Edge computing impact on the digital transition

From the computer since its inception, we have experienced several different stand-alone, PC & LAN, Internet, mobile Internet and other IT era. In the near future, mankind will usher in the IOE (Internet of Everything) of all things Internet era, but we must be aware of: the evolution of computing model also affect the expansion of the scale of the ecological. Currently , China is in a crucial period of digital transformation (Digital Transformation), the so-called digital transformation, the basic meaning refers to the traditional economic model towards a digital economy development process, is to promote the digital technology increased productivity, a production process of change. With the decline in the efficiency of the development of new technology and traditional industries, traditional industries urgent need to take advantage of next-generation information technology, to break down barriers between different levels of data of different industries, and strengthen the data driving force to improve the overall operating efficiency of the industry, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading to build new digital economy. So CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , which technology will become the key to the success of the digital transformation of drive technology? Digital transformation and what relations need to address? Broad academic point of view that in this new round of industrial revolution in the most significant change sucked “objects” into the smart Internet, realize the depth of cooperation and integration OT (Operation Technology) and ICT, that ultimately everything is interconnected in Based on the value of data mining to improve productivity. Brief summary, the digital transition properly handle five pairs of relationships: with the end of the cloud, that is, the relationship between cloud computing and edge computing; OT integration of ICT; match between technological innovation and industrial applications; and objects, and objects and the relationship between the composition; can ensure a wide range of connectivity, while ensuring the security of all connection points. A report from the Chinese Academy of ICT shows that the presence of various sectors of the digital level of economic development quite different, showing a characteristic tertiary production is superior to the secondary industry, secondary industry better. Currently , a leading tertiary industry continued to show attitude, steady improvement in the secondary industry, continued to force the primary industry is relatively backward.
to transform the industry, the fundamental reason is better to let the value chainTo play a role in re-sort collaboration between the upstream and downstream value chain. Value chain is too long, low industry innovation and other factors, have led to the transformation and upgrading of the industry. That is, when an industry we do not earn more money or time to maintain profitable, we must consider the transformation and upgrading. Currently affecting , by scientific and technological progress, increased labor costs, frequent fluctuations in capital markets and other traditional asset-heavy type of manufacturing an urgent need to upgrade in order to increase competitiveness, innovation force, the survival rate. It is envisioned that the proportion of industrial growth in the digital economy will accelerate. Technology is the cornerstone of business development, to achieve rapid industrial growth of the digital economy Control Engineering Copyright , with the growth of different technologies is especially important at this time. Different times, under different key technologies every computing model, we need basic technology, infrastructure, the most important but also critical applications accelerator. In stand-alone era, VLSI technology is the basis, high-level language and operating system is the key application accelerator; enter PC & LAN era, we created a microprocessor, and DOS and Windows applications become a key accelerator, it is to let the computer come to every one of us side, but also people feel the power of personal computers. The tide of history rolls on, the Internet age is a era of heroes, WWW and TCP / IP technology, through this HTML accelerator key achievements of Google, the achievements of Facebook, but also achievements in Baidu, Alibaba and other Internet giants. At this point, Nokia mobile phone or the king, accounting for half of the overall mobile phone market, no one would have thought that this giant almost overnight annihilation in the tidal wave of mobile Internet. Android and iOS applications become a key accelerator of 4G and smart phone era. Soon after, we will usher in all things Internet era, more and more intelligent devices appears, then what are the key accelerator application of this era is it?
There is no doubt that cloud computing to our lives has brought great convenience, which allow enterprises to use computing resources can be as easy as using hydropower. But the development of anything has two sides, and now cloud computing has become a master of “objects”, the cloud can directly control all the “things”, but the user must be authorized to use their own cloud “thing”, and we haveGetting used to this mode. By 2020, the number of smart devices worldwide per capita will reach 6.58, the total number will reach 46 billion, and most of all smart devices in the network edge. Currently , all the edge devices, applications are independent of the vertical system, which has its own boundary, the system comprising a border, the border web, the applied boundary, the boundary manufacturers, old and new products, how to solve cross-border interconnection instant? How to solve the free cross-border interoperability? How to solve the free end of the goods and services delivered it? The answer is: Mining edge side service capacity Control Engineering Copyright , the use of edge computing, end-to borderless communications to achieve service delivery. In industry, we want to achieve lower costs, improve quality, enhance creativity and most importantly protect the safety, the key is to achieve interconnection, interoperability, mutual service. This is a decentralized process, to promote the manufacturing sector from the “Hardware thinking” “service mentality” toward change, we rely on the assistance of new technology to improve the efficiency of the entire value chain collaboration, “service” driven value chain, each link innovation, quality,. Crucial edge computing according to IDC forecasts, data networking equipment was produced 0.1ZB increased to 2020 from 2013 4.4ZB. Human beings are truly entered the era of massive data. It is foreseeable that, smart devices with the acceleration of the digital transformation of traditional manufacturing all aspects of production will occur more and more. Compared to smart devices in the hands of the individual, intelligent device data mining production line more value. From the perspective of business managers view, select industrial upgrading two purposes: First, improve production efficiency, reduce costs and provide a better customer experience; the second is the value chain “shuffle”, to discover new business models, new products and services. From a strategic standpoint, industrial upgrading One purpose for the optimization of enterprise digital business, the second is for enterprise digital business innovation, transformation. The future is a social value generated data, how to make good use of, dig out more data value will be one of the key points to enhance corporate value. Currently , the data stored in the cloud fills the tip of the iceberg, more data, or is present on the terminal device. andAnd, the data in the explosive increases, the more low cloud computing power, the time near its peak efficiency. While most fire is a large platform of the Internet industry pattern, but these platforms are still fragmented CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the formation of more data silos, data from different platforms want to achieve interoperability, produce greater value, just be prohibitively difficult. This centralized model, to a large extent hindered the free flow of large amounts of data. Therefore, the most important issue we have to solve is how to make data on the entire value chain to produce the greatest value, that is, to solve all aspects of the value chain: computational efficiency, delivery capabilities, security capabilities and so on. Large-scale application of edge computing, just to be able to enhance the efficiency calculation, reduce latency and improve data security. Thus, the current digital conversion problems due to the excessive concentration of cloud data processing mode generated solved. The data will sink to the edge side of the “micro-cloud” processing can not only improve efficiency, but also to promote the traditional manufacturing towards “service mentality” performed by the “hardware thinking.” In the mode “borderless edge computing + Communication”, each an intelligent edge devices are able to achieve the server and client-side switch at any time. Edge computing will be the key accelerator digital transformation. In the center of the era, large amounts of data from the digital transformation of the hierarchical aggregation network to the cloud, and then analyzed by the cloud. The efficiency of this approach in the era of data processing huge amounts of data generated, the efficiency will become increasingly low. But to the edge of the computing era, the digital transition will tend to service the product type, each having a terminal edge computing capabilities, will be able to become a service provider, all the services are in the same plane. Edge computing in the digital transition of applications will drive the transition from product to service operator lifecycle, and thus trigger the goods and services and business model innovation, the development of the value chain, supply chain and ecosystem brought a profound impact to promote the development of its high quality. As more and more intelligent level of edge higher and higher, a variety of “service” they provide will be ever-changing, personal creativity will be endless, the original can not imagine products and services in the past simply cloud architecture under unattainable becomes possible. To put it bluntly, endowed with the edge to give a resourcePushed forward, the middle contains a new creative way. Locked in, boldly applied for edge computing, we will have a greater opportunity to help companies accelerate the digital transformation, to tap the value of the data, may further generate new business models. When an endpoint has more processing power, which can be delivered on-site in real time and sustained effect, data analysis and processing the scene, you can put on the end of the original need to go to the center to achieve service program directly delivered directly from the source as a service to the end, towards real IOS (Internet of Service). Some things need a very strong scene real-time response, the ability to edge computing even more than traditional cloud architectures. This solves the major industry pain points 4.0, so that AI can be carried out in a sufficiently powerful computing edge interaction, or differences in interaction, the distributed artificial intelligence (DAI) achieved at the edge, in wisdom transportation, industrial robots, defense work together and so can not play the original calculation models do. To vehicle networking (V2X), for example, the traditional method is 2 V2 cloud cloud 2X, this digital transformation is inseparable from the old model, under the blessing at the edge of computing technology, new exploration is, the “cloud” omitted, V directly to X. Future society will be a “service society”, anything can become a “service.” With the continuous exploration business model, personalized / customized services will be increasing demand for edge computing, decentralized borderless communications science and technology will play a key role in this transformation.

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