How about Fangtai gas water heater?

Fangtai Water Heater is a rising star. After years of development, the number of households that purchase water heaters is increasing. Today, Xiaobian will learn about Fangtai gas water heaters, and will also recommend several square gas water heaters for you!

How about Fangtai gas water heater

Xiaobian feels that there is a way to know how to use the gas water heater. The best way is to see how the users evaluate it!

User A: It’s okay! It’s just something to be prepared at home, otherwise the master’s door is very expensive. The goods have been received! But it has not been installed yet, and I have not opened the package. Only when the installation is finished, I will check the goods when the master opens. How to say it is not easy to say now. I will definitely add comments when I get there. The service is very thoughtful. 618 was so busy, the next day, the goods arrived, the packaging is very good, and the installer paid for it before the demolition, the invoice is also. Now the decoration has not been ignited, wait for the ignition and then add additional comments, I believe the brand of the big company. Trustworthy. Careful and thoughtful.

User B: Still in the renovation, not open the package, and then add comments when installing. well. Because it is to replace the old water heater in the home, it is not installed with the cherry blossoms. It feels good to use, especially its constant temperature, it is really easy to use. The design is stylish and the sound is small at runtime. The temperature is very constant and the hot water is very good. It should be very energy efficient. There will be no hot water for a while because there is no hot water for a while. well.

User C: The appearance is pretty, not installed yet, the brand should be assured. Good quality, electronic constant temperature, beautiful appearance, ultra-thin. Very easy to use, the machine looks very high grade. I am very satisfied with the constant temperature water. It won’t be because there is no hot water for a while because of the temperature setting. Very good. Very convenient, the heating speed is very fast, and the use of the water heater stops working immediately, saving.

User D: You can trust the power of the brand! The power of the brand is ok! Whether it is after-sales or quality! It is ok! I hope to help you!

Fangtai Kitchen Appliances is a professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and it depends on the design and function of gas water heaters. Generally speaking, the cost of the water heater is above the copper, and the thickness of the copper directly affects the service life. Therefore, it depends on the quality of the square gas water heater that the friends bought.

Fangtai gas water heater price

Fangtai JSQ25-0602(FR) 2528 yuan

Rated power: 95W

Hot water yield: 13 l/min

Rated pressure: 0.2 MPa

Ignition mode: electric pulse auto-ignition

Use gas type: natural gas

Fangtai JSQ25-13AES 3099 yuan

Power specification: 220V/50Hz

Hot water yield: 13 l/min

Ignition mode: electric pulse auto-ignition

Exhaust mode: strong row type

The above is about Fangtai gas water heater and Fangtai gas water heater The introduction of the price, do not know if you have a certain understanding?

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The overall situation of the home furnishing industry in 2019 is not bad, but it is important to solve these problems first.

Image from "Oriental IC

Home Industry It is in a state of diversified channels, and the source of orders is further dispersed, including finished houses (hardcover rooms), self-contained houses, big home stores, home stores, new retail stores, Tmall, Jingdong, many more, and community buys. How to harvest traffic in a scattered market, whether new models and new technologies should be kept up, this is the problem facing enterprises.

2019 started working for more than a week, and heard three voices:

One voice is that the business is worse than last year, there is no one in the store every day, and there were transactions last year; Another voice is that there are transactions, and this year, the door is open, the owners are ready to decorate, the business is good or not depends on their own ability, as well as the brand’s appeal; there is also a voice, compared with last year, it feels nothing changes , ready to engage in some promotions, seize the peak season in March.

Time pushed back to January, the situation is not good, the national building materials home prosperity index (BHI) was 73.99, down 19.74 points month on month, down 5.83 points year on year. The sales of building materials and homes above designated size in the country was 61.70 billion yuan in January, down 32.88% from the previous month and down 9.46% year-on-year.

There is nothing about the decline in the chain. After all, the month before the Spring Festival and the month when the Spring Festival is going, the business must be worse, and the chain is generally down. But the year-on-year decline, it shows that the situation is not very good. The national market fell a few points, which is equivalent to billions of dollars, and was assigned to the store, which means that in January, some dealers’ business has already exploded.

The situation in February is not expected to be too obvious to reverse. After all, during the Spring Festival, there is basically no deal in the physical store. Everyone starts working on February 10th. However, everyone notices that the online home business is not bad. Jingdong has released a Spring Festival consumption data, which is unexpected. Their conclusions are:

1. Top 5 categories of sales: mobile communication, computer office, household appliances, clothing shoes and home furnishings.

2. Compared with the same period of last year, the top 5 categories with the fastest year-on-year sales are: kitchen utensils (399%), home furnishings (185%), gift bags (148%), local life/ Travel (107%), medical care (83%).

The performance of home furnishings is very eye-catching, and a certain proportion of household consumption during the Spring Festival has been transferred to the Internet. Alibaba also has a 2019 Spring Festival economic report, but did not specifically disclose the trading situation of furniture and building materials and home improvement.

The above quoted the information, what exactly does it reflect? The material research suggests that the situation in 2019 is not very bad, and the overall prosperity of the industry is somewhat reduced, which will affect a small number of enterprises. Offline business, mainly offline business is affected more.

The sales of home appliances in home furnishings are so good, indicating that passenger traffic and spending habits are still shifting online. Adding up and down the line, in fact, the situation in the industry is not bad. However, without catching up with the new traffic, things are not good.

The material research cited an analysis of Tianfeng Light Industry, several of which are as follows:

(1) 300 cities completed based on the completed area and Ovi Cloud Data, the amount of completed delivery in 2019 is expected to improve compared to 2018, and the demand for decoration will increase, driving the home business in 2019 to bottom out in the second quarter. At the same time, the sales area of ​​first- and second-line new homes is expected to improve in 2019.

(2) The second-hand housing transactions in the 10 major cities we tracked have recovered from the second half of 2018. It is expected to continue to improve in 2019, driven by the just-needed and real estate policies.

(3) Changes in real estate due to urban policies may lead to the relaxation of regulation and control in some cities.

(4) The logic of household enterprise concentration improvement is still established. After the barbaric development period of channel dividends, empowering dealers will become a new growth engine.

The above judgments are relatively objective and in line with the trend of most organizations on the trend of the pan-home industry. The major material research should add that in January 2019, the sales of some real estate leading enterprises were declining, but some second-tier housing enterprises grew gorgeously. This kind of change deserves our attention. For example, if you make an engineering order, you can’t just stare at it. Leading housing enterprises must regard regional and second-tier housing enterprises as the key targets. Of course, we must pay attention to the cash flow of developers, which is relatively healthy.

In addition, the concentration of the home market will continue to rise, the dividends of traditional channels are rarely rare, and simply empowering dealers is unlikely to be a new growth engine. The dealers themselves have limitations. Most of them can do business, then find customers, talk about customers, and do services. As a company, it is necessary to seize the potential channels of the supply chain platform, fine decoration, apartments, rental housing, and equipment.

Da Chaoming Deng Chaoming also has several analysis on the industry situation. The main points are as follows:

(1) Under the tone of the property market, the local government can make its own situation. Formulating the property market policy does not rule out the local fine-tuning policy.

At present, the two conferences of various provinces and cities are held one after another. The attitude of real estate is almost the same. The main line is that the house is used for living, not for speculation. At the same time, it emphasizes stable land prices, stable prices, stable expectations, and targets. Still have to maintain the stability of the real estate market.

What does stability mean? It means that house prices cannot rise rapidly, and there will be no big fluctuations in trading volume. Of course, house prices may fall, but there will be no plunging, maintenance.On the basis of 2018, there may be a small increase, and some cities will decline slightly.

The real estate boom is not a problem, the new construction, completion and delivery are stable, and the market space of the natural home building materials and decoration industry will not be compressed.

(2) Is the industry’s economy stable? It means that everyone’s days will not be too uncomfortable?

Not necessarily, most people can still live, a little more Do not go. Market concentration will rise further, and companies that account for 20% of the total will live very well. 80% of listed home furnishing companies are expected to maintain at least a 20% growth rate in 2019.

In the leading companies that are not listed, such as Hengjie, Jiumu, Zhanchen, Wrigley and so on, most of them should also maintain this increase. However, those 20% of SMEs in the tail will have a very uncomfortable day, and the number of bank failures should not be less than in 2018.

Even so, there will be a lot of new companies, and large-scale research is expected to be concentrated in such areas. The market is not too mature, and the opportunity space is relatively large, such as: home Building materials supply chain, new home retail tools, intelligent lighting, smart locks, smart toilets, system bathroom, top wall integration, light luxury furniture, assembled interiors, etc.

(3) The research on large materials is expected to increase the proportion of finished products. In 2018, the country is about 25%, and the first-tier cities are about 70%. Some data show that it is about 90%. The city is around 50%, and this proportion will continue to rise.

There must be a closure of the renovation company, but the increase in the proportion of hardcover houses does not mean the depression of the renovation market.

Even if it is a very high-end first-tier city, it still survives many companies, some of which are leading companies, opening chains in the country, such as Beijing’s Dongyi Risheng and Longfa Decoration, but survived. All of them are made of diamonds and can be used for porcelain.

Either take the order from the developer, or do the old house and N decoration business, or the renovation of the finished house. A certain proportion of middle- and high-income owners will knock out the finished product delivered by the developer and renovate it.

(4) Diversified channels, once again divided the buyer’s attention, the source of orders further dispersed, including finished rooms (hardcover rooms), self-contained, big home stores, home stores, new retail stores, days Cat, Jingdong, fight more, community buy, and so on.

In addition to the store channel, you must firmly grasp two or three places, and you will have no worries in the future. Of course, the national chain or local leading-level home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Fusenmei, Daming Palace are also the core channels and traffic sources.

However, the stores in the store are polarized. Some stores have no guests. Every year, the stores are separated. They test two kinds of abilities: First, can you grab customers in the store? Second, can you get out? The store, to the vast world to grab customers.

(5) New category, new model impact, such as whole house customization, smart home, self-assembly, system bathroom, integrated wall, etc., all in the market development stage, mature, you will not follow Is there any strength? How to cut in? If you are a dealer, how to cut in? Test our wisdom and action.

Don’t you can’t do it? Maybe not, you have to consider the business in 5 years and 10 years in advance. The suggestion of large-scale research is that, under conditions of conditions, it is unwise to follow new categories, new models and new technologies, and reject and reject them. Choose the entry points that you have confidence in, and get in and do it. A more secure approach may be to find the right alliance and break the game together.

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Saudi Arabia releases new ceramic tile standard

On March 2, 2016, the Saudi Standards Measurement and Quality Organization (SASO) issued the notice number G/TBT/N/SAU/920 on the grounds of consumer protection and consumer information: SASO ISO 13006: 2016 “Tiles & mdash; definitions, classifications, characteristics and signs”, the standard is modified by the international standard ISO 13006:2012, and the main difference with China’s ceramic tile standard GB/T 4100-2015 is the addition of the provisions in Article 8.1 After the required text — use Arabic or Arabic and English in a way that cannot be eliminated after the text mark. The notification will take effect six months after the date of publication.

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Behind the custom-made “fast and slow” theory, the back-end system first acts in substance

Image from the Internet

Home in the Red Sea The melee enterprises have their own development logic, and they enter the battlefield with the confidence of one hit, but they return to the defeat of too many people. In fact, no matter whether it is a new or cross-border brand, you can’t blindly decide on a one-minded mentality. Customizing home production, technology, software and marketing, etc. “The comprehensive establishment of system engineering is the cornerstone of healthy development in the industry.

The custom industry is very classic. The theory of speed and slowness is not necessarily understood by marketers who have not settled in this industry. It is called “slow” and “slow”. What is this reason, can’t understand, how to understand?

“ Quick is slow, slow is fast

When a domestic cross-border brand is just listed Adopting a unique marketing strategy, the brand has been segmented and positioned, and the concept of “big home” has been proposed, and the terminal has expanded rapidly at an average rate of 100 per year. After two years, there are nearly 300 specialty stores nationwide, but The good times are not long, the rapid expansion of brand marketing potential does not have the benign support of the factory backstage, a series of problems such as delay in supply, declining quality, product error, etc., and the dealers complained, and they lost their confidence and replaced the brand. Or find another business.

And another new B brand, after entering the market, was unusually low-key, spent half a year on market research, industry characteristics, and market segmentation, and then spent a whole year preparing for the market. Factory and team. After the steady growth of sales and the expected sales per month, it was only a big step to enter the domestic market and replicate the exhibition hall and sales model. Obtaining an extremely high sales performance, almost a store to succeed in a store, quickly set off a boom in the country, the brand has grown geometrically. The brand has spent nearly three years from the establishment of the brand to the market. In the past three years, the company has been practicing basic management, order and service back-office, external marketing mode, and the entire store output model has achieved rapid expansion.

Cross-border custom brand performance is particularly evident

This rapid expansion of mentality is very evident in cross-border custom brands. In summary, cross-border customization is on the horizon. The project has a mentality of quick success and instant benefit. It is not uncommon to ask for 100 stores a year and 5 billion for three years.

It is even more regrettable that, to this day, there are still many cross-border squadrons who are repeating the same mistakes. Once they have launched the project, they have not been straightened out. They are desperately participating in the exhibition, and there are high-altitude advertisements everywhere. Digging people around, but few cross-border brands calmly look at the important significance of the industry back-end, technology system, product system and these cornerstones for brand expansion.

The so-called speed and slow theory is essentially enough attention to the background. At the beginning of the project, it is devoted to research products, software docking systems, production systems, order processes, terminal model innovations, etc., entering the second half of the competition era. If it is still “slap the head”, take it for granted, it will definitely die very badly!

Cross-border marching into the custom home brand is strong, often facing today’s customized market based on past successful experience. It is believed that large-scale investment in the regional market, rapid construction of large stores, construction of multiple stores, and tree models can quickly break through the regional market.

“ This idea is correct, we used to use this routine often, and tried it out! The general manager of a cross-border brand seems to win the custom home market. Building a large store, and quickly opening more stores, expanding influence, and establishing the influence of the regional market, with one belt and three, this model is very powerful, which is typical of Mao Zedong’s “model power and “the fire of the stars” Can be based on the theory, this is no problem in the marketing model, but the failure of all cross-border brands to enter the custom industry is not to master the custom furniture industry “production determines sales, the background determines the characteristics of the front desk, in other words, custom furniture The speed of brand expansion is determined by profound industry characteristics.

Cross-border brands believe that the advantages of industry and brand before replication can be successful. This is a typical marketing “myopia”. The great success in his industry has made decision-makers confident in their own self and believe that they are successful. It is “all in one place, it can be copied successfully.”

The custom industry is not appreciated. Midea Group enters the cabinet industry “three in and three out, now it has become “rubbery; Haier Group launched the cabinet project more than 10 years ago, and did not expect to fall into the situation of merger and acquisition by Japanese enterprises today; Nature Floor, Shuaikang Electric, etc. The cross-border brand scenery is no longer…

The essence of custom home speed is the background system first

Behind the rapid expansion must be supported by a strong system. Customized home production, technology, software and marketing are very complicated. “System engineering, all of which are professional and can’t be done overnight. Without 2-3 years of industry precipitation and basic system support, it is impossible to expand steadily. This systematic performance of the custom furniture industry is:

1. A strong production system that provides good products and services; the custom home industry has the saying that production determines sales and the background determines the front desk. A good internal production supply system will directly lead to slow loading of the terminal, slow ordering, resulting in a long production cycle, custom products do wrong goods, no shipments, delays, and common occurrences, all of which will directly lead to terminal dissatisfaction, customers are extremely Complaint.

2, product performance is expressed in the form of exhibition halls in the terminal, is the direct * sense of the consumer *. Display system is productThe shape of the card, the product performance is the soul. The exhibition hall is the consumer’s initial understanding of the brand, and is a complete display of brand positioning and style.

3. The terminal training system is the source of brand development. As a specialized and sophisticated home furnishing industry, the manufacturers realized the importance of the training system early. Through the closed basic training for nearly one month, the dealers were fully recognized and the manufacturers needed Through training, it conveys a series of guiding systems such as brand positioning, corporate culture, core appeals, terminal language caliber, service standards, etc., and these can never be achieved overnight. It takes half a year or even one to two years to run-in-combat-summary-improvement To be done. It is the crystallization of collective wisdom and the key to the long-lasting brand tree, which is not valued or even ignored in the industrial finished product industry.

4, the manufacturer’s internal and external service system for dealers is the core essence of franchise. Customized home is essentially a service-oriented industry, and the franchise industry requires manufacturers to standardize, standardize and process. Very high, this service-oriented platform industry, for the system of the factory headquarters, mode output is particularly prominent and important.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to customize the home industry “three-point product, seven-point service”. Under the large-scale production system of the finished products, the OEM can complete the initial products, but in the custom industry, there is no perfect production and order service, no order support, matching quotation, customer service, after-sales, technical and production support. The faster the initial store is built, the higher the requirements for the company’s back-office operations support. On the surface, it seems to be developing very fast, but behind the bustling, there may be hidden reefs.

In traditional industries such as sheet metal, the strength of the brand lies in the control of channel resources, while the custom home industry is the standardization of headquarters output. “The theory of speed and slowness belongs to the characteristics of the custom industry. This is also an important reason why many cross-border brands have become unacceptable after entering the custom industry. Only by grasping this feature can we truly achieve the goal of “fast, rather than the early “slow, the party is late”. (*This article has been marked with the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us.)

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Mascot A.ha landed on “Music Planet” VIP sparring to build brand IP attention

Recently, a yellow-skinned, big-mouthed small hippo A.ha quietly landed in the VIP sparring app<;the music planet plate, which triggered a heated discussion among the parents of many piano children.

In the music planet, A.ha guides the children to unlock a variety of fun music videos, take children to learn about world famous musicians, classical folk instruments, etc. Sometimes they even go to the podium and give Children’s science and other musical knowledge. A.ha captured the hearts of many piano boys and parents in a clear and cheerful image.

As a voice spokesperson for VIP sparring, in addition to “the music planet, A.ha is also applied to More online and offline scenes. For example, the A.ha WeChat emoticon package launched during the Spring Festival has become the first place in the circle of friends’ expression packs in a short period of time. It has become a netizen expression package for netizens. In addition, VIP sparring is being launched including dolls and medals. A series of A.ha, including T-shirts, pillows, cards, badges, etc., to create a brand IP image.

The application of these scenes has been loved and supported by users without exception. Received very good user feedback, and the image of A.ha is gradually gaining popularity.

VIP sparring this move, there are many gains. On the one hand, it is a child’s favorite way to skillfully carry out music education. A.ha’s company, let the children practice the piano is no longer lonely, and can find the interest in practicing the piano, so that they really fall in love with music and improve the efficiency of practicing the piano. This is the embodiment of the VIP sparring that is adhered to by the company.

On the other hand, A.ha enters the product and enters the user’s life, becoming the link between the brand and the user. This clearly narrows the distance between the brand and the user, making the relationship between the two more intimate, and the brand image is more profound than ever, thus winning more and more user base for the brand.

As one of the earliest online gamers, VIP sparring always insists on doing valuable Things, constant exploration and innovation. In the construction of anthropomorphic brand image, VIP sparring once again took the lead in the entire online music education industry, causing industry attention. This also fully reflects the original intention of VIP sparring: focus on cultivating children’s interests, creating various favorable conditions for children to learn to play habits; advocating children to learn piano happily, love and enjoy music from the heart, and thus go more on the music road. far.

In addition to brand IP, VIP sparring is equally intensive in user feedback. The current school season activities are in full swing.

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Cloudtoken Global Launch


What is a cloud token?

No matter where you make money, you don’t have a conflict with CT!

Put your assets in a different place and you’ll have a lot of money every day. Revenue, the principal can be taken away at any time!

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Cloudtoken adds to each project!

Cloud Token fools lay down There is no limit to the mode of loading and unloading. Currently, it supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC BTH USD.

Static income deposits and mining will make money. Monthly income is 6~12%. p>

The biggest advantage of Cloud token compared to other types of wallets is:

First. Technical advantages: Quantitative team is its own, and the world of quantitative trading technology is leading;

Second. The only chain-based wallet built on the BBS blockchain 4.0 technology, the real decentralized wallet, all data is publicly traceable and cannot be tampered!

Cloud Token He queries the wallet quantitative breakdown tutorial

Cloud Token platform is the fourth generation to build on the system of public BBS chain to the center of the chain, our platform is based on the currency side chain ETH development. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

Last year, 10,000 plus only 28,000, today 10,000 plus needs 5 million!

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Cloud Token mode system Analysis

First, why choose Cloud Token

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Cloud Token highlights

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Is it difficult to monitor the camera? VIA Solar IP Camera is coming

The traditional monitoring industry needs security personnel to monitor in real time, and has the disadvantages of difficult wiring and high cost. In the era of the development of intelligent security and intelligent monitoring industry, an emerging monitoring mode is quietly occupying the market —— Solar IP camera. These cameras directly subvert the drawbacks of the traditional monitoring industry and are suitable for long-term deployment and use by residents. Take the VIA Solar IP Camera as an example. The product has powerful networking features, easy operation, easy access and affordable prices.

Advantages of VIA Solar IP Camera: Flexibility and Free Cable

VPai The solar IP camera includes a high-definition (HD) camera with a solar panel that can operate solely on solar energy and Wi-Fi networking, allowing users to interact with the camera and its screen remotely via a smartphone. Unlike traditional surveillance, IP cameras do not require cables to transmit data or video, making installation and deployment easier. Solar source support also eliminates the need for power cords – making the device completely cable-free and ideal for challenging geographic locations where local power is not available. Finally, there is one more important point. With this camera, you don’t have to worry about being trimmed.

Advantages of VIA Solar IP Camera 2: Low carbon power saving, easy installation and expansion

Use this camera to save on electricity bills and have low carbon. Equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged during the day and used continuously during nights and hours of low sunshine, suitable for long-term deployment and reliable operation. In addition, the product provides enhanced deployment flexibility, requiring only the simplest installation process and connection to the Wi-Fi network for normal monitoring, facilitating later expansion and infrastructure reduction.

VIA Solar IP Camera Advantage 3: Easy Cloud Access

After installing the solar IP camera, you can install the app (app) via standard Android or Apple iOS device. Access and control. Real-time video transmission and recorded footage can reduce the need for continuous monitoring, which is a great benefit for those who must monitor a particular area but cannot actually be in the area.

Although the camera is equipped with a local storage device that can record video clips (SD card is the most common Application), the emergence of cloud networking means that the recorded clips can be accessed from any location at any time. Use both local (SD card) and cloud storage options to ensure backups are maintained in the event of network interference or failure.

VIA Solar IP Camera Advantage 4: Clear picture quality and motion detection capability

Blur and pixelated 640 x 480 pixel VGA resolution compared to CCTV systems The image of the stack, the image recorded by the VIA Solar IP camera has a high resolution of 1920 x 1080p. And provide reliable all-weather monitoring, infrared LED with light sensor can be continuously monitored overnight, allowing users to sit back and relax.

Like many modern products with motion detection sensors, the VIA Solar IP Camera detects real-time motion in nearby areas. When an action is detected, the camera can send a stream of alerts with associated video clips – all sent directly to your phone. Motion detection also allows the camera to remain in standby mode until the system detects an action.

With the development of Smart+, solar IP cameras are gradually replacing traditional surveillance cameras. The price and convenient installation form of VIA Solar IP Camera is no longer a patent for the monitoring industry, but also has the ability to enter the general family. With the VIA Solar IP Camera, you can easily use the monitoring function, install it easily, and interact with the camera. VIA has more than 30 years of chip-level R&D experience and has more than 6,000 international leading patents. Based on VIA’s embedded intelligent development platform, VIA is helping to advance the tradition with this solar IP camera and more intelligent security products. The transformation of the monitoring industry and the continuous development of the monitoring industry.

About VIA Technologies

VIA Technologies is a global leader in highly integrated embedded platforms and solutions for artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, computer vision, driverless, medical automation and Smart city applications. The company is headquartered in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, and has established branches in the high-tech core areas of the United States, Europe and Asia through the VIA global network. The customer base covers the world’s leading high-tech, telecommunications, and consumer electronics brands. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Globalization and the future of China’s ceramic industry

A few days ago, the inaugural “National Ceramic Art Forum and the National Ceramic Art Museum opened its first exhibition”, “Muyan Porcelain —— Zeng’s Ceramic Art Exhibition was held at Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum. Nearly one hundred scholars, experts from the China Collectors Association, the China Ceramics Association, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum, and the China Academy of Art and representatives of the Guangxi Chamber of Commerce attended the opening ceremony.

Beijing Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum is invested by Beijing Guangyang Enterprise Chamber of Commerce & mdash;— Beijing Ocean Investment Group’s Ocean Culture Investment Company, aiming to promote ceramic culture and revitalize the glory of art ceramics Promote the prosperity and healthy development of art ceramics.

Historically, ceramics represented and carried the unique culture of human art development. However, in modern times, ceramics has gone to a depressed stage of development. How to inherit and revitalize this great art is common to modern people. Historical responsibility, a forum that is enthusiastically explored by many expert art scholars and able to gather the ideas of the top figures in the industry is especially necessary.

This forum is based on the theme of “ceramic ceramic education and college education” in the global ceramic context. It is celebrated by the business and art elites.

Zheng Zhi, president of Beijing Guangxi Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Beijing COSCO Investment Group, said in a welcome speech: Ceramics is a great miracle in the history of human civilization development, and ceramic art is the crystallization of Chinese culture and art history. It condenses the entire civilization history of the Chinese nation. There are two main points of interest in this exhibition. First, the educational inheritance model of the three generations of Zeng’s grandparents is used as a case to study the direction of China’s future ceramic art education. Second, under the vision of global contemporary ceramic art, The differences and contemporary nature of the works of various generations of artists are the starting point, and how to promote the development of Chinese contemporary ceramic art.

He said that today’s ceramics are no longer the language of China, but the international language of the world. The artist’s work has entered the era of globalization. Ceramic art has also been liberated from traditional shelves and interiors, from a single arts and crafts to a part of contemporary art, forming a diverse expression of all kinds of art based on “ceramics”. The function of the exhibition is shown to the public. In addition to the outstanding works of the artist, the artist can also take the next step to guide the public to think, listen to the advice and suggestions, and promote the artist to broaden their horizons and create more outstanding works.

Sun Gu, chief expert of the National Museum, Zhang Shouzhi, professor of Tsinghua University, Cao Jinglou, researcher of the Palace Museum, Zhu Yeqing, professor of China Academy of Art, He Bingqin, professor of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, and Huang Chunmao, professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, from the family of ceramics The respective characteristics and interrelationships of inheritance and modern art education express their own academic views.

The following is a summary of the reporter’s abstract excerpts from the participants to the reader.

Liu Chuanming: Development should be passed down to the present

Since the last century, almost all the theories in the field of painting and calligraphy have encountered unprecedented challenges. The so-called tradition and modernity, the essence of China and the world context, what is the relationship between family education and modern education. At the moment, the prosperity of culture and the prosperity of ceramics present an unprecedented scene, but the transformation of the cultural spirit and the thinness of the theory just make the friends of Huai culture and ceramic art worry that we cannot replace it with superficial prosperity and liveliness. This art of thinking and theoretical development.

The development and revitalization of national culture is inextricably linked to our traditions. Of course, we emphasize the deepening of reforms and emphasize the care of the world. Ceramic culture is even more so. We need to get through the efforts of the past and the present. Putting it on the platform of culture to talk about ceramics is nothing more than three roads. The first is to speak. The so-called slogan is to abide by cultural traditions and strictly follow the spirit of classical culture to restore the civilization we have had. The second is to continue to talk. It is to instill our understanding of the times, the development of contemporary spirit and individuality into the ceramic creation and ceramic aesthetics. The third is to retell. It is the contemporary context that is the context of an open world. The publicity of contemporary personality must re-interpret history and re-create new history, so ceramic art and ceramic culture also face these three paths. Today, this forum uses the works of Zeng’s father and son to explore the development of contemporary ceramics with family-style art cases and phenomena. Let ceramics be a symbol of the country, to inherit the tradition, to open the future, and to be accepted by more people.

Ceramics is a historical collection of all-information. It is not only a reflection of the aesthetics of the times, but also a reflection of the artistic characteristics of the times. The ceramics should have a rich historical background and rich cultural nutrition. The national culture also bears important responsibilities today. Ceramic art is a large art category. As a person who studies art history, in the early days of the founding of the country, there was a very serious disagreement in higher art education. Should we introduce western modern education into Chinese traditional art education, the context and political environment at that time? It has almost become a one-sided state. Even Chinese paintings, which represent the essence of Chinese national culture, have been abolished by higher art colleges. There is no Chinese painting department, only the oil painting department. In contrast to ceramics, it is in this context of great culture that it has to some extent have Western aesthetic concepts and styling features to transform our traditional ceramic art characteristics.

The outstanding artist of each era must not be a conservative. In this sense, it is not limited to science education or discipline extension. It is necessary to look at this history with a broader mind. Culture must emphasize culture. One of the most important cores of culture is aesthetic education, which is also crucial to our art education. Why I am seeing the artist’s art now, the process of his creative thinking, the aesthetic character it provides is rarely concerned, especially the ups and downs of the past decade, the price is high and beautiful. To change this kind of world style, we must solve this problem from the aesthetics, know what is beautiful and what is value.

Sun Ji: Better integration of ceramics and paintings

I think that Chinese ceramics did not have paintings at the beginning, only embossing, and the technology became mature in the era of pastels. Nowadays, the technology mastered by ceramics is very comprehensive and complicated, but ceramics is still a daily necessities in the people’s life, a practical thing, the above paintings are only decorative paintings, which has witnessed the development of ceramic art. In addition, the Chinese traditional painting style has been opened, how to combine this painting style with ceramics? Literati paintings are to be poems, poems and paintings are played together, and seals form a whole. I don’t think that the integration of ceramics and paintings is still a good solution. On the one hand, it develops into pure art porcelain. This is purely an art ceramic. From the blank to the painting, it is the artist’s own hands. Its concept is integrated into the ceramic to form a work of art. Whether it is practical or not. On the other hand, how do ceramics play a more important role in the daily production of bulk commodities? If the artist is painting landscapes, painting on pots and bottles, but also taking into account the practicality of porcelain, if daily porcelain is fully utilizing the artistic attainments and fully combining with practicality, it is even better.

Zhang Shouzhi: There are limitations in the inheritance of teachers and apprentices

In 1953, Premier Zhou Enlai confirmed that Minister Huang Yanpei of the Ministry of Light Industry began to restore ceramics in New China. At that time, we participated in Jingdezhen at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Trainee, the education of Jingdezhen is also a master’s biography. The advantage of the master and the disciples is that the intangible cultural assets are well preserved, but there are limits to the creation of individualized and contemporary ceramics. Because the apprentices and apprentices must learn the style and craftsmanship of the master, this has certain limitations for the innovation of ceramics. After the founding of New China, six or seven colleges and universities across the country began to do modern ceramic design education. This ceramic specialty is different from the mentoring and mastery. It comprehensively enhances the students’ artistic accomplishment, including the overall design from modeling to decoration, giving students a comprehensive knowledge of culture and art. After the reform and opening up, there are three or four hundred undergraduate majors offering modern art education in various colleges and universities across the country. Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute has played a leading role in promoting Chinese contemporary art ceramics, daily-use porcelain and sanitary ceramics.

When we went to Jingdezhen to build a national porcelain in 1953, the division of teaching and learning in Jingdezhen was very fine. In the ceramic design is not an apprentice can master the whole, just a shape is divided into many categories, such as dishes, hollow utensils, etc., each part of each work has a division of labor, which results in a single design, The overall design of the work cannot be considered. The ceramic art department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is also divided into ceramic sculpture specialty and ceramic design specialty. The design specialty is divided into art porcelain and daily porcelain. Students learn from modeling to decoration. Therefore, the masters and apprentices are well-inherited in some aspects of the technical skills of the works, but for the advancement of people’s life and the development of the times, social life determines the market, the market determines the artist’s artistic works and style, so modern ceramic art In some respects, education has its advantages over mentoring. The three generations of Zeng’s family were influenced by family-style education. They not only maintained the advantages of mentoring and apprenticeship, but also had the advantage of modern design education. As a young person engaged in this industry, it is the most ideal. It is different from Europe and America. Historical country.

Zhu Yeqing: “Ideology determines status”

The reason why “Chinese Ceramic History” is important in China is because it has a unique position in the model of world civilization history. Why the history of Chinese ceramics has received such attention internationally, we have found that every generation, every time, to ceramics, it has undergone a radical change. From the Southern Song Dynasty to the Yuan, the entire aesthetic and crafts are changing. Their meaning is a concentrated response that represents the ideology of the entire country. Although it is a daily necessities, it contains far more information than that. How to interpret it is what we have to accomplish. In this interpretation, it is not only the aesthetic decoration of ceramics, but its ideology. The form of civilization it presents should be more meaningful.

I am also a landscape painter. Since the formation of landscape painting, we must follow this pattern to paint, but the history of ceramics is different, you will find that this interpretation becomes meaningful. The original celadon, to the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln porcelain, it crossed the colorful colors of the Tang Dynasty, to the scope of science, how do we do this time.

He Bingqin: Great development space

Referring to inheritance, from our long history, our crafts and art are constantly improving and developing, and inheritance plays an important role in this respect. The role. Ceramics has a history of more than 20,000 years. From the ceramics in Hunan Dao County to the ceramics in Xianrendong, Jiangxi, according to experts, there are more than 20,000 years of history. Our porcelain is only over 1700 years old. Our ancestors walked through this road. All the hardships are the inheritance of generations.

How to better and faster inherit the wisdom of the ancestors, many of our seniors are doing, for example, when the Republic of China opened a ceramic specialty. Some good places in this regard, one is that many teachers enter the university to teach, and the other is to take advantage of the Jingdezhen production area, they continue to hire famous local craftsmen to train the next generation. In theory, there are college teachers’ research on art theory. In the technical skills of production, some advanced technical skills of Jingdezhen are also inherited. The development of this period has played a role in linking up and developing. We are the third generation, and we have absorbed more people’s strengths and are more grounded. Unlike the original teachers, we will only be able to move our mouths. The students we train now will both start and move, and in theory and practice. layer. In fact, it has improved the teacher’s lack of teaching and practice.

Historically, innovation has continued throughout the development of art. From the original to the present, every step is an innovative concept that has brought about rapid development. In particular, the porcelain that was first burned in our country, with a history of 1700 years, not only brought great influence to the Chinese, but also achieved great returns in the world. This is also a huge force for innovation.

A huge space for ceramic development. Why is it that there is huge room for development? I believe that in the many artistic situations, ceramics has other advantages besides absorbing the nutrition of painting. For example, under the conditions of ancient simplicity, the ancestors mastered the metal oxides such as aluminum, copper and tin, and created such a rich national culture and the great achievements of ceramics. Since the development of ceramics, various chemical preparations and chemical materials have brought a wider world to artists. There is a vast space for ceramic art. Everyone has to meticulously ponder and refine these materials. Ceramic art is no less than any other art. I also want to emphasize that as a modern education, we must not only inherit the tradition, but also imitate Chinese painting and oil painting. We are more important to use the characteristics of ceramic materials to do art. It should have its own unique art.

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What is the reason for the return of a certain LED enterprise lighting export in Chaozhou?

There are two reasons for the return of a LED enterprise lighting export in Chaozhou. What is the reason?

Recently, China’s LED lighting manufacturers’ foreign trade export products have been frequently questioned. Chinese products have been banned in Europe. Recently, a lighting export company in Chaozhou has been returned in June and July this year. The number.


In June of this year, a lighting export enterprise in Chaozhou exported a batch of LED spotlights worth 354,816 US dollars to Australia at the request of customers. This type of spotlight is a special design for the customer’s brand authorization. The two parties agree that the product packaging is: inner packaging of 25/group cardboard blister packaging, outer packaging carton plus plywood tray and film strapping. After the company requested the customer to send a small batch for trial sales, the customer reflected that the cardboard blister inner packaging was not suitable for sale. After repeated communication between the two parties, the container will be returned to the change sales package to meet the market sales needs.

In July, the company received another return of LED spotlights worth $399,168. Due to the large number of orders, the number of critical spare parts triodes has increased sharply. When suppliers are insufficiently supplied, they have privately replenished the supply to other non-quality-proven suppliers, and mixed the triodes from different sources to pass the acceptance of the enterprise. The product was not tested at the time of production and caused product quality problems. The batch of triodes has about 300,000 LED spotlights, all of which require a return recall, and the non-destructive screening and rectification of the triodes of the spotlights, which has a large loss.


The reason for the return of June is the change in customer demand rather than the quality factor of the product, but the product is directed to the customer to authorize production, can only export specific customers, and is in a weak export. Enterprises can only bear the cost of rework and rectification, and the profit margin of the original product is squeezed. Therefore, Chaozhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds relevant export enterprises. First, we must consider the quality standard requirements and market sales requirements. When signing agreements with brand customers, we must meet the product quality requirements and small product packaging, and fully communicate with customers. To meet the requirements of quality standards for export to the country, but also to meet the needs of market sales; the second is to constantly maintain quality awareness and continuously strengthen management, product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, do not ignore the evaluation of key spare parts suppliers, zero Standardize the management of the parts, such as the acceptance and use of accessories.

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Talking about the beauty of home: from pragmatism to spiritual consumption, home enters the aesthetic era

Image from “

From pragmatism to spiritual consumption, home is entering the aesthetic era, and urban new middle class consumer groups are beginning to embrace home aesthetics.

Lin Yutang said that the so-called happiness, “1” is to sleep in their own bed, the second is to eat meals prepared by parents, the third is to listen to love to tell you love, the fourth is to play games with children. All of the above, often happen in the same place —— home.

The home is always the imprint of the Chinese, and it carries the ultimate fantasy and belonging of all people.

A person may have many homes in his or her life, and each family is a chapter in life. Whether it is a single aristocrat, or a two-person world, or a family of three, grandparents and hellip; … family members are connected to each other in a shared space, with love and fate to achieve a life experience alone.

From pragmatism to spiritual consumption, homes are entering the aesthetic era, and urban new middle class consumer groups are beginning to embrace home aesthetics. What kind of aesthetics is home aesthetics? Or, what kind of home beauty do contemporary consumers need?

The beauty of home begins with the value of the face

The value is justice. The beauty of the home, of course, first of all in the beauty of the space form, reflected in the harmony of the shape, material, quality and color. This is an objective beauty, in line with the laws and science of beauty, and the beauty makes sense.

The beauty of the home is reflected in:

1. Stylish style and style

The simple and modern design style is the aesthetic mainstream of the current home space. This simplicity and modernity are reflected in a more rounded and full-fledged contour line, which makes the furniture image more intimate and natural, creating a more angry and agile interior space.

2, rich and colorful scenes

Color is an important personality trait of the brand. The color consciousness is not only reflected in the color of the material of the single furniture, but also developed into a systematic overall color tone, creating a more diverse and rich scene color.

3, ingenious materials and processes

The advancement of industrial technology has brought more and more materials to the furniture industry. Non-traditional furniture materials such as metal, cement and stone are increasingly used in furniture. These materials greatly enrich the touch of furniture materials and bring a new and fashionable visual experience to furniture. At the same time, the traditional wood material back gives a richer and more refined graphic texture, and the design is bursting.

4, unique jewelry art

Exterior built-in, rigid and soft mix of jewelry design greatly adds to the space of the artistry, giving space a unique vitality. Elegant, refined and natural decorations are an important part of the beauty of the home.

5. De-stylization based on style ability

What is style? It is the combing of space, the distribution of colors, and the matching of materials. Nowadays, people no longer only pay attention to style design as before, because the style is ever-changing, and the style should be done under the guidance of life thoughts; if the house represents the characteristics of the owner, don’t use style to lock him, it will not be rigid. In some fixed style, but to support him with style. Therefore, the style is just a kind of label, which eliminates the interruption of the label, so that different furniture mix and match into the style that you like, and by matching each piece of furniture reasonably, each room will present the true style of the owner. This is called “de-stylization.” However, the basis for de-stylization is to first have the ability to create a style that is rigorous, rigorous, and complete.

Inclusive and diverse life

Home life is really only one thing. Can you look at beauty? Beauty must return to life. A single vision is of course thin for the home life experience. The true value is not just “looking at the beauty, but the combination of a beautiful skin and a funny soul. House is not home—— home is not a house, home is a way of life. The family not only pursues the beauty of the spatial form, but also needs the diversity and diversity of inclusive life.

Modern people are busy and busy, and their lifestyle has changed dramatically. The living space has been given more and different missions. The definition of home is also quietly changing. The lifestyle of the family determines the look of the family. Home, is being redefined. The traditional layout of home space cannot meet the diverse lifestyles of modern people. People are breaking the original pattern and redefining their designs based on their lifestyle, hobbies, and ways of getting along with their families.

Jiang Xun once described the beautiful way of life for us: “Beauty is actually coming back to be yourself, I can not be disturbed by this epidemic, I know what I want. Life and home aesthetics give life to feelings and emotions. The philosopher Hegel once said that “beauty is the perceptual manifestation of the concept. The beautiful life that you have experienced forms the concept, presenting it in the home life in a more emotional way, and then integrating into the taste of the self, forming a conformity with itself. The aesthetics pursued by the hierarchy.

Every family has their own emotional way, so the home design not only pursues spatial form ItBeauty, more need to accommodate the diversity and diversity of life. Explore life scenes with space souls. Through design, we can truly care for people, improve the quality of life, and convey the love between family members, so that people can live in the current life and doctrine. The variability in simplicity, the complexity of pureness, bring a wonderful and rich experience to people. Home design should think from the essence of life and form a new design concept. Whether it is space or furniture design, not only the materials, shapes, colors, and crafts are connected in series, but the space created by the furniture is more important. It highlights the professional attributes, personality traits and inner feelings of the space masters, and ultimately realizes each individual’s dream for the future.

Home is an art, life is an aesthetic. All beauty will eventually return to life, and the integration of home space, products and life is the only one. Once, the home was just to satisfy the basic living room. The home is the cup that looks good, the chair that can be used, and the side table that is thrown away. Now, Chinese consumers are on the home space. And the quality of life naturally has higher requirements. Say goodbye to rough, say goodbye, consumers choose home, no longer completely calm economic considerations, more with feelings and their own values, aesthetic judgment. And if you want to share a piece of the Yan value economy, you need to be both inside and outside. We are not only simply manufacturing and selling products, we must use professional eyes, professional technology, blending the needs of the consumer space, the needs of life, create a thing that is really suitable for them, and convey the aesthetics they appreciate. The lifestyle they like.

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