British Cell Sculpture Park Macro Cell World okorder

Edinburgh on the south bank of the Foss Bay in the lowlands of central Scotland is a famous cultural city in the UK. It has many intricate and characteristic buildings, including a famous cell sculpture park in Kirknewton.

There are eight different terrains in this park, and there are four different shapes in these areas. The lakes and lakes have a pedestrian ramp between them. It is a theme park mainly used for sculpture exhibitions. The entire park is intended to express the growth, proliferation, and division and proliferation of cells, and to display the entire cell life process with various cell sculptures.

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Barcelona Spanish Square expansion okorder

In Barcelona, ​​Spain, there is a “Spanish (Espanyol) Square”, originally covering an area of ​​898 square meters. In recent days, for urban planning, it was decided to demolish an abandoned building nearby. The Spaniard Square has been expanded. It is expected to expand the floor space to 2,200 square meters and is expected to cost 574,582 euros.
The square is in the shape of a topless cone, in a large pedestrian area. There is an irregularly shaped children’s playground in the middle of the square. It is not in harmony with the square and the ground pavement is in poor condition. Many large facilities (an ice cream stall, a lottery point of sale, billboards, etc.) are scattered among them.

A corner of this street has just recently vacated a plot, and its addition makes space a L-shaped, which helps to improve the relationship between the busiest end of the square and the surrounding area. The entire plan takes advantage of this and revitalizes the potential of this location by rearranging existing urban furniture and implementing new plans.
This new space will be integrated into existing squares and seen as part of the square. In order to achieve this, the original precast concrete pavement on the facade of the building was removed and the granite slabs that were originally located in the center of the square were extended. The new recreational facilities were relocated according to their respective characteristics and needs. There are two different areas: one is a rubber floor, a playground containing children’s play facilities, relatively closed to protect children, and the other is open. Granite pavements are used in the same direction as the rest of the square, but the stones are smaller, and this section has facilities for adults. These two areas are separated by large benches made of laminated planks made of split trunks of magnolia trees, which are very distinctive and unique elements of the landscape. The bench acts as a barrier to the children’s playground and complements the extended galvanized iron profile.
Because of this renovation plan, the dividing walls formed by the buildings on both sides are unreservedly exposed. Another necessary work is to strengthen them and make them look more pleasing. A continuous reinforced concrete bench is placed next to the wall to create a place where people can rest and rest, and to facilitate communication between the two entertainment areas and walls. The bench is also the basis for structural steel members of different heights on the wall, and is painted in a gradual color in the horizontal direction, giving the two walls a special sense of rhythm. Rubber-like gradation colors are recalled from the same palette as the color of the new rain screen and the same color as the main facade of the building to which they belong.
These color and similar style tubular fences are used to renovate existing play areas, which are reshaped to provide better adaptability, making it easier for people to walk around it and with bars in the square The platform coexists more harmoniously.

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ABC Building, Seoul, South Korea okorder

There is a historic royal tomb in the Gangnam area of ​​Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The famous ABC building stands here. The building is five stories high and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park from the top of the building. Buildings can be viewed as “Architectural Mountains”; the roof terrace is “Architecture Summit”. People climbed the building through narrow external staircases. These five stairways are open to the public, like a small stream waterfall or a stepped vegetation garden. The passengers meet the quiet and beautiful scenery of the stairs outside the brick lane from Wangling Park to the top of the building.

In terms of building materials, black bricks are the most visible materials in construction. From the building, it was changed to a steel frame system and a dry brick wall to make the exterior wall without traditional mortar masonry. It creates a transparent brick wall with multiple brick wall layers for a transparent experience. In addition to its innovative brick construction methods, the building’s potential begins with its simplicity, which is represented by a clear layout, the importance of brick walls in the same way.

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New Saint Lucia University General Hospital completed okorder

Murcia in Spain plans to build a comprehensive hospital in 2010. CASA Design accepted the project, the project name is “New St. Lucia University General Hospital”, with a floor area of ​​114,369 square meters.

The University of New Lucia General Hospital building, in addition to being a medical-related activity space, also includes sports, leisure and business Other spaces such as districts. The aim of the project is to encourage better integration between the community and the hospital and to further develop people’s health prevention concepts.
This university general hospital can accommodate up to 630 beds and has all medical services in the health district of Cartagena. There is no heating in the main entrance hall, the transition between the outdoor and the interior, extending to the roof, with shops, leisure and sports facilities on the roof.
The structure changes from the second floor, and the wards are arranged along the main axis, overlooking the southern harbour and the city. These wards are located above the double-glazed roof garden, with a treatment and clinic area below the garden. A linear block inside the building is the logistics support area.

For this type of building, good lighting is a very important factor, so a spacious design The patio, staff and patients can be used to create fresh air and sunlight for all sectors.

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Beautiful origami house okorder

This is a village, located in the mountains, belonging to Mie Prefecture, Japan. The village has a long history. The foundation of the village is made up of the fathers of grandfathers or grandfathers, and generations of people live here. The young couple who came back from the city in recent years have built this beautiful house like origami on the foundation of their ancestral home. They have both modern life elements and memories of their ancestors.

In the design, the designers decided to retain the foundation of the ancestral home and reconstruct the roof on the basis of the foundation. The roof is built into the shape of an origami, and it seems that the house and the earth blend into one. The triangular shape of the roof tilting from the tip to both sides is very strange. From the front, it looks like a palm shape; from the back, it looks like a mountain.
The house is like a big tent, sheltering the entire family. In addition, the origami-type roof has a variety of functions that block direct sunlight, ensure ventilation, and create a semi-outdoor grey space.

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Herringbone floor creates a colorful world okorder

This colourful London apartment is represented by Alma-NAC (Alma-nac)Renovation is completed. In this room decoration, modern elements are used to concentrate all the energetic elements under your feet, so you have to think about them. The color composition of these herringbone floors varies, so that each room has its own color characteristics, and also shows the different “room mood”, all you can imagine: sunny, dreamlike like a fairy tale Gorgeous, like a stage, unrestrained and welcoming, all kinds of rooms, each of which makes people who are in the middle of it linger.

In addition to the various colors of the floor, the designer also designed some other architectural parts to complement the decoration style. For example, the royal blue tones of the outer walls and the bright framed windows contrast with the bold floor in the room.

On the floor, the designer took a variety of choices with vibrant tones such as saturated lemon yellow, electricity Blue, green and fiery red, which are housed in the natural wood of herringbone design, saturated shades and natural wood to fade the color, giving people a different visual experience.
This individual apartment building has a total of four floors. A record company has decided to stay as a place for its staff for a long time. It is a great pleasure to live in such a room.

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Porada elegant wooden furniture and mirror okorder

Fashion and playfulness are always accompanied by a bit of whimsy. The Italian furniture in the picture is a bit of a Dali style, a little Eames style, they are named “Balance”, the reason for the naming is easy to see: they As if it were a sculpture, like a dancer, supporting the whole world with slender legs, and the glass on the table top is only 12mm thin (less than half an inch), light and hard, the manufacture of these furniture may seem simple, but That is always just a look.

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Red brick house in the Dutch countryside okorder

Architecture firm Bedaux De Brouwer built the house in the Dutch countryside using locally produced bricks, but also installed a huge glass wall to watch Picturesque scenery.

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Living habits reflected in the kitchen okorder

In the contemporary, no matter where they come from, in their eyes, the kitchen area not only serves as an important role for the whole family to enjoy the fun of food, but also reflects the identity of the homeowner and the concept of life. A true portrayal.

For example, Germans who have always been known for their cautiousness and care may be accurate in their kitchens. These small details, which reflect the different living habits brought by different cultures and different regions, the design shown in the picture is from a German kitchen, this is an egg yolk device, which can be very good Separating the egg yolk from the egg white, it can be seen that in these subtle details, the Germans still have their own set of ideas.

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B2B mobile application: technology application of American LBM company okorder

US LBM Holdings LLC, which operates in 10 US building materials distributors for residential and commercial buildings, has released its first B2B mobile application business customer tracking orders and delivery, inspection and browsing special offers and sales activity. Key customer service tools: The application does not facilitate transactions, it allows customers to access order information without having to call or use email to ask about logistics and inventory management.

The app debuted on April 21st on the iPhone, and the manufacturer will also launch a specific version of the brand. The app, for its other supply companies in the coming months. They can also leave a message to the boss or other colleagues with order and delivery status updates through the app. The same is true for sales people, using applications to manage site order, inventory and delivery data.
The US company LBM hired an application from Wipro, a technology consulting and development company in India, which was completed in nine months. Through surveys, interviews, and customer focus groups, the Building Supplies Company determines which features should be included in the app. The Android version of an app is coming to the end of May. Comparing iPhone and iOS in different screen sizes and Android versions, we can choose iPhones first.

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