network platform for innovative services with a group of test bed. Identity resolution aspects, at the National Design system, will continue to promote the construction of identity resolution nodes CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , in order to promote the wider use of identity; establish identity resolution tubeManagement mechanism, the introduction of industry standard management system for the Internet; the development of standards Control Engineering Copyright , identifies the industry to promote the application of Control Engineering Copyright , to carry out innovative research at the same time; implement data sharing and flow, and promote innovative research block chain, big data, distributed technology combined. Platform, construction of industrial internet platform to promote the guidelines clearly pointed out that the selection of the top ten platform to promote the platform test lab environment and test bed construction. In addition, the marketing platform application, research publishing platform application implementation guide, push the key equipment cloud and enterprise business systems and related pilot and demonstration work, open up the Internet industry to support public service system. Security, internet security industry will soon introduce a guidance document Control Engineering Copyright , to strengthen security work guidance, clear main responsibility, classified administration and some other regulations, as well as standardization. Now, national, provincial and enterprise three basic system, will be built at least 10 provincial-level platform to achieve national, provincial and enterprise three linkage. Continue to strengthen support for industrial development funds, strengthen research and personnel training related technologies and products. Lee took the view that the face of new security challenges, the Internet industry will continue to accelerate the standardization process, “guidance” proposed to set up a national Internet industry standards coordination group, to promote the group and expert advisory group, the relevant preparation is also underway in. At the same time, the Internet industry will also release a comprehensive system of standardization of guidelines, plans by 2025 to develop more than one hundred standards, provide the basis for the development of the Internet industry. Lee Flowers said the industrial development of the Internet in different companies at different levels have different ideas, divided into macro, meso and micro levels. Macro is the National level, the concept is local or regional, is the micro-enterprise level, China has completed the national level system design, will be piloted before promotion.

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