Into an intangible, Wan word text analytic software industry and Ten Trends

With the development of digital technology, the industry seems to be entering puberty hazy on the eve of a platform. And the beginning as an industrial software tool, it is becoming an important promoter. It itself is undergoing unprecedented changes. This change began over a decade ago, but until now by means of the Internet industry, 5G this refracted light, it began to get a little sprout profile. Also take a decade to two decades, the industry can really feel it’s disruptive change. Perhaps at that time, industrial software tool properties will cease to exist. It is more endogenous in a more subtle way platform, to dominate the industry. First, the integration of CAD and CAE design and simulation used to be two entirely different camps. Only a small number of industrial software across these two areas. And now, design has been tightly integrated with the simulation together. Both the design, simulation that line. Homologous data validation symbiosis. The concept behind the industry more lively CPS, digital twin, the number of fusion, etc., have mapped the fact. Take a look at the past few years, Siemens, Dassault Systemes and Autodesk movements will know. In recent years, Dassault Systemes is focused on cultivating the field of simulation, simulation enrich Dassault Systemes’s brand. Mergers and acquisitions in the last five years, half of the purchase during the simulation software. The Siemens acquisition after another in the same simulation company in 2016, Siemens for nearly $ 1 billion acquisition of the global multi-disciplinary engineering simulation software vendors CD-adapco, a similar move also includes M & LMS, autopilot simulation software company TASS , it is once again to expand the industry. Autodesk also through mergers and acquisitions, launch their products in the simulation market. Launched in 2016 CFD simulation software, which is the newest member of the Autodesk simulation software portfolio, which according to Tuoouteke an acquisition in March 2011 of. The acquisition of large general-purpose finite element analysis ALGOR, mold analysis software MoldFlow, let it occupy a place in the CAE market. This marks a significant change, CAD and CAE are closely linked. That design that is simulation, will become the standard in the industry. This convergence of efforts is an unprecedented strengthening. Traditional CAD and CAE divide and conquer situation, being the first to break from the CAD vendors. Due to the physical numerical simulation will be the first to achieve physical, so that the importance of geometry engine will also be reduced. This will be only for simpleCAD and CAE manufacturers do, form a huge pressure. This situation, not only to PTC’s CAD Division will be pressure, ANSYS simulation giants are also affected. The best way, that is both the league. In response to the growing trend of integration of CAD and CAE, ANSYS and PTC collaborate to jointly develop “simulation-driven design” solutions, to provide users with a unified modeling and simulation environment, eliminating the boundaries between design and simulation. The commercial simulation software MSC (Hexagon has been mergers and acquisitions), launched in early 2014 Apex platform, is to meet the challenges of both positive integration. Integration of CAD and CAE, which means that the manufacturing side of the front, it makes the design of the traditional prototyping and testing functions to take on more. “Design for manufacturing” DFM, DFS and other safety-oriented design DFX series, has become more feasible and more universal. Second, the machine self play: to create design record into design, software is automatically carried boundary conditions parts, stress analysis and optimization, from a variety of structural optimization scheme most appropriate solution. When the current artificial intelligence so lively, it will be casual CAD vendors, it is becoming a new chapter in artificial intelligence. It seems Generative design is a rescue from the AI ​​often be seen made is a victory artificial intelligence. In fact, not the case. By increasing constraints, so that the computer can form more topology, not a new thing. What is new is the challenge the structure and materials of this design, how to achieve? Additive manufacturing gives an answer, in the face of those strange shape of the structure (God knows what a computer was thinking, given the constraints under conditions, can give the idea of ​​dropping), 3D printing could easily achieve. Autodesk also here the past several years, its software is developed Within the technology on the basis of Autodesk2014年收购的伦敦软件公司 Within Labs. At the same time, it is also developing other derivative design project, including ProjectDreamcatcher. Airbus designed seats also added reputation. Those odd-shaped structure, makes doubly impressive.
Figure 1: Generative designed by NASA landers Saturn
in the world of additive manufacturing, much of CAD and CAEFootprint. At the same time, Autodesk for lattice optimization and simulation metal additive manufacturing Netfabb. In the PTC Creo 4.0, but also simplifies the process between 3D CAD 3D printing and enables the creation of a uniform lattice. We need to make up the lesson. In May 2017, Solid Edge ST10 officially released, providing record into the design for the design, simulation and collaboration provide enhancements. In the world of things PTC freedom of travel companies, but also recognize the value of this new direction. In November 2018, it was founded in 2012 to buy a new company Frustrum. Deal, worth about $ 70 million acquisition, PTC will add Frustum generation of AI-driven design tools in its core CAD software portfolio. In order to highlight the effect of creating to design, Autodesk also no less hard. “CAD is a lie”, AutoDesk executives have so to ridicule, “a design is to make it truly worthy of the name.” But in this direction, we still need more examples to prove this is a big step for the type of development scale manufacturing. Third, the data transfer “full screen” Holy Grail paper manufacture. For a long period of industrial development, whether it is design or workshop production, 2D drawings blue, symbolizes the highest authority of the Chief Engineer. Instruction, often the “paper of order”, which is an ancient way of passing decisions, like the ancient army post road. Moreover, the more complex manufacturing, more complex data transfer, then the possibility of errors in the transmission of information is achieved by the higher paper, billboards and other carriers. Paperless, Boeing early in the nineties to put forward. As a concise and understandable objectives behind the significant meaning. Simple blue drawing farewell, perhaps easy; but between the design and manufacturing as well as the entire plant paperless, it is very difficult. Boeing since 1990 R & D 777, it is the first use of digital technology designed aircraft, but until now, Boeing is still committed to solving this problem. Paperless, it is to solve the island’s direction. Under this belief Control Engineering Copyright , all the paperwork and forms, is a symbol of silos of data, which means that the plant a “Data intestinal obstruction.” However, this is also the current common feature of all mediocrity plant. However, to solveThis problem also appears to have been expected. AR augmented reality as a new medium, it is possible to redefine the data transmission. In the design and development engineers there, like “Iron Man” as the protagonist, dragging style design in the air, already budding – Lockheed Martin such attempts are doing; and on the factory floor, with a rich software support augmented reality device AR, we have come to a close operation of the workers. PTC ThingWorx Operator Advisor uses a new way to design and 3D work instructions, can be passed to the hands of front-line operator by any AR. The world’s largest wind turbine equipment manufacturers Danish Vestas, has been the first to enter this 3D era. It is designed to solve the problem “breakpoint data” by simplifying the collection, synthesis and critical operational data transfer mode. This means that the way the workshop to pass information to employees, will completely change, “Text” and “ream” Time will likely come to an end. Three-dimensional data and instructions, are issued by the incomplete data, but rather is passed through a similar “feel knowledge” approach. This transfer is experience, is the feeling, rather than the text description. This instruction requires time, not a piece of paper instructions, but a screen, but a feeling. Paperless itself is a lighthouse, it is has a more specific way: “screen” of will become the new carrier. In the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on, PTC Vuforia augmented reality solutions has begun in Microsoft HoloLens 2 built-in, through new gestures, speech enhancement and tracking function, without the need of complicated programming. Air engineering company Howden, have begun to adopt this technology to improve the customer experience using their equipment. Mouse, mouse pad makes hand became reptiles; and AR is people’s hands free, flip in the air to become birds. Whether in the design room, or in the factory, as many people as conductor waving his hands – that’s the way they drive the new data. But the subtext behind it, will have much more meaningful. The world’s largest construction machinery manufacturer Caterpillar no longer provides users with a sketch. Want to repair oil, non-authorized service engineer only to guess. Users can have all the details, but do not see it in the data. So, what is the next generation of workers?They are equipped with a “second vessel” interconnection workers. In this second vessel passage, shuttle various data. And by means of AR technology, these workers can see them. “I tear up every piece of paper”? “Full screen” to become lean as standard? This benchmark will challenge the practice and culture of a lighthouse in the factory several years by the formation. Fourth, based on systems engineering human capacity to deal with complex issues of the model is limited. Systems Engineering is a global one top-thinking; the model is a means to express complicated things at a higher level of abstraction. Obviously, the model-based systems engineering MBSE and model-based definition of MBD, all for the enhancement of human capacity to deal with complexity. PTC 2014 acquisition of modular-based system and software engineering application development Atego, precisely in order to highlight the “synergy” to build complex systems, while meeting system developed by complex mechanical, electronic and software components thereof. US defense spending in the world ahead, an important guarantee for its national competitiveness. The US Department of Defense procurement is involved in R & D, manufacturing to maintenance, there are 15 million people, of which nearly 30% of the staff are system engineers. Future design considerations are systematic thinking. No model-based systems engineering, large equipment manufacturing weapons is unthinkable. However, this is an ongoing challenge. It was first horn from aerospace, the Assembly has been sounded, but it looks to complete troop build-up will take a very long time. This is due to the complexity of the product decisions. Product design using a comprehensive systems engineering or Model-Based Design, involving multiple engineering disciplines (Electromagnetic heat, etc.). The demand for smart products and networking products, but is one of a new element of complexity, whether the product is cars, home appliances, consumer goods or mobile device, it is true. Boeing that it pushed MBD (Model based definition) concept, it is widely recognized. Many CAD companies are beginning to support the relevant standard product manufacturing PMI information is directly related to the MBD. This looks to break the shackles of MBD standard format of various CAD, have also been various CAD software currently support. As early as 2013, Solidworks began to launch MBD module. However, this is only the beginning of a willingness only. At present business users with different three-dimensional design software, still run into more standard MBDAnd can not be unified, too restrictive by the three-dimensional software. To support the full life cycle, there must be end to end technical basis of MBSE. Boeing uses a new “diamond” description, in order to optimize conventional systems engineering in the famous “V” shaped route. From this diamond description, you can see a virtual model and the physical world, both need to interact at any time, to form a “connected environment.” This means that you must get rid of document-driven situation. Digital twin offers exciting the imagination. Its implementation, however, must rely on model-based definition of the product. Therefore, it is floating on top of a lotus Control Engineering Copyright , even the silk constantly lotus is its foundation.
Figure 2: Boeing senior technical R & D Don Farr 2018 Nian
of the Chinese manufacturing users, has also created a new worry: blindly promote MBD, will strangle China CAD, CAE software vendors efforts. Because these standard models, will allow future users of data migration will become more difficult. Foreign software at the user end, the establishment of barriers will be higher. Three-dimensional model and data separately, would be a viable way. However, Chinese enterprises do not have the will to form common standards and systems, it is difficult to create synergy, the user is unable to get rid of existing data structure and habits, the outlook is not optimistic entirely. More importantly, many of the domestic software industry have been attracted to the Internet industry to go inside the ditch, 10303 international standard system there are nearly 200 standard, constitute barriers to deeply divide MBD, but domestic enterprises are rare research, little progress. Some large companies (such as aerospace) of increasing complexity, dependence on large-scale mainstream software is growing, the latter leading to more and more close, more and more monopoly, no other upstream and downstream software basic entry opportunities and development space. Many enterprises and technological exchanges, mouth closed all other large integrated solutions based on systems engineering MBSE, and did not even mention the name of any product and brand. Imagine, if businesses have adopted a total solution, other products is difficult to have the opportunity to enter. Fifth, from a buyout to continue the subscription tools software sales, are turning to subscription model (Subscription) from a one-time license (License). Software subscription model does not necessarily cloud-based deployment, it can still be installed within the enterprise,But by subscribing to an authorized password regularly. For the subscription model is a user enterprise software company and a win-win mode, the user can according to enterprise applications, flexible increase or decrease the number of users, but also get instant access to the latest software version. For software companies, it can ensure that users continue to generate cash flow, reduce a user although the current business revenue, but a few years down the subscription service revenues will exceed the sales revenue of fixed tenure. Meanwhile, for business users, large amounts of data generated by the application software is very easy to bind on software tools. From the power of software development, it is clear software vendors prefer the subscription model, it will make the income becomes very stable. In the subscription mode, the update appear to be more reasonable long-term. In the international market has shown absolute victory: Dassault in many countries in Europe and America annual revenue, from 70 to 80% of annual rent income, only 20 to 30 percent of one-time buyout PLC (perpetual license cost). Therefore, the software company looks very comfortable in Europe, because most of the revenue every year ahead of the target, engineers can easily engage in research and development. Of course, Autodesk subscription system does not go smoothly, since the beginning of 2015, they hope to be able business model from traditional software to buy out the transition to the subscription system. 2017 layoffs storm and promote this model also has a relationship, that is to continue restructuring the organization, resolutely focused subscription service model. In Internet penetration is not high on the era, the manufacturer or author using the internet continues to maintain and upgrade more difficult, a lot of software basically is “Deal or No Deal”; and now, updated version of the condition, the basic sound, providing products complete customer support and implement an iterative upgrade online, there is no obstacle. The cloud computing is accelerating its popularity. Industrial software subscription system has been unstoppable. Chinese market is still relying on its unique market characteristics, making barely resist. One-time purchase, which is China’s favorite way, but also because China project funds constitute a particularity: Software upgrades are on a budget, and the purchase of software services is difficult to form project budget. Also, this is a strange phenomenon in China: the value of software services in China, far not been recognized. But the service just is the core value of the software. Unable to lock the long-term value of software services in advance, many domestic independent software companies to survive difficultOne of the important reasons. Subscription-based, data monopoly of Chinese users, perhaps a huge threat; but for the domestic software vendors, but it is a great opportunity. This will make industry software vendors can do a better job research and development. Six, the era of the industrial software tools as tools to the platform evolution, may have been in the past. February 2019 Dassault Systemes announced, has experienced 21 years of SolidWorksWorld Assembly name will no longer be retained, but become 3D Experience World. General Assembly to change the name, which may Kusi SolidWorks many fans. This sends an important signal, any single software tool brands, are no longer important, the presence of the platform will be enveloped everything. Dassault Systemes is the main push its 3D EXPERIENCE platform, which is a top-level strategy. Software as a tool of industrial property a strong presence, is being reduced sense of its independent existence. When you want an ax, I will ask you, do you want a piece of wood is not it? That may be true, you really want a campfire with wood. This also means that update business model. Industrial software provider, is trying to design – the whole manufacturing process, and further tap the value. Manufacturing as a service, it is the core of this idea. This is why Dassault Systemes is committed to front-end design, manufacture directly open late. And it acquired for marketing and presentation of high-end 3D visualization software RTT company in 2014, it is adhering to such a concept. From the point of view of this trend, we can understand the precarious in recent years, computer-aided manufacturing CAM market. Once independent CAM software, have fallen. CAM British company Daer Kang unexpectedly annexed by Autodesk in 2013, was originally an independent CAM software market, was quickly shuffled, Hexagon 2014 acquisition of British software company CAM Vero– the latter had already conducted series of mergers and acquisitions, and by the end of the same year, additive manufacturing giant 3D System places a billion dollar cost of acquisition of the outstanding CAM vendors Israel Cimatron. The latest story staged drama is introduced Solidworks 2017 CAM-oriented version, and eaten by the French Hexagon SPRING CAM company in 2018. Independent CAM software vendors, are becoming part of the software platform services. Support PlatformThe biggest secret is that the community is collaborative. In fact, the concept of community has long been, in the last century in the late 1990s Autodesk, Inc., is also the first to make partner ecosystem to support the emergence of a large number of secondary development of industrial software companies. But with the Autodesk acquisition of German-American families after such a secondary development of enterprises, domestic secondary developers sometimes can be naked, have transition, looked dispersed. With the transfer tool to the platform, a variety of small domestic partners, will increasingly become a piece of seaweed on top of the ship. The relationship between so-called partners, iron and grass, that’s all. There is such a platform, facing SMEs will have a huge temptation. This also means that the platform-oriented enterprises, must be prepared to “all-rounder” in preparation. Industry software enterprises, but also do a good job migration platform, ready to serve small and medium enterprises. The most recent example is the Dassault into the ERP system. By the end of 2018 to $ 425 million Dassault Systemes completed the acquisition of manufacturing ERP software company IQMS, IQMS will be renamed DELMIAWORKS. The end of the design data, and business data combined, which is the biggest step PLM software provider to expand in record territory, taken the best of. And earlier this year the launch of the DS SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE.WORKS, it is small and medium enterprises to provide users with a single digital environment, social collaboration with the design, simulation, manufacturing and even ERP functionality combined. Tools, goodbye! This is struggling Chinese PLM vendor, it is not a good news. It means that, when Man was still determined to bronze to iron when Iron Man has wrapped on a chariot. The gap between the two generations: not two generations, but two eras. Seven, born the concept of cloud software as a service (SaaS) continues to develop, in the industrial field. More and more cloud-based industrial software subscription model Control Engineering Copyright , the enterprise has become an option in addition to local software installation environment. Clouds and online industry software can be run directly in the local browser, or run through the Web and mobile applications. And traditional software installed on the local machine is different, it is updated by a remote server, and access to services by subscription, usually a year or even once a month. Ten years ago, cloud CAD has been widely talked about, but we will feel difficult. One of the most famous architects of CAD, AMichael Riddle, one of the founders of utodesk was pointed out that the complexity of the cloud of CAD, CAD is ten times more than the desktop. This is not simply because such procedures at every turn tens of millions the number of lines of code, but rather the difficulty of modeling, as well as complex as chess possibility. Of course, rebuilding infrastructure system is a must, and this is simply a mature software vendors nightmare. In 1994, AutoCAD version 13 grand release, but the market feedback is adverse criticism. You know, this is a reconstruction architecture, code is almost complete rewrite of the new software, and Autodesk to meet for this purpose, but it is a costly disaster. Solidworks away from the veteran, founded in 2012 Onshape company, entirely online CAD service. Big effect by means of the founder, for a time caused a strong reaction. And Autodesk’s Fusion360 quick to follow. In such a field, China’s software also respond quickly. Like Hao Chen, Lee Chi and so strengthen the online CAD applications; while in CAE field, this is more like selection of new small businesses. Many domestic CAE software, such as Beijing Yun said, the number of Shanghai Qiao, blue Viagra and other walking down this road. This is a powerful enemy away from the edge, looking for a niche market opportunities in the market gap. After four rounds of financing, Onshape in April 2016 received a total of $ 170 million of investment, but no more is heard. Look, Onshape up early, but still catch the late set. Its impact was not originally thought so beautiful. It appears that cloud CAD products, the cloud model brings technology, innovative business model, but in the final analysis, still want to do the basic model, otherwise not be widely accepted by users. But Onshape move, or awakened many strong manufacturers of traditional CAD. In 2018, CATIA launched xDesign, CATIA interface color and more consistent. Mainly in response to the impact of future OnShape other online design software brings. More importantly, it brings great synergies, the “crowdsourcing public a collective collaboration” has become a possibility. This is the real charm of online design. With the further popularization of the cloud industry, there will be a large number of intermediate software vendors to provide data conversion services between various software.For example, companies like CIDEON, will bring clouds CAD and other engineering data, such seamlessly with SAP’s cloud platform, simple connection.
Figure 3: heterogeneous data connection
For such a strategy internet cloud direction, even taking into account Dassault hardware resources of a cloud computing infrastructure. In 2011, less than one year of cloud computing company Outscale received a strategic investment in Dassault Systemes; to June 2017, Dassault Systemes additional investment to get its majority stake. Outscale provided by more than a dozen data centers Global cloud computing services, 3D experience platform Dassault Systemes, can give full play to the advantages of integrated hardware, software, and can be deployed to businesses of all sizes. This is independent of the infrastructure based on cloud platform that can deliver Windows applications and workflow from the clouds. Frame is such an independent service provider, to break the traditional traditional virtual desktop solutions (such as Citrix or VMware), which is non-elastic, single-tenant data center infrastructure designs. Compare, on a PC, and features of the ARM architecture in the mobile terminal, showing how different will be the Intel X86 architecture.
Figure 4: cloud cloud software for industrial facilities from the
natural clouds, light and architecture, in line with local user access for elastic cloud industry, it is the software industry in the clouds promising. Industrial software migration to the cloud platform, appears to be in order to compete broader SME market. “PLM cloud” to provide more choice for small and medium PLM users, according to their specific business needs and engineering customized solutions. This means that business and PLM deployment patterns are changing. The rapid development of the Internet industry, compared with this “Yunsheng” software, provides a good fertile soil. Eight, embrace IoT, the renewal of the mission of PLM PLM product lifecycle management, the concept itself has “a phrase for life,” domineering. It evolved from the “Product Data Management” PDM, CAD software represents the company’s depth of expectations. However, it never really materialized. Since about 2005, PLM is no longer a privilege of the company’s CAD tools, many newcomers – many of them with dazzling qualifications, entered the field. In 2007 Oracle acquired PLM Software Agile, SAP in 2009In the Asia-Pacific region launched its own PLM. IoT = PLM? Or IoT + PLM? Of PTC is concerned, the answer is crystal clear, however. As early as two years ago, PTC’s CEO bluntly said, “IoT is to PLM”. Although PLM, the most important thing is LifeCycle (life cycle), but many products have never been achieved over the full life cycle management. A refrigerator, a car left the factory often heard from since, becoming the factory list of “orphan products.” This also means that many PLM software systems is simplified change management PDM and engineering. In the era of things, or it will be developed into a myopia. Network co-products, is providing unprecedented visibility and insight. From this perspective, PLM is more like the concept of an enterprise, rather than the product itself. In this sense Control Engineering Copyright , IoT as a new sign to activate this concept. Siemens turned the momentum things, meditation is not from PLM, but the roar from the scene of the machine. As a born resident of automation companies, IoT is an inevitable strategic option, so it is connected to the PLM, not unexpected; and Dassault will have to slow the pace of much of its manufacturing operations in the scheme, the original acquisition production scheduling management software Apriso, is increasing connection of the machine, trying to integrate business processes in the machine. But for Dassault, which is more like a patch tactical, rather than strategic layout.
Figure 5: PLM relationship with the IoT
So, in the end IoT is the eldest son of the new PLM parallel Gemini, or the PLM? To answer such a relationship, you need to clear two boundaries: a factory is, the treatment devices attitude. This is all the software company’s answer is the same; the other boundaries are, whether PLM to really cross over into the factory gate outside, connected relationship “person” with the product? This is the most important dividing line of industrial software company strategy partition. PTC most radical, duty-bound to make a choice, and with SAP, Oracle such IT companies to come to a camp, Siemens made a choice on important equipment, and Dassault, Autodesk is also found enough courage to answer this problem. For the simulation field, the autopilot is most likely a breakthrough.
Figure 6: Things activates the car PLM domino effect (Source: Infosys)
So, PLM era of things, the boundaries of this concept in the end how to understand. It is to continue to become larger, put all the ideas in the past has not been implemented, reload it in the basket? Or let it wind, and given greater ambition IoT, the value of re-amplify the data center, in order to further strengthen the nature of the data-driven? This depends on people’s habits to answer. Nine, the software becomes expensive boundless: EDA design, to design services without a doubt, is an expensive chip industry. And for chip design electronic design automation EDA is this expensive game behind the biggest names in children. Electronic and mechanical design software EDA software MCAD gap in the seventies and eighties of the last century is not large, many manufacturers have both CAD and mechanical CAD software, EDA’s significantly more than the limelight. Later, with the development of the chip industry, EDA embarked on a more specialized course, electrical and mechanical CAD totally different way: EDA began closely linked with intellectual property rights. Today this area, dominant Synopsys, CADENCE, Mentor Siemens chip design almost dominated the market. A huge market, mechanical and electrical CAD / CAE vendors are waiting for an opportunity to break the lines between the two distinct situation. In 2008, ANSYS simulation software giant to enter the field of electronic design EDA software, a new field, the acquisition of Ansoft Corporation. The purchase price of approximately $ 800 million. The latter then again for $ 310 million cash acquisition of simulation software provider Apache Design Solutions, fill it in simulation of integrated circuit layout. Siemens and November 2016, with $ 4.5 billion acquisition of MentorGraphics one of the three major electronic design automation EDA software world. Behind this is the chip design into an amazing money-burning stage. Advanced design costs, from 65 nanometers to $ 28 million, rising to 5 nanometers current $ 540 billion, up a full twenty times!
Figure 7: Cost evolution of advanced design (Source: IBS data)
from 65nm, to 40nm, to 28nm, each generation of technology, the software will have 50% of the code need to be rewritten. And to the nanoscale, many physical phenomena, have not seen before. TransportThe complexity of the calculation, a significant increase. Many physical breakthrough, software bottleneck is the key limiting factor. This time, the industry’s dependence on software is a can not imagine the degree. In this sense, EDA software vendors can be like pumping blood vessels, like nurses, I think how much smoke pumping, depends entirely on the results she needed. To some perspective, it must learn to control and prevent excessive desire of skimming. In China’s CAD market, in fact, they are the same. These industrial software business platform and tools, only need to control their own “freak” sentiment in the Chinese market. A large CAD vendors in 2018, when you want to increase revenues, mouth is 10-15% of the increase, almost no notice agents. Would like to close on the land, want to cut are cut, how many cattle of user agents and, under this sharp scissors, in fact, are small sheep. Ten, the biggest speculation: the software industry to the highest level of intangible industrial software, perhaps to destroy themselves. Since users want is a hole, then all of the tools, such as chisels, you do not have to drill there. The most intuitive phenomenon is rigid-flex, it is becoming a fashion industry. Industrial automation hardware and software, working closely go together. Siemens Automation closely integrated with PLM to construct a world of digital business; Schneider in 2017 to nearly 5 billion yuan to acquire 60% stake in AVIVA, which has become old-fashioned story, “engineering software industry to embrace” of; Rock Vale to invest US $ 1 billion, accounting for 8.4% of the equity shares of PTC, opened a model of hard strategic cooperation; and earlier, the first simulation software MSC, the metering device into the arms of Sweden’s Hexagon. Software-defined profits, hardware profit era has ended. With the injection of the software, hardware, like the traditional blade-thin profits, it is becoming as thick as the server. Traditional boundaries between systems are disappearing, which makes the traditional mechanical design and simulation of CAD / CAM / CAE software, electronic design automation software EDA, as well as with other software such as manufacturing execution systems MES, HMI human-machine interface, etc., are fused. Ubiquitous software, is the essence of this answer. Behind the Internet industry , the software is the star. Only software to do a given machine, in order to reason clearly the value of the data. No longer a simple tool kitIt reshape the industrial value in another form. Ubiquitous and invisible, this may be the direction of the software industry efforts. But on top of this invisible foundation to build towering palace intelligent manufacturing industry and the Internet. What is invisible? Air is invisible. It dominates the existence of life. Notes on the software industry as a memory tool, is gradually dispersed. CAD, CAE and the like labels, has been difficult physique wrapped around a PLM vendor. This is a very small market, but it is a fulcrum of Archimedes. Small almost gone, but in leveraging the future direction of the industry, it is this invisible micro software industry, a new industry is the reason for the “new” fundamental forces.

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